Bicycling South Africa

Bicycling South Africa

March - April 2020

Bicycling is South Africa’s leading cycling magazine and is aimed at both road and mountain biking enthusiasts. Launched in February 2003, it is published 10 times a year, targeting the fast-growing and affluent lifestyle cycling market – youngsters, adults, professional as well as casual cyclists. The magazine is filled with the best international and local content for every element of the cyclist’s life from training techniques and fitness information to inspiring human interest stories, event news, nutrition and motivation. Bicycling is also South Africa’s leading tester of bikes and gear with over 30% of the monthly magazine dedicated to the latest reviews so our readers can make the best choices.

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bicycling south africa

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join the ride

IT’S NOT A RACE. IT’S A JOURNEY. Nothing captures the ethos of the Cape Town Cycle Tour better than this. IT'S A GLORIOUS CELEBRATION OF THE POWER OF BICYCLES, AND OF THOUSANDS OF WILLING MINDS. For aday, one of the biggest cities in the world closes off its most treasured roads in favour of two-wheeled domination. This is a race that has inspired events such as Ride London and Ride New York – and the idea that cycling really can make a difference. // THE CYCLE TOUR IS PART OF OUR NATIONAL HERITAGE. It is ingrained in our culture beyond just being asporting event; and in 2020, this sporting event will celebrate its 42nd iteration, with a field in excess of 30 000. // AMONG THEM WILL BE REGULARS, NOVICES,…

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the frame

UP, UP, UP AND AWAY The Absa Cape Epic is often called the Tour de France of mountain biking – and for good reason, as the riders will climb 15 550m in 647km over the eight days of the 2020 event. It will be one of the shortest on record, but short isn’t always sweet – you can never look at the distance at the Epic, as sand, weather, drama and more can turn an easy day into a monster. ALL IT TAKES IS TWO One of the hallmarks of the Absa Cape Epic is the camaraderie – and it’s an adjustment of note from the self-centredness usually required to get to the top in sport. For A-type personalities to not want to kill each other at some point is well-nigh impossible. The…

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local innovation, global impact

But how? That was the first question we asked Omnico MD Alan Hodson, and fellow collaborator and industrial designer Denis Futter, about a South African company that’s taking on the domination of the Asian cycling industry – and winning. Established in 1996, the Ryder brand of cycling components has come a long way since its first range of locally-produced water bottles, tyre liners and helmets. Now the brand has over 300 individual items. On top of that, the latest range of innovative Ryder products is making waves around the world – and it’s completely locally designed, developed and manufactured. “I’m super-proud of the fact that it’s all South African innovation and manufacturing,” Hodson says of the new range. “The Innovation part comes from an incredibly experienced team, all with different capabilities in…

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time line

1996 Ryder brand launched, comprising locally-produced products including water bottles, tyre liners and helmets 1997 Ryder introduces its range of floor and foot pumps 1998 Ryder launches gloves, lights, cages and folding tools range 2000 Ryder extends its offering to include saddles, saddle covers, locks, pedals, cycling computers, storage bags and puncture kits 2012 Ryder introduces tube and tyre sealant (locally-produced) to the range 2014 Ryder shoes introduced 2017 Ryder range exported to Europe, Australia and Asia 2018 Ryder SlugPlug is launched both locally and internationally under the Ryder Innovation label 2019 Ryder Innovation introduces its Nutcracker and Slyder products. Uniquely designed, manufactured and tested in SA and distributed globally…

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the first bike i really loved

I was living in Berlin, and had arranged to meet my mate Simon at our local gym – to start our indoor training regime for the Copenhagen to Berlin race, which we’d overambitiously entered. Training over, we walked outside into the icy air. AND THAT’S WHEN I SAW HIS BIKE FOR THE FIRST TIME. It’s not like I wasn’t already in love with my own bike, a cream-and-blue steel-frame single-speed Cincelli of 1950s vintage. But this was just something else, something I’d never experienced before: the inexplicable love child of a shiny DC3 Dakota aircraft and an Airstream caravan. An aero-shaped aluminium thing of beauty, on two wheels. A Schindelhauer Ludwig. I wanted it. But Simon was a good mate, so I did the honourable thing... and decided to get my own. THIS NEW…