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Bloomberg Businessweek-Asia Edition

Bloomberg Businessweek-Asia Edition 8/6/2018

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portland’s conscious evolution

Every year in late June, 10,000 naked cyclists bike through my neighborhood. A man who lives nearby regularly walks his goat down Hawthorne Boulevard, stopping at the waffle window to order breakfast. My friend Laura runs a library for the homeless, powered by a trike. Yes, I live in Portland. Although Portlandia put my home city on the map—and held up its offbeat DIY, locavore, cycling- and coffee-obsessed culture for all the world to see—some of the city’s inhabitants are eager to move beyond the hipster caricature and forge a more cosmopolitan identity. Portland, population 639,000, is Oregon’s biggest city and getting bigger every day, with 1,000 new arrivals each month. Coming with them are high-rise apartments, opulent spas, and ambitious high-end hotels from brands like the U.K.-based Hoxton. Satellite offices of tech…

3 min
anjali sud

Four years ago, video-sharing website Vimeo found itself competing with YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and HBO in a race to develop original content. Even at that time, getting in front of that rich field was unlikely. Then production budgets in the industry went bananas, going from mere millions of dollars to billions. Into this battle for Vimeo’s future entered Anjali Sud. She joined the company in 2014 to run marketing, and while talking to the site’s core users at trade shows, she kept hearing how hard it was for aspiring moviemakers to affordably host, monetize, and get attention for their work. She began offering more tools to these creators, from immersive capabilities such as 360-degree video to less flashy features like click-rate tracking technology. Customer revenue and satisfaction scores surged just…

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marchionne’s unfinished business

Two years ago, Cui Baochuan bought a Jeep Cherokee, attracted by the rugged, go-anywhere image of the $38,000 American SUV and its ability to navigate through the winter snows that can cover roads near his home in China’s Shandong province. Today the 46-year-old mobile phone store manager says he’s tired of buying the gas for his 20-mile commute. “This is a huge disappointment,” he says. “Next time I’ll get an SUV that’s more fuel-efficient.” With customers such as Cui steering away from Jeep, the brand has hit a wall in China even as the auto market there expanded almost 5 percent in the first half of this year. After more than doubling Chinese Jeep sales over two years, to 220,000 in 2017, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV on July 25 reported a…

5 min
can a green wave turn the house blue?

Democrats are hoping a blue wave of support will carry them to victory in this fall’s elections. In the meantime, they’ve caught a green wave of cash—the torrent of money pouring into Democratic campaign coffers helped 73 House candidates outraise Republican incumbents and opponents in races for open seats in the second quarter, a Bloomberg analysis of Federal Election Commission data shows. The more candidates the Democrats can field with the means to run competitive races, the larger the potential blue wave could be, if, as most experts anticipate, a motivated anti-Trump electorate shows up to vote in November. Democrats need to pick up 23 seats to retake control of the House. The surge of Democrats who raised more money than their GOP opponents last quarter is testimony not only to…

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a brief history of dollars and scents

Perfume has offered a whiff of one’s wealth since Ancient Egypt. Ben Krigler, the fifth-generation owner of the Krigler fragrance house, recalls five class-defining concoctions. A. RALLET & CO. In 1843 this shop opened in Moscow, bringing along French perfumers and chemists—“including my great-great-great grandfather!” Krigler says. The scents became the go-to for the imperial family. MONSIEUR DE GIVENCHY The first men’s cologne by Hubert de Givenchy was heralded as wildly unique in 1959, Krigler says. “It was sweet, spicy, and heavy—when most scents were light and floral. It was for the dandies of the day.” Now it costs about $30 for 3.3 oz. GUERLAIN HABIT ROUGE Launched in 1965, it was the most important men’s cologne of its time. “While not necessarily wildly expensive, it was the fragrance of high society for years to come,”…

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a chill creeps into the u.s. housing market

They were fed up with Seattle’s bidding wars. The couple were only in their late 20s but had already lost battles for two homes and were ready to renew with their landlord. Then, in May, their agent called. Suddenly, sellers were getting jumpy, Shoshana Godwin, a broker with Redfin Corp., told them. Homes that should have vanished in days were sitting on the market for weeks. There was a three-bedroom fixer-upper just north of the city going for $550,000, down from more than $600,000. They made an offer in early June and closed by the end of the month, at the asking price. The U.S. housing market—particularly in highly competitive areas such as Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Austin—appears headed for the broadest slowdown in years. Buyers are getting squeezed by the combination…