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BDM’s WhatsApp Guides & Tips

BDM’s WhatsApp Guides & Tips

BDMs WhatsApp Guides and Tips

Everyone uses WhatsApp, so it’s little wonder it has quickly become the world’s top messaging platform. WhatsApp is seemingly easy to use, practical, quick and secure. What’s more, it’s completely free of charge and available for nearly every mobile and desktop device. You probably have the app on your device already. Now stop for a moment and ask yourself how much about WhatsApp do you really know about how to use it? There are scores of features that you probably don’t even know exist let alone use! Think about all you are missing out on! With that in mind if you want to get started with WhatsApp or learn about the numerous hidden features, this guide will help you discover more than you ever imagined.

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watching youtube clips in whatsapp

1 Let’s assume you’ve already found an amazing clip you want to share with your WhatsApp friends. Reduce the size of the clip (if you’re watching in full screen mode), so that you can access the controls under the clip’s title. 2 Tap the Share This Video button, identified as a right-facing curved arrow. When the share option window appears, tap and hold the link, drag the blue highlight over the entire link and tap Copy from the sub-menu. 3 Switch back to WhatsApp and enter a chat screen with a friend. Tap the chat box and press and hold to bring up the sub-menu and press Paste. Press the Send message button to the right of the chat box and the video preview appears in the main chat screen. 4 When your…

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setting up your profile

1 The iPhone version of WhatsApp will ask you if you want to enable notifications, whereas the Android version will ask permission for WhatsApp to gain access to the phone’s location, Wi-Fi connection information and so on. You will need to Accept these to continue. 2 You may also be asked to grant WhatsApp access to your contacts, as well as the device’s photos, media and files. Agreeing will allow WhatsApp to create a contacts list based on your current contacts (if any of your contacts already use WhatsApp) and allow you to send media via the service. 3 Across all devices, after you’ve agreed access to notifications and the phone’s setup, you will be asked to enter your country code and phone number. WhatsApp is built on top of your device’s…

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data & storage usage

1 Data and Storage Usage can be found within the Settings page. On Android devices it’s under Notifications. iPhone users, can find it by tapping the Settings icon in the bottom of the main WhatsApp screen and scrolling down a little from there. Windows Phone users, follow the Settings section until you come to Data and Storage Usage. 2 The first two options, Network and Storage Usage, contain detailed information regarding the amount of data that has been sent, received and is currently used by WhatsApp in KB or even MB as your messaging increases. It’s worth looking here to see where your data is going. 3 The Media auto-download section allows you to set which network WhatsApp uses to download the media within messages. For example, you can specify that all…

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nature hd wallpaper for iphone

1 Open the App Store app on your iPhone and search for Nature HD Wallpaper for WhatsApp. Tap Get to start the installation or tap the app’s title for more information. Once the app has successfully installed, tap the Open button to launch it. 2 Scroll through the available wallpaper and tap to open the images. When the image opens, tap the Download button at the bottom. Open WhatsApp, tap Settings followed by Chats, then Chat Wallpaper. Tap Photos and the downloaded images are available within WhatsApp. IPHONE WALLPAPER iPhone users have more choice when it comes to default WhatsApp wallpaper. Open the Chat Wallpaper screen again (Settings > Chats > Chat Wallpaper) and choose Wallpaper Library. Rather than requiring an extra app to download and install, the iPhone has an excellent selection…

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1 Security is paramount in today’s digital world. If it’s not the threat from hackers gaining access to our online presence, then it’s some secret government agency. WhatsApp takes security seriously. Tap on the Security option in Account to see more. 2 For some time now, WhatsApp has adopted end-to-end encryption. What this means to you is that the only people who can read your messages are the contacts you send the messages to. Messages to and from your device are jumbled up so much that they can’t be deciphered if intercepted; only the sender and receiver can view the content. WHAT IS ENCRYPTION? Encryption scrambles the contents of a message, making it impossible to read without a key to decipher it. In digital terms, these keys are generated by the app and…

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quote messages

1 To quote text, first open a message and locate what it is you want to quote. Tap and press the text to highlight it and call up a set of icons at the top of the screen. 2 Tap the first icon on the left, the curved arrow pointing to the left, and the highlighted text is displayed within a box with a section at the bottom for you to enter your text. You can also include Emoji, animated GIFs and attachments with the quote. When you’re ready, tap the Send button to quote the text. QUOTING WITH THE DESKTOP VERSION If you want to quote some text via the desktop version of WhatsApp the process is a little different. First open the chat and find the line of text you want…