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BIKE India June 2020

BIKE India has fixed that urge with a truly adrenaline-pumping passion magazine that caters as much to the super-bike fanatic as to man-on-the-road commuter. Dedicated in its entirety to the country’s burgeoning biker community, the magazine is emerging as a biker’s bible, not just in India, but across Asia. BIKE India magazine is produced by die-hard motorcycle enthusiasts with over 25 years of hands-on experience, who strive to deliver unbiased and extensive reviews of latest two-wheelers produced across the globe.

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normality still elusive

NOT MUCH HAS HAPPENED IN THE TWO-WHEELER WORLD ON ACCOUNT OF THE nationwide lockdown in the wake of the pandemic outbreak. Some of the manufacturers have started limping back to production activity after being allowed 30 per cent of their workforce. Allowing the manufacturers to start activity is like allowing a part of the chain to function. The rest is still under lockdown and it does not make sense if they cannot get the components to complete the bikes. Even if they do manufacture bikes, they cannot sell them because the dealerships are still under lockdown. Admittedly, we are not experts on economy or health, but what is happening during this lockdown is that it looks as if nobody knows the direction in which we are headed with the number of…

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beaders write

Salman’s Ride I recently saw Salman Khan’s latest video and was wondering what the black and yellow bike was that he was riding in it. Can you tell me which motorcycle it is? I could not find any details about it. Shivprasad, via social media Hello, Shivprasad, We looked into it and the bike Salman Khan is seen astride in the video is a Triumph Bonneville T100. Given the number of fans the two major actors have, fans who are so strongly influenced by them, it would have been great to see Khan and his pillion, Jacqueline Fernandez, wearing a helmet during the riding scenes to promote rider safety. Coming back to the bike, the T100 is the mid-range model from the British brand’s retro-styled line-up. The one in the video is the…

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get in touch...

@bikeindia /bikeindia /bikeindia /bikeindia www.bikeindia.in bikeindia@nextgenpublishing.net S.No. 261/G.L.R. No. 5, East Street, Camp, Pune 411001. NOTE: Dear Readers, Thank you for the large number of letters! However, we request you to send them in a proper format. Firstly, please ensure that your letters are part of the e-mail itself, and not an attachment. Only pictures, wherever necessary, may be sent as attachments. Secondly, please mention the subject in the subject line. For example, if your letter is for the ‘Readers Write’ column, please mention READERS WRITE in the subject line. If it is a technical query to be answered by us, please mention TECHNO MAIL and so on. Otherwise your mail could land up in the spam bin. This will ensure that your letters and queries are published regularly.…

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nothing like print

I live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I have been buying Bike India for more than a decade now without missing a single issue. However, I have not been able to buy copies of the April and May 2020 issues owing to the current nationwide lockdown. Will those copies be available later? Krishna Prasath R, by e-mail Dear Krishna, If you are a subscriber, you will be getting your free digital copy and if not, we are available on JioNews, Magster, Zinio, and Readwhere. As for the print copy, if enough of our readers write in asking for physical copies of the issues that we haven’t been able to print due to the pandemic, we will definitely try and work something out.…

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fuller moto majestic brings together past and future

USING THE ZERO MOTORCYCLES FXS ELECTRIC supermoto as its base, American bike builder Brian Fuller has created this one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Fuller was inspired by Frenchman Georges Roy’s Majestic which made waves when it was first seen at the 1929 Paris Show due to its unconventional monocoque construction. While the original Majestic’s chassis was manufactured with pressed steel, highly unconventional in the days of bicycle-derived steel tube frames, Fuller’s creation uses 3D-printed titanium components and, like its namesake, the Majestic 2029 is a streamliner, with the chassis and mechanical components encased in all-enveloping bodywork. Both bikes also feature a hub-centre steering system, but that’s where the similarities end. While the original 1929 Majestic was powered by a longitudinally mounted in-line four-cylinder 350-cc motor good for a top speed in the region of 80…

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bmw middleweights arrive

EARLIER THIS YEAR WE TRAVELLED TO Spain to ride the BMW Motorrad F 900 R roadster and its faired sibling, the F 900 XR, and you can read the first ride impressions of both these machines in our March 2020 issue. We had then speculated that the Germans were planning a mid-2020 launch for these two machines and it seems that we were bang on the money. Prices start at Rs 9.90 lakh for the F 900 R and Rs 10.50 lakh for its faired sibling (both ex-showroom). The F 900 R is BMW Motorrad’s take on a naked middleweight roadster and it will go up against established competition in this segment, including the Triumph Street Triple, KTM 790 Duke, and Ducati Monster, to name a few. The bike features minimal…