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turbo levo

As Silicon Valley natives, we’re passionate about marrying cutting-edge technology with life-changing experiences like trail riding. And as the makers of the first production mountain bike, we have a leg up on the rest, meaning we deliver a ride like nothing you’ve ever experienced. The Turbo Levo’s motor adds up to 530 watts of pedalassisted power to your ride. To run, it employs custom software that senses the torque you’re applying in each pedal stroke, as well as an algorithm that amplifies the power that you’re putting in. The more power that you apply, the more power it puts out. It even allows you to custom tune it, so you can ride in your sweet spot for an intuitive feel and ride quality. When it comes to the power to ride…

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AND OTHER FAMOUS LAST WORDS FOR MOST MOUNTAIN BIKERS, IT’S A RECURRING REFRAIN: “There’s just one more climb—and then it’s pretty much all downhill after that.” Of course all but the most naïve of riders know that this is rarely the case. More often than not, that “last big climb” is followed by sporadic uphill sections, extended flats and more punchy ups before we finally make our triumphant skids into the trailhead parking lot. Most seasoned riders know that the words “just one more climb” usually only mean that the worst of the climbing will eventually be coming to an end. But many of us have masochistic riding buddies with twisted senses of humor who think it’s downright hilarious to make the “last climb” callout when they know the worst is far…

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What is the process for proposing future locations for The Bible of Bike Tests? I ask because Los Alamos, New Mexico, is working toward becoming the next big thing. The terrain here is unreal. We have close to 100 miles of technical, rocky, steep trails and access is ridiculous—literally out your back door. We have a 9- to 10-month riding season and a ski-hill gravity park within town limits; basically every type of riding you could ask for (perfect for multi-discipline bike testing). The Los Alamos County Council is determined to make this a mountain bike destination and has the money to do it. They just set aside $450,000 to transform Pajarito Ski Resort into a top-notch bike park and $50,000 to build an 8- to 10-mile flow trail in town. And…

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CLOSING A SINGLETRACK GAP IN THE CANADIAN ROCKIES “LAST TIME I RODE THROUGH HERE I SAW A MOMMA GRIZZLY bear with two cubs. I think they’re still around.” With that matter-offact pep talk Ryan Draper hops into the saddle and hammers onto the High Rockies Trail. Photographer Ryan Creary and I exchange nervous glances and then race to not be the last guy in line. Draper’s giving us a locals tour of 50 miles of singletrack snaking through the Canadian Rockies, south of Canmore, Alberta, and just east of the Banff National Park border. Built in secret over the last two years, it’s an important connection not just in the local trail network but also in ‘The Great Trail,’ a Canada-wide recreation corridor. It’s also Alberta’s longest chunk of singletrack and links…

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TONY BAUMANN BRINGS BIKES TO LIFE DON’T BE ALARMED BY THE LARGE, PAPIÊR-MACHÉ DOG HEAD sitting against the wall in Tony Baumann’s living room, even if it seems to be staring directly at you. “That’s my Dino head,” he says with a laugh. Dino, Baumann’s 9-year-old Husky/Blue Heeler mix was the inspiration for the Halloween costume and unlikely trophy head adorning Baumann’s living space. The Dino bust is one of many creative treasures stashed around Baumann’s house, but the real booty is in his garage. As the saying goes, “This is where the magic happens.” Armed with an airbrush and ventilation mask, Baumann’s real craft is creating the perfect paint job–one pull of the trigger at a time. Baumann is all about getting rad. He rips on a mountain bike on his…

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butcher paper

WHEN THE PASSION TO RIDE EBBS OUT OF REACH THERE’S A PART OF THE RIDE WE DON’T NORMALLY TALK about—not in polite company or over beers at the pub. It’s the part between the awesome. We’re not talking about the moments of suck. Take enough trips around the sun and we discover sensations far worse than the hurt of impromptu pain or the suffering of masochistic machinations. We’re talking about something far worse than feeling pain: feeling nothing at all. There are times when our passion for the ride fades until its last remnants slip between our fingers, leaving behind empty hands that question whether they ever held anything in the first place. We stop loving the ride so much that we can’t even hate it. All we can do is nothing it.…