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Blue Water Sailing August 2018

Blue Water Sailing is the leading magazine for cruisers and offshore sailors. Every issue offers readers the dream of cruising under sail in the form of real stories from around the world and how to make that dream come true. Founded by circumnavigators George and Rosa Day, BWS offers valuable insights into what the cruising life is really like, what boats and gear work (and don’t work) and where to go for the best in cruising and sailing vacations. Plus, the digital version of BWS provides direct interactive access to dozens of great marine websites where you will find everything you need to make your sailing life safer and more fun.

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Blue Water Sailing
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caribbean reboot

It is just a year since the Caribbean was hit by devastating hurricanes that seriously damaged Barbuda, St. Martin, Anguilla, the BVI and USVI and Puerto Rico. It may seem a long time ago, if you have not been watching the news of recovery coming out of these islands. But, for the locals who had their homes, communities and businesses shattered, the slow recovery must seem like an eternity. There’s no sugar coating it, these islands are still a long way from being back to normal. In Barbuda and Anguilla, very little has been done to make the islands habitable for the locals who had to be evacuated. Many lost everything and are starting anew in Antigua and St. Martin. St. Martin, with the backing of the French and Dutch governments…

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checking into england while at sea

We had been at sea for 17 days on our crossing from Newport, RI to England aboard the Hanse 505 Maverick and we were wondering what we needed to do to check in with Customs and Immigration upon our arrival. The issue at hand was that we were running out of fuel and needed to make a forced stop in the port of Falmouth in Cornwall. Would we be able to stop for fuel and then press on to Cowes without checking in? We were hoping that we could do a touch-and go and not check in. We’d been reading Reed’s Nautical Almanac and according to their suggestion we thought it best to phone the Home Office number listed and ask what the best procedure would be for us. This was on…

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world sailing adventures

CHARTERING AROUND THE WORLD As summer draws to an end, many of us are beginning to make our winter sailing and cruising plans. We know we want to escape the winter, wherever we live, and heading off on a charter in some exotic and warm area certainly is appealing. Or, we may want to take a winter break to spend a week or more building sailing and cruising skills or learning how to sail and handle a big cruising catamaran. Or, we might even be game for setting off on an oceanic expedition to learn passagemaking and blue water cruising skills from seasoned pros. There’s a lot on offer for sailing in the fall, winter and spring seasons, so you just have to wrap your mind around what appeals to you and…

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a hard night in the caribbean

It had been a long day. We’d begun the 90-mile sail from Tortola in the BVIs to Saba shortly after breakfast. The wind had been blowing the predicted force five from ENE, and we’d spent the day close hauled with waves assaulting us from two different directions. It’d been a pretty wild ride and after 15 hours out on the water we were all looking forward to our arrival and a good night’s sleep. It was close to midnight when we approached the southwest shore of Saba in darkness and headed towards a cluster of anchor lights where we hoped to find a mooring for the night. We furled our jib, turned on the engine and started to prepare a mooring line and search light. Three miles from the coast the…

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antonio’s forbidden coconut

Why would an Italian single hander know anything about coconuts laying on the ground in the San Blas Islands? They litter the flat sandy islands by the hundreds and like brown colored leaves in the fall, the large nuts and fallen tropical branches look to be a nuisance no one cares to kick into a pile and burn. We were a flotilla of four sailboats that watched our anchors bury into the sand near Port Obaldia, one of at least 365 islands in Kuna Yala in the San Blas Islands along the north coast of Panama. My friends on the second Italian boat Ghibli, with brothers Leonardo and Max, had their hands full dealing with their excited small black dog, Imanez, who was wound up and bouncing at the sight and…

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trekking in the "jewel of micronesia"

Trekking into the rainforest to view the Menka Ruins on the stunningly beautiful island of Kosrae, Federated States of Micronesia, was one of those experiences which was surprisingly impressive and energizing. My husband and I met Salik Wakuk by the bridge in the small village of Utwe, Kosrae. He guided us to the Menka Trail down a bumpy dirt road. Having no idea where we were going or what we were about to see added to my excitement for the trek. The ruins were not noted in any research I had done on the island. The path through the rainforest was relatively flat but very challenging due to the wet and slippery terrain. Salik quickly crafted two walking sticks from the local forest for us. Annual rainfall is 200 inches per…