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Bloomberg Businessweek-Asia Edition 9/3/2018 (double)

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in russia, wild for wildberries

At least five companies could be considered contestants in the race to rule online retailing in Russia, and most of them are backed by banks or billionaires. But the leading contender is run by a mother of four who founded her company in her Moscow apartment while on maternity leave from her job as an English teacher. “At first, I did everything myself, collecting the goods and taking them to customers on the other side of Moscow by subway or bus,” says Tatyana Bakalchuk, chief executive officer of Wildberries, which has 15,000 employees and last year booked sales of $1 billion, up 40 percent from 2016. Bakalchuk, 42, conceived of Wildberries in 2004 as a place for people like her: moms on a budget with limited time for shopping. She ordered…

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how cities get smart

STREET SENSE Roads within the district will be equipped with cameras and laser sensors to look for pedestrians, then transmit their locations to a central control room, which will then shoot the information to driverless cars. ROAD HARMONY At first, self-driving cars will have to operate alongside ordinary vehicles, but as 5G progresses, cars will be able to negotiate with one another over the network, which in theory would eliminate accidents. To make traffic jams history, a central computer will come up with the most efficient route for each car. “Even driverless cars need to get with the flow of traffic,” says Kim Jae-hwan, a Seoul National University researcher who built a 5G bus. The new network, he says, will “allow self-driving vehicles to mingle properly on the road.” CORDS CUT With 5G, “there’s less…

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nike’s still tied up in knots

Up until recently, sexual harassment claims at Nike Inc. followed a familiar trajectory in the #MeToo era. Women who worked at the company shared information about the abuse they faced at work. Shortly after, a group of executives left. Now four former female Nike employees are suing the athletic apparel giant—not for sexual harassment, but for pay discrimination and limited opportunities for women to win promotions. The plaintiffs are seeking damages and an end to Nike’s alleged discriminatory policies. If the lawsuit clears the difficult hurdle of attaining class-action status, a lawyer for the plaintiffs says, she expects at least 500 more women to join. “Just firing a few people is not going to change something that has been in the making for many years,” says Laura Salerno Owens, the plaintiffs’ attorney.…

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john mccain: american hero

John McCain was a war hero; that’s undeniable. Still, he never liked the label. No true hero ever does. But the truth is, it didn’t begin to do him justice. To me, John wasn’t only a hero in war. He was also a hero in politics. Over the years, we disagreed on many issues, but I always admired his determination to do what he believed was right, even if it carried a political cost—as it so often did. The strong independent streak he demonstrated time and again, and his willingness to pay the price for it, defined his political career. John never sacrificed his integrity or honor—or the interests of America—for personal or political gain. He truly understood what it meant to put America first, and he did it throughout his life:…

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bibi makes new friends in old places

During his recent visit to Lithuania, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu laid a wreath at a memorial to 70,000 Jews massacred by the Nazis and their collaborators. This tiny corner of the former Soviet Union holds a particular significance for Netanyahu: He has family roots in Lithuania. It made sense that he would pick the country, a staunch ally of Israel, as the site of a Baltic summit that also included the leaders of Estonia and Latvia. “Netanyahu can upgrade their access to the White House” Yet his presence in the former East bloc is more a reflection of a shifting political world than a tribute to the past. Netanyahu has been busy building ties with a region increasingly at odds with the European mainstream. With anti-Semitism on the march in Poland…

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a french tuneup for german cars

The giant Opel factory in Rüsselsheim, an industrial city a half-hour’s drive west of Frankfurt, appears little changed from last summer: Employees still wear “We are Opel” T-shirts. The melody that rings out every few minutes, signaling that someone needs assistance, is the same. Body panels for Insignia sedans and Zafira minivans still follow the same yellow marks on the concrete floor on the way to their “wedding,” where workers add the engine and transmission to the frame. One thing, though, is dramatically different: The cars that roll off the end of the line are sold at a profit. “When I see friends in the pub, I can finally put the keys to my Opel on the table with pride again,” Matthias Deschamps, a 33-year assembly-line veteran, says looking over the…