Australian Wood Review June 2020

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editor’s letter

Challenging times What a difference a month, not to mention a week, let alone a day can make in these virus times. I know some of you will be experiencing real hardship, for many compounded after the dreadful bushfires we’ve had. For those of us who have a shed there’s never been a better time for woodworking. It’s interesting how mindsets can change. I don’t know about you, but I’ve managed to do all kinds of other things. For sure plenty of woodworking, but I’ve also baked bread, grown veggies and even seriously thought about major clean-ups of the shed and more. Well at least I thought about it… While isolation and social distancing can be a challenge, now is the time I guess to make that masterpiece you’ve always dreamed of. And…

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hafco st254 tablesaw

This is an affordable cabinet saw with some good features. With a 2.2k watt (3hp) single phase 10amp induction motor, the saw runs a 254mm (10") blade on a 25.4mm (1") arbor. This yields perfectly respectable cut capacities of 75mm at 90° and 60mm at 45°. For review purposes, the test machine was supplied with a quality Leitz 80 tooth crosscut blade and was able to make super clean and effortless cuts in some 45mm thick kwila. The rip fence is a solid arrangement and comes with a detachable accessory high/low fence attachment which would come in handy for different types of cutting operations. The rail is solid and has a ruler attached. The capacity of the rip fence is a respectable 950mm. The machine comes with a simple but useful…

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wood maker of the year awards

PRESENTED BY 3M CALL FOR ENTRIES CATEGORIES (open to amateurs & pros) • Furniture• Bowls & Boxes• Art & Accessories• Student (current students only)• Maker of the Year (winner from any of the other categories) PRIZES OVER $15,000 IN CASH AND PRIZES INCLUDING: • Hare & Forbes table saw package (valued at $2,226)• $1000 Carbatec gift card• Basket of Whittle Waxes products for each category• Plus $6,500 cash & MORE! ENTRIES CLOSE 13 SEPTEMBER 2020 ENTER NOW WWW.WOODREVIEW.COM.AU/MOTY SUPPORTING SPONSORS For terms and conditions visit…

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wikus 19mm bandsaw blade

Like most woodworkers I make regular use of my bandsaw, a hefty 70 year old Australian made Barker. I switched to carbide tipped blades long ago because many Australian timbers are merciless on anything else, and ply, MDF and particleboard kill carbon steel in no time. Whatever the tool you are using to cut wood it simply has to be sharp. Chisels, gouges and plane blades are often acknowledged but persevering with dull edges on powered tools is a far too common cause of frustration and poor work. A blunt bandsaw blade will wander off track and burn the wood resulting in disappointment and exasperation when you are supposed to be enjoying yourself. A durable edge is a very good thing. As well as cutting shaped work – I do like curves…

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nova orion 18" dvr lathe

If you’re looking to upgrade to a full size lathe that provides plenty of power and drive, this could be the one for you – but what sets it apart from others on the market? To begin with, there is its name which raises the question of what a DVR is, especially as it is used on other Nova machines including a pedestal drill. Digital Variable Reluctance (DVR) is a computer controlled system that detects extra pressure on the workpiece and increases power to ensure the lathe retains constant RPMs. The lathe has a direct drive motor so speed variation is all electronic, from 100 to 5000 rpm, however many variable speed lathes lose torque especially in the lower rpm range. The DVR system detects resistance to the workpiece and increases power…

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whittle evolution colour wood stains

As an extension of their hardwax oil finish range, Whittle Waxes now have various colour and neutral stains available. These stains use natural pigments in a base of hardwax oil so if needed they can be thinned with clear hardwax oil. After applying the colour you will still need two or more further coats to complete the finish. When staining wood I try and begin sanding at 150 grit and work up to 180 grit and higher. If I need to sand with 120 grit I only use a belt sander then switch to my random orbit for the 150 and 180 grits as I find the 120 grit in a random orbit sander always leaves swirl marks which, if not carefully removed, will be highlighted with a stain. For testing, I…