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Beat English 11-2020

Beat combines competent hardware and software tests with dedicated reviews as well as reports and interviews from musicians and the music business. We will report on music production with the latest synthesizers and computers, introduce new trends in recording, and always have our finger on the pulse with up-to-date reports. Many well-known specialist report on the widespread music production solutions and experienced editors take care of the most important entertainment and scene topics. This magazine is a platform for musicians and contains a regular demo and MP3 section for readers as well as a download with high-quality sample and music files for creative musicians. Software licenses available while stock lasts. You can check the availability of each product here: www.plugins-samples.com/all-issues

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new synths & software

MOK Waverazor 2.5 The exceptional MOK Waverazor synthesizer has arrived at version 2.5 and continues to polarize with its futuristic sound. By manipulating the waveforms, this synth, with its three oscillators and three filters per voice, produces primarily harsh tones. The sound can in turn be pumped up considerably with three internal effect blocks and twisted through the missing sound. Version 2.0 adds an extensive edit mode, the current update 2.5 continues to build on the synthesizer in a useful way: There are three new filter types which, like Waverazor itself, do not conform to the standard. With the „All Pass Filter“ a reverb can be simulated, eight short delays are provided by “TapLine8“, and the comb filter allows spatial effects. We particularly liked the new reverb effect and the sophisticated „Dual…

2 min
fresh on youtube: producer tips with the beat podcast

Be creative, learn, get better: The Aethermonolog About GEMA: An Interview with Matthias Tode The Aethermonolog is a weekly podcast about songwriting and making music. Being creative, learning, sharing, getting better - that‘s what it‘s all about. In the following we talk about a topic that is often and gladly hotly discussed. The GEMA is a topic a musician has to deal with before pressing his first CD or vinyl. Apart from that, the keyword „YouTube License“ is more topical than ever. In this podcast, I talk to the music supervisor and publisher Matthias Tode from Ohrfilm. We‘ll discuss the questions: What is the GEMA? How does it work? And for whom is a membership a good idea? On our way to the answers we touch on various other topics like film music and…

4 min
endless amount of videos how to tiktok: what can the platform do for producers?

TikTok is currently booming like no other social media platform: it was the most downloaded app in January 2020 with 800 million active users per month and an average in-app usage time of 52 minutes. But what is TikTok, which content performs best there and how can music be optimally staged? We answer these questions together with Julia Szymik. TikTok is an Instagram-like video platform where users can record short clips, add different tracks and sounds to them and edit them in different ways. The platform‘s video clips and creative tools are more popular than ever. Instagram recently launched „Instagram Reels“, a similar feature: this adaptation further underscores the app‘s relevance. Among younger users, TikTok has long since replaced all other media (mainly „Instagram“ and Facebook), but the relevance of this trendy…

6 min

PodTrak P4 – Are physical distances a problem for Podcasts? The PodTrak P4 offers four microphone inputs with newly developed microphone preamps that operate at up to 70 dB gain. The four headphone outputs with individual volume controls also allow for larger conversations and, if a guest is physically not able to be on site, it can easily be switched on via a connected smartphone. Four sound pads can be used to play jingles, sound effects or music, which can be recorded on 2 of the 8 available tracks to SD card. You can also connect the P4 to your computer via USB and use it with conferencing software. According to the manufacturer, the P4‘s integrated mix-minus function automatically eliminates annoying echoes and feedback. The P4 is also an audio interface…

5 min
nordic nature for zampler & mpc‘s epic music builder

Zampler Plug-in, Soundset, Audio demos, MIDI- files and Presets for Download: www.bit.ly/BeatDL178 1 Let‘s Go! With the exciting hybrid sounds of real and synthetic instruments, the excellent Zampler & MPC expansion Nordic Nature, is predestined for modern Epic Music. Reason enough to tackle a track with this soundbank! We decide on a tempo of 90 BPM and get inspired by the structure and instrumentation of modern trailer music. 2 Braaam Sound First, we would like to create an appropriate atmosphere. So, we try out the different presets of the soundbank. Load Zampler//RX, click on Load Bank and open the file „Zampler Nordic Nature.fxb“ from the folder where you installed the expansion. The patch 025: LD Bass Drop is perfectly suited as a „braaam“ sound. 3 Epic Effects The desired long reverb can be created with the…

4 min
review: voltage modular core 2

Cherry Audio‘s virtual modular system is available in three versions [1]: Voltage Modular Core with 105 modules, Ignite with 45 and Nucleus [2] with 22 modules. With the extensive range of modules, the Core version (tested here) is perfectly suited for creating powerful synthesizers, complex effect processors, and drum or drone machines. On board are oscillators, filters, LFOs, envelope generators, sequencers, arpeggiators, a large selection of utility modules and nice sounding effects. And Misfit Audio‘s Electro Drums collection is more than just a bonus - offering modules inspired by Roland‘s classic TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines and a chaser trigger sequencer. Plug-in Integration Another great addition is the ability to load VST2, VST3 and AU plug-ins into Voltage Modular. This allows you to integrate your software synths and effects into the system…