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Blue Water Sailing September 2018

Blue Water Sailing is the leading magazine for cruisers and offshore sailors. Every issue offers readers the dream of cruising under sail in the form of real stories from around the world and how to make that dream come true. Founded by circumnavigators George and Rosa Day, BWS offers valuable insights into what the cruising life is really like, what boats and gear work (and don’t work) and where to go for the best in cruising and sailing vacations. Plus, the digital version of BWS provides direct interactive access to dozens of great marine websites where you will find everything you need to make your sailing life safer and more fun.

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Blue Water Sailing
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2 min
boat partnerships can work

THERE ARE a lot of ways to get into owning a new cruising boat that can work for you. Most of us start out buying brokerage boats and then, as we know more about how we like to sail, the appeal of a new boat gets stronger. New designs are roomier, faster, easier to sail and require less maintenance than older boats. But new boats are expensive and another factor we are all weighing when we think about buying a boat is just how much time are we going to be able to spend actually cruising? So, what to do? The answer for many cruisers, who are not planning to live aboard for extended periods, is to buy a boat with partners or in a program where you might even get…

6 min
cruisers join a local hash event in grenada

We are riding along in the back seat of a hot, cramped van with 11 other cruisers on a bright Caribbean Saturday afternoon out of Clarkes Court Bay, Grenada, where our Caliber 40 Lost Loon is moored, for a day of fresh air and exercise. The VHF cruisers net that week had told of this “HASH event” several times, encouraging cruisers to join up and make their bus reservations early. Occurring the week before Christmas, it was touted as “easy”. We met Fast Manicou (entrepreneur extraordinaire of the south Grenada cruiser community) who told us the fun he’s had participating in the HASHs over the years and strongly encouraged us to attend. He went on to explain that this was a walking/hiking and running event that takes place in different locations…

7 min
“man overboard!”

I was off watch, and through a sleep-induced daze I heard running feet on deck. I bolted out of the bunk and started to sprint to the companionway as I heard the call for help. “Bill, we have a problem!” One of the guys, in the midst of dropping the main, had fallen overboard as we sailed towards St. Martin, 600 miles away. “WE don’t have a problem. HE has a problem. WE might have a solution!” was my immediate response. In other words, it was time to remain calm and act in a way that would resolve the situation. The initial reaction of the deck watch had been flawless. As soon as he went overboard, the MOB button had been pushed on the chartplotter. The boat was stopped or at least…

14 min
transatlantic on maverick

The first glimpse of the bright flashing light from Sankaty Head Lighthouse on Nantucket’s eastern shore came into view soon after midnight. Every seven and a half seconds the white beam swept across the sea that lay between us and the island giving us a positive visual bearing of where we were in relation to the dangerous shoals that lie all along Nantucket’s southeastern coast. Many ships have foundered here and we did not want to be one of them. Aboard Maverick, my friend Steve’s Hanse 505 sloop, we were just getting into the rhythm of our night watches. It was our first night at sea after departing from Newport, RI earlier that day. There were five of us aboard: Steve, our skipper, myself, Mark, Henry and young Drew. Between us…

8 min
aruba bound the hard way

After spending three months in Curacao in the southern Caribbean, it was time to move on. It was amazing how fast the time passed here. A definite testament to all that there is to do and see on this lovely Island. But Aruba was calling, and it was only a short 70-mile downwind sail away. Once our decision was made, all we really needed to do was to wait for our weather window. Not so much for rains or storms because they have been virtually non-existent here in the ABC islands. But wind, now that’s a different story. The ABC’s are in the lower part of the Caribbean chain they call the Windward Islands and that’s for a good reason! It is ubiquitous, ever present, steady and stiff. And it is…

8 min
get outta that rack!

As you leave the dock and head out to sea, everyone is thrilled to be underway. Enthusiasm runs high. The excitement continues through the afternoon and into the evening as the crew anticipates the warmer climate and sun-drenched beaches a couple of thousand miles and less than two weeks away. By midnight everyone is getting tired, and keeping eyes open in shipping lanes is getting difficult. Thoughts of a watch schedule, a little overdue, begin to have a visceral relevance. Presumably, you think farther ahead than that. Considering what kind of watch system options seem most appropriate, I first consider what kind of sailing I’m involved in for a particular trip. Will this trip be a cruise with friends, a delivery, racing with a full crew, or will the passage be…