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Blue Water Sailing October 2018

Blue Water Sailing is the leading magazine for cruisers and offshore sailors. Every issue offers readers the dream of cruising under sail in the form of real stories from around the world and how to make that dream come true. Founded by circumnavigators George and Rosa Day, BWS offers valuable insights into what the cruising life is really like, what boats and gear work (and don’t work) and where to go for the best in cruising and sailing vacations. Plus, the digital version of BWS provides direct interactive access to dozens of great marine websites where you will find everything you need to make your sailing life safer and more fun.

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Blue Water Sailing
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going to sea in modern cruising boats

Last winter, when I was invited to sail across the North Atlantic with my friend Steve aboard his ultra modern Hanse 505 cruising boat, some of my old friends raised their eyebrows at the thought of taking a very beamy, light, fin-keeler with a skimming dish hull out into the possible fury of the northern latitudes. What lay behind their skepticism was the notion that good sea boats need to sail in the water—displacement hulls—instead of on top of the water—light displacement hulls. The former will be more comfortable and safer, it was contended, while the later will be, well, possibly dangerous. If you are reading this, then you are a sailor, and you know that sailors tend to form strong opinions of matters like this and are very slow to accept…

4 min
offshore sailing school celebrates 55th anniversary with special sailing course packages and several special events

Offshore Sailing School CEO and President, Doris Colgate, announced the company is heading into its 55th Anniversary Year in 2019, launching course specials and exciting events and programs throughout 2019. “Steve Colgate and I never imagined what began as an idea on the back of a cocktail napkin in 1964, to start a sailing school in City Island, New York, would thrive for 55 years, allowing us to teach more than 150,000 adults and families how to sail, race and charter on their own. And for all these years, the enthusiastic support and loyalty from our graduates and colleagues in the sailing industry, has enabled us to make our livelihood enjoying the sailing lifestyle and sharing our passion with family and friends,” Doris Colgate said. The Colgates recently hosted three generations of…

2 min
andaman islands open for cruisers without restrictions

Cruisers heading west across the Indian Ocean from Thailand or Malaysia, have long eyed the Andaman Islands on the edge of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, as an exotic and unspoiled cruising ground. The islands are filled with rare wildlife and home to indigenous people who have not been exposed to the advance of civilization. The islands are beautiful and the diving on the many reefs is some of the best in the world. But, the islands have long been virtually closed to cruising boats or, lately, only open under very strict restrictions and short sailing permits. Now that has all changed. The islands are open to cruisers. “There is a big change in the Andaman Islands of India for visiting yachts… they are no longer restricted by the…

7 min
we hit something!

It had all of the trappings of an adventure unlike any other I’d undertaken: a delivery from Cape Town, South Africa, through the Straits of Hormuz, bound for Dubai – during a period of increasing reports of piracy along the most direct route. While I’m more than merely familiar with weather routing, this would certainly add a new spin to the art of selecting a route. And piracy wouldn’t be the only factor in determining how we’d proceed from Point A to Point B aboard the Gunboat 48 catamaran, Nirvana. Provisioning, stowing gear and further inspections of the boat were completed as we awaited a suitable weather window for our departure. Within a week we were underway, heading south towards the Cape of Good Hope, the Agulhas Bank, the currents, weather…

11 min
taking on crew for a long passage

Avocados can go bad in a very short period of time. Believe me, crew relationships can do the same. Take a recent experience my husband and I had while traveling from the Galapagos to the Marquesas. Ahead of us was a very long – 2,971 nm passage - not just any old crossing, but probably the longest passage we shall take in our current circumnavigation. Therefore, the decision that – if possible – we would take on additional crew was initiated. We read ads and talked about the pros and cons several times. We had already had several six-to-nine-day passages and did well with the just the two of us. Yes, it is physically draining but one does adjust. But, we both missed the social interchange with other people. We had a…

9 min
sails for all seasons

Choosing the right fabric for your sails is one of the most important things that you can do to ensure that you not only get the endurance and performance you expect from your inventory, but that you also get sails that are within your budget. There is no need for an expensive membrane if you just putter around on Sunday afternoons. By the same token, you are not going to cross an ocean with under engineered sails. In terms of fabric and engineering, there is one truism: with sails, as with most things, you get what you pay for. The more you invest in fabric and engineering up front the better your sail(s) will be. I like to say that you should measure the length of the life of a sail…