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RYAN CLEEK Ryan Cleek is as a writer, photographer and filmmaker with a lingering fascination with professional wrestler ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. Raised in a household with a strict diet of Bible force-feeding, like foie gras prepped for an Easter feast, and “60 Minutes,” Ryan and his imaginary friends enjoyed years of wacky adventures together. After Sunday church he would sneak into the attic and have his own devotional with the WWF on an old television. A graduate of Butler University’s School of Journalism, he spent a decade as a staff writer and photographer for Mountain Bike Action, before working in global marketing at Specialized Bicycles until late 2014. Currently, Ryan is in post-production on a feature-length film about free ride mountain biker Cam Zink. A Sagittarius with a fondness for celebrity…

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sunny and 68

PEOPLE LOVE TO HATE CALIFORNIA–ESPECIALLY SOUTHERN California. And much of this hate is active. Tell a fellow North American that you live in Southern California and they’ll typically rattle off a long list of criticisms and grievances: It’s too crowded; the traffic is horrible; there’s a chronic shortage of water; the people are superficial or downright fake; everyone over age 40 has had plastic surgery; surfing is too hard and local surfers are rude in the water; the trails are dry, dusty and blown-out, and you have to drive to get to them. Even members of Bike’s editorial staff have been known to make similar complaints from time to time, and there’s good reason for many of these gripes. But they’re not the whole story, and such negativity can obscure the…

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ABOVE AVERAGE The 2015 Bible of Bike Tests is amazing! I wish I had enough money to buy the new Evil The Following 29 or the Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt. But nope, I don’t. I would like to see more average bikes in your next Bible of Bike Tests. I’m riding with a lot of friends who have bikes that cost between $2,000 and $3,000. When we need a new bike, we’re looking for something in this range. I’m sure that most of your readers don’t have $5,000 to put toward a new bike. Winter is too long here in Québec, Canada. Can’t wait to ride my Oryx Spitfire 66... ouch! I need a new bike! MAX BERGERON; QUÉBEC, CANADA BIBLE COMMITMENT Your Bible of Bike Tests is probably my favorite issue of the year–of…

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sea of change

THE STORY OF MOUNTAIN BIKING IN LAGUNA BEACH, CALIFORnia, differs drastically depending on who is telling it. On one hand, there’s the Laguna Beach glorified by the legendary RADS mountain bike club, and recognized by riders globally. That story often includes accounts of riding the web of unmarked singletrack expertly etched by the RADS over 30 years into the former ranchland-turned-open space that hulks above town. Or of shuttling DH runs on fall-line descents like Telonics, a trail made famous by the RADS and Laguna Beach transplant Hans Rey and immortalized in countless images (it once served as a namesake for a Kenda DH tire and is the venue for the famous Leaping Lizards race). Then, there’s the Laguna Beach that land managers want people to know about, which consists of…

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calm like a bomb

YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE AROUND TIM COMMERFORD very long to understand how obsessed he is with mountain biking. The mere mention of bikes or trails will set the Rage Against the Machine bassist off on an animated rant about the virtues of riding mountain bikes as a way of life. For the 47-year-old rock luminary, riding is a passion that runs as deep as his drive to create hard-hitting music. And over the past two decades, he’s easily spent as much time in the saddle as he has behind the bass. This fact became plenty clear during a late-April ride with Commerford in the hills behind his home in Malibu, California. From the moment we hit the fre road leading up to our Santa Monica Mountains route, it was obvious that…

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the right track

IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, SOMEWHERE ON THE ROAD BETWEEN CHILDHOOD AND ADULTHOOD, THERE IS A place that serves as a home for children to become independent and for adults to play like children. Every once in a while one of these children or adults emerges from this place a legend, breeding new opportunity for the next generation. The BMX racing community knows it as the Orange Y BMX Track and it sits just off the 55 Freeway, amid the Eucalyptus trees in Orange, California. From afar, its lights pique the interest of passersby and for many, once they enter the gates, they find their halls of ivy, as I did as an 11-year-old. On triweekly race nights, the announcer’s command, “Riders set it up” echoes once a minute throughout the track, then…