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see the forest

LET’S FACE IT: LIFE CAN BE REALLY HARD, EVEN FOR THE most privileged North Americans and Europeans. Even though most of us don’t have to struggle for clean drinking water or enough food to eat, just making ends meet in our hyper-commercial societies can be an all-consuming battle. Making the rent, meeting the mortgage payment, keeping a vehicle running and caring for our families—all while holding down the job on which we rely for survival—take up the vast majority of our time. Compounding all this is the bottomless black hole of modern communication systems and social media. We’re bombarded with a never-ending barrage of truncated information: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube dominate our days and infiltrate our nights. And while some of the more contextualized snippets are helpful, most constitute a…

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DEAR READER, there is no shortage of controversial subjects in the world of mountain biking, and over the years we’ve seen most of them addressed in our letters section. We’ve fielded arguments for and against the priority of the climber over the descender. We’ve been criticized for publishing too many ‘freeride-oriented’ photos, and we’ve been chastised for running so many stunning images from beautiful British Columbia. We’ve been chided for reviewing far more full-suspension bikes than hardtails. And we’ve heard all the bickering over 26 versus 29 versus 27.5- inch wheels. But over the last decade, no single topic has generated as much acrimony as that of e-bikes—especially the electronically assisted cousin of the modern mountain bike. As the general popularity of e-bikes has risen, so has the steady stream of…

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lost borders

SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO, I CHASED LOVE across the U.S., from the forested, green hills of Pennsylvania to the tortoise-brown, corrugated tapestry of the high Mojave Desert, pulling into Ridgecrest, California, as the sun set on the southern Sierra Nevada. Unexpectedly, I found a second love, this one with the open sky and land of the high desert: austere, piercing light, calming sunrises, spectacular sunsets, snow-capped mountains, intense heat, creosote and Joshua trees and the winds. My goodness, the winds. Memories of mountain biking bedded deep in my bones in the 17 years since then were about to be awoken. With friends on board for a road trip, we set out on Route 395 and aimed for the raw nature of the desert between Death Valley and Mount Whitney. Friday afternoon, we arrived…

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old dog’s tricks

NICKNAMES ARE A DOUBLE-EDGED sword. You can’t give yourself one and, for better or worse, one’s sobriquet could shadow them for a lifetime. “I’m not sure if I know when or how I became ‘Old Dog,’” says Mike Kelley, an accomplished outdoorsman and father of pro mountain biker, Cody Kelley. “I think it was a name my buddy gave me ages ago while I was giving him riding pointers on the trail. Regardless, pretty much wherever I go that’s what people call me.” For the 58-year-old freight broker from Riverton, Utah, a day job has always taken a backseat to pursuing his love for the outdoors. Whether water or snow skiing, learning to ride BMX or mountain biking, Kelley was focused on reaching the highest level he could and sharing his…

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lines in the sand

OF ALL THE EXTREME-SPORTS EXTRAVAGANZAS AROUND THE world, few are more up close and personal than Red Bull Rampage, the annual big-mountain competition held amid the towering desert mesas near Virgin, Utah. These days, most fans experience the event via the delayed internet ‘live feed’—or months after the dust has settled on the contest, when a made-for-television special is aired on a national network. But, as always, the only way to truly appreciate the sheer scale and severity of the spectacle is to see it in person. And every year, hundreds of die-hard fans flock to the base of the sunbaked buttes to witness another white-knuckle shifting of the progression paradigm. While many spectators wait for the open-sided, off-road shuttle vehicles to whisk them up the winding road to the venue,…

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solo mission

I HAVE A STRANGE RELATIONSHIP WITH solitude, but don’t we all? As the only child of a single mom, my days as a latchkey kid started early and came often—and I loved them. After tossing my rusty bike aside and fumbling for the key buried deep in my purple backpack, I’d open the door and watch my tiny home turn into an expansive castle that I ruled over with a softball-bat scepter and Burger King crown. Moments alone were the childhood pinnacle of escape. No rules. No expectations. And most importantly, no one around to suggest that my ideas were anything short of brilliant. That’s why one afternoon I ate all the creams (and only the creams) from an entire box of Oreos before neatly tucking the barren chocolate wafers back into their…