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find stunning

The Alps2Ocean cycle trail is one of many national cycle trails that take you through the sights, sounds and expansive vistas of New Zealand. Here, riders are finishing a mammoth day at The Pioneer, a seven-day mountain bike stage race that pits teams of two against the wild terrain of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. On this stage riders have descended Ben Ohau (in the background) and use the cycle trail to navigate to their camp on the shores of Lake Hawea for the night. The event draws a broad mix of cyclists, as the point-to-point event is a true adventure, where riders push each other hard every day, but relax on a communal village with massage, food trucks and a pop up bar each afternoon. And relaxing by an alpine lake after a…

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find character

A crisp morning, a flat dirt road, and weary legs can mean you need to dig deep. When the group you’re riding or racing with starts to turn the screw, it can take every ounce of determination to hold on and find a little extra to stay on the wheel, and avoid being left behind. This shot is taken after the start of a stage of The Pioneer, as the race left the previous night’s camp, and made quick progress along canals towards the first technical challenges of the day. It was the kind of morning where you needed to look deep inside to find your motivation, but the rewards later in the day made up for the suffering. thepioneer.co.nz…

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cycling is everything

Green hills are flicking past the window on my left, mixed with the straight lines of centuries old vineyards, and the unwavering line of the autoroute. To my right, the expanse of Lac Leman shimmers blue as the alps of the Haute Savoie rise from the far shore. I'm catching the train to a bike ride, it just happens to be starting in Villars, a couple of hours by train from Geneva in Switzerland. You'll read about this ride in a coming issue, but the setting is fitting. Bike riding has taken me to the other side of the world, to ride with one of the people who has shaped professional cycling in the past two decades, but is now redefining what many of us choose to do on two wheels.…

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you are here

Mount Wellington is 1,271 metres of vertical, roughly 22 km from Hobart - Australia’s most southern harbour. On paper it’s not the largest climb in Australia, although it is one of the most scenic. Easily the highest and longest climb with the best view of any capital city within our borders, this ride is a must-do for anyone who gets the chance. With several options to grind your way up to the Mount Wellington turn off(10km in), it’s a bit of a ‘choose your own adventure’, with very different stories available that somehow have the exact same ending. The summit is in sight for most of the climb, with the iconic dolerite Organ Pipes calling your name. From the turn off, you meander up a reasonable grade though the lush Tassie…

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shorts or bibs?

It’s true that every pro in the roadie peloton is wearing bibs, but does that mean the rest of us should, too? Bibs evolved alongside road cycling, with early riders using suspenders to hold up their wool cycling shorts. These days they’re worn for two reasons: 1. Looks, and 2. Comfort. Elastic waist bands can dig in, and the bent-overforward position we all adopt on the bike can reveal unsightly patches of bare skin (and worse!). Bibs give a sleeker, aero look, and sit flush under sausage-tight jerseys. Plus there’s the element of tradition, and we all know how integral this is to cycling culture. While bibs might have evolved with the road-racing scene, cycling has splintered into countless different disciplines, from downhill mountain biking to gravel grinding to trials (where…

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margaret river

A three-hour drive south of Perth, Margaret River is a special area stretching along WA’s picturesque Indian Ocean coast between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin. In early November each year it’s home to the Tour of Margaret River road race, while the Cape to Cape mountain bike stage race visits every October. Just about any time of year is perfect to ride this region, famous for its incredible surf breaks, whale-watching (between June and November), microbreweries and wineries, chocolate factory, and of course, its scenic roads and paths. Margaretriver.com…