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Bloomberg Businessweek-Asia Edition

Bloomberg Businessweek-Asia Edition 6/18/2018

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the quest for pyongyang’s defaulted debt

Hedge fund manager Kyle Shin has been trying to get his hands on rarely traded North Korean debt that went into default more than three decades ago. Shin, whose Gen2 Partners in Hong Kong runs a $720 million hedge fund, believes the bonds are trading at about 20¢ to 30¢ on the dollar—which could mean a windfall for anyone holding them when and if a peace deal with the North comes to fruition. “If we’re reunited, it’s highly likely that North Korea will have to come back to the financial markets,” says Shin, a South Korean native. “To come back to the financial markets, they will have to pay off the bonds.” There’s about $900 million of debt outstanding in principal, or as much as $5 billion depending on how past…

5 min
making billions off china’s worried parents

The weekend ritual for many American kids includes hanging out with friends, sports, cruising the mall, or honing their online gaming skills in Fortnite. Steven, a serious-looking 9-year-old public school student in Beijing, spent a recent Friday evening in a classroom at a tutoring center operated by TAL Education Group, cramming mathematics drills. On Saturday he was back for extra instruction in English and Chinese. “He likes the environment at TAL, where classes are lively and students get to play little games while learning,” says his mother, Zhao Liu, a nurse in a Beijing military hospital. “His father and I would never force him to study.” No one has to, because even elementary school students in testing-obsessed China know the importance of doing well on the dreaded national exams. Those who…

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limit yourself to three

day time Serve a spritz THE NEO-VENETIAN 2 oz. Aperol1 oz. chilled prosecco1 oz. chilled club soda½ oz. San PellegrinoAranciata or other sparkling citrus drink Add ingredients in order to a chilled rocks glass. Add ice. Garnish with half an orange wheel. Drink all day. evening Mix ’n’ match G&Ts PLYMOUTH GIN & TONIC 2 oz. Plymouth gin4 oz. chilled EastImperial Burma tonic water Use a chilled Collins glass, ice, and a lime wedge for this highball, a mix of juniper-forward gin and citrusy tonic. HENDRICK’S GIN & TONIC 2 oz. Hendrick’s gin4 oz. chilled FentimansBotanical tonic water Replace lime with cucumber here and garnish with a dried rose. (Hendrick’s is distilled with both.) The result is a cooling, sweet, and floral mix. FORDS GIN & TONIC 2 oz. Fords gin4 oz. chilled Fever TreeMediterranean tonic water Use a chilled red wine glass and garnish…

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exxon doubles down on oil

In the late 19th century, inventors including Thomas Edison created electric lighting that all but ended demand for kerosene, then the biggest product made from petroleum. Oil magnate John D. Rockefeller, the forefather of Exxon Mobil Corp., was unmoved, seeing any price dip as a chance to buy up competitors. “We must try and not lose our nerve when the market gets to the bottom as some people almost always do,” the founder of Standard Oil instructed his senior management in 1884. “We will surely make a mistake if we do not buy.” More than 130 years later, with renewable energy growing and electric vehicles threatening the future of gasoline-powered cars, the strategy of Exxon, Standard Oil’s biggest successor, is largely the same: double down on oil. Speaking at his second Exxon annual…

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help! i’m at a party alone

After a divorce from her law partner husband a decade ago, Rachel Fay found herself floundering at gatherings. “I was given a glass of wine and left to get on with it,” Fay, 59, recalls. “And I would leave parties feeling that I hadn’t met anybody. It wasn’t very much fun.” So Fay, who lives in London, began introducing herself around and rapidly recognized her innate aptitude for social lubrication; eight years ago, she turned the skill into a full-time job. (You can find her services at rachelfay.co.uk). Since then, she’s eased the way at events like London’s prestigious Queen Charlotte’s Ball. Here’s her advice on how to tackle a party solo. Holding two drinks can be your best offense—and defense. Grabbing two glasses of wine from the bar can provide…

20 min
bibi’s blues

As the main weapons buyer for the Israel Defense Forces, Shmuel Tzuker spent years selecting everything from trousers to drones for the country’s troops. Just about anything the IDF buys will be used in action sooner or later—probably sooner—a reality that Tzuker, a ramrod-straight former infantry officer, understood better than most. He’d spent 31 years in the army, overcoming a severe wound from an Egyptian artillery shell to go on to fight in virtually every Israeli theater. In the summer of 2014, Tzuker was preoccupied with a request from the navy for four patrol vessels suitable for policing the Mediterranean coastline, protecting natural gas platforms, and assisting in Israel’s next conflict. Surface ships play a minor role in the country’s defense doctrine—Hezbollah and Hamas are not maritime powers—so the size requirements…