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December 2018

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The images of earthmovers moving, err, earth on the site of the new Western Sydney Airport is a sight for jaded eyes. The history of a second airport for Sydney stretches back decades, and more than 30 years have passed since the selection of the site at Badgerys Creek. But now preliminary earthworks are firmly underway, development of Western Sydney Airport is very much about the future. From a greenfields site today the new airport should open its doors in 2026, when it will have a single runway and terminal capacity to handle 10 million passengers a year. That’s over one million more than is currently handled by Adelaide Airport in a 12-month period. And from there passenger numbers and aircraft movements at Western Sydney Airport are really forecast to take off.…

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AIR NEW ZEALAND NEWS Air New Zealand and turboprop airliner manufacturer ATR said on November 9 they had signed an agreement to look at the use of hybrid technology to power regional aircraft. The partnership would “explore the role new propulsion technologies could play in the future of the regional aircraft ecosystem”. ‘There is a potential for repeated nose-down trim commands.’ In other Air New Zealand news, the airline has received the first of seven Airbus A321neos on order for its trans-Tasman and Pacific Island networks. The aircraft, ZK-NNA, landed in Auckland on November 5 after a week-long ferry flight from the Airbus Hamburg facility, via Muscat in Oman, Kuala Lumpur and Cairns. Indicative schedules from Air New Zealand show the inaugural service with the A321neo, powered by Pratt & Whitney PW1000G engines,…

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good kit

Although aviation as an industry hasn’t embraced the digital era with the same enthusiasm as many others, one area where we’ve experienced a boom in tech.is the action video camera market. From the cockpits of jumbos, Robbos, Cubs and Hornets, the action video camera has captured nearly every phase of flight, from every angle in all weather conditions. The in-cockpit camera serves a multitude of purposes. Private pilots have the opportunity to share their love of flying with family, friends and the vast online community. Flying schools are able to demonstrate various modules of the training program, from learning checks all the way through to a practised forced landing, providing valuable insights and experience for students. Given the advent of the locked flightdeck doors on airliners, we are now able to…

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keeping your cool

I am often asked how I deal with the stress of racing. I have to admit there are times I don’t deal with it as well as I would like, though in general I am pretty relaxed when I head to the plane on race day. Relaxation is something I have built into my preparation routine for flights. I actually have a 20-minute sleep one hour prior to takeoff for each flight on a race weekend. For me, being able to do that comes from absolute preparation and planning. When I get stressed, I do more preparation and planning. This cycle of stress, stress management and therefore preparation and planning, has been a constant of late and is something I have been dealing with – even while writing this column. As I…

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back yourself

Put yourself in the position of an employer. Would you hire pilots who did not back themselves and their decision-making? The answer, of course, is ‘no’. My final article for 2018 is, therefore, about confidence. Let’s take stock of our mindsets as we head into another year when levels of aviation recruitment are unlikely to decline. I was prompted to tackle this subject after a few recent, challenging coaching sessions involving strong personalities: those with an oppositional mindset and others who kept conversation close to their chests; larger than life characters and introverted achievers. Whether you are larger than life, a wallflower, or somewhere in between, finding the line between confidence and arrogance applies to all personality types sitting across from a management team that holds your career in its hands. Find that line and…

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earth moves

Graham Millett describes the construction of the Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek as a “once-in-several-lifetimes experience”. It is a particularly apt label given governments first debated the issue in the 1940s. However, all that talk, delay and indifference over the 80 years or so the project has been on – and sometimes off – the drawing board has finally given way to action, with construction on the roughly 1,800 hectare site getting underway on September 24 2018. As chief executive of Western Sydney Airport Corporation (WSA Co), the government-owned company charged with building and operating the proposed airport, it is Millett’s job to manage what is an enormous and complex project. And he is excited by the challenge of the task ahead. “I think it is a great privilege and a great honour to…