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RYAN CREARY Traveling to Quebec City to photograph “Strength in Trails” (page 76) on Quebec’s mountain-biking boom was a bit of a homecoming for Ryan Creary. The Revelstoke-based freelance photographer has spent the last 18 years bouncing around ski towns in western Canada, but he grew up in the province of New Brunswick on the East Coast. “One thing I miss is the fall color shows–it’s nowhere near as good out west–so I was super excited to go to Quebec City in September,” he says. “Even though we missed the main leaf event by a week, it was still amazing to shoot in the eastern forest.” And he was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the riding he found, especially at Vallée Bras-du-Nord. “It’s not like anywhere I’ve seen out east…

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RACE REVELRY It’s almost the time of year when mountain biking’s most patriotic fans line the fences of the dual-slalom course at the Sea Otter Classic with beers, American flags and rowdy cheers for the pros. We’ll have coverage of the racing and new products, live from North America’s kickoff to the riding season. GEAR GEEK-OUT Spring ushers in a new season of riding and signals the start of products rolling into bike shops fresh off the boat. We’ve had our hands (and feet) on new bikes and gear from SRAM, Devinci, DT Swiss, Maxxis and Intense, among others. Look for all the details and early ride impressions on bikemag.com.…

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spring break

IT’S BEEN A LONG, TURBULENT WINTER FOR MUCH OF THE Northern Hemisphere, but as we emerge from the atomic breath of this year’s “Godzilla” El Niño into the spring thaw, one thing is certain: It’s time for some long-overdue shredding. The record levels of precipitation in many parts of North America can only mean primo dirt for most of us. And after months of singletrack deprivation, we’ll be hitting the trails with the speed and fury of a Mongol horde on horseback, galloping hard across the Central Asian steppe. As the temperatures rise and the days get longer, we’ll be out in the hills doing our spring cleaning: clearing downed trees, filling in rain ruts and restoring our favorite berms to their former resplendence. We’ll be dialing in our bikes, swapping…

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WAITING FOR THE WEEKEND Kudos to Bike for weaving into your annual Bible of Bike Tests issue the rural charm and pristine riding of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. The cover image, photography and vivid writing were a welcome reminder of how blessed I am to be only three hours from some of the most unique and varied riding terrain in the East. Kristin Butcher’s article stands out, as she nicely captures East Burke’s character while telling the inspirational story of a trail network coming together through the generosity of multiple landowners and the passion of local riders. Typical of her writing, she tells the tale firmly focused on us, the readers–the weekend warriors pining for months for the one or two weekends a year when we manage to escape our local trails,…

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battle born

WHENEVER CARSON CITY, NEVADA, COMES UP IN CONVERSAtion, the initial question is usually, “How far is that from Vegas?” My response is always the same: “About 20 minutes closer than Lake Tahoe.” Brows furrow, then skepticism settles in until a map is pulled out; Nevada’s state capital is a mere 15 miles from the east shore of Lake Tahoe. The other main misconception is that Carson City is nothing but dry, barren desert. But pedal a couple miles from the historic State Capitol building up King’s or Ash Canyon and you’ll be deep in a Jeffrey pine forest. Two hours of climbing and 4,000 vertical feet later, you’ll be on top of 8,780-foot-high Marlette Peak, riding the iconic Tahoe Rim Trail overlooking the magnificence of both Lake Tahoe and Marlette Lake. Understanding…

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common core

UNEXPECTED. THE WORD INVARIABLY SPRINGS TO MIND when approaching the studio of celebrated artist, Zio Ziegler. Taking on the unassuming front of a gracefully aging singlefamily home in the hills of Mill Valley, California, it’s a scene that would be far from out of place in any of America’s mountain towns. Four-wheel-drive vehicles crowd the driveway; roof racks and camper shells abound. Inside, a sea of bikes greets visitors. But to see the army of canvases lining the walls and floors of nearly every room in the house belies the space’s true intentions. While certainly not the chic, tragically stereotypical industrial warehouse studio scene du jour, it quite evidently more than gets the job done. For a line of work where commercial recognition has a relationship cruelly at odds with mortality, at 27,…