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BluPrint Volume 3

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scavolini x carlo cracco

Scavolini collaborates with the renowned Italian chef and TV personality Carlo Cracco to take kitchen production to a new level. Marrying modern minimal elegance with efficiency and top level workmanship forms the Mia kitchen solutions. The scenic kitchen island is equipped with a steel monobloc with built-in cooking and washing areas, all topped by a hanging structure housing a hood and dish-rack in dark steel finish. Other than the spacious drawers and a chopping board pull-out, the distinguishing features of the design includes professional appliances such as a vacuum drawer with new marinating function, a food-warming lamp, and a hood with professional extraction functionality. Mia translates a professional kitchen into a custom-sized personal space built for enduring beauty and style. Scavolini Store Manila is exclusively distributed by Modularity Home. You may…

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high-class meets high-tech

The bathroom is an integral part in every living area where design speaks volumes about personal taste. For Villeroy & Boch, their Finion collection is all about the marriage of elegant design and technology, giving you a smarter bathroom space. The Finion collection spans the entire bathroom, from the washbasin, watercloset, bath, and other furnishings. Its purist design features and ceramic innovations–such as their washbasin’s TitanCeram technology for its slim yet strong walls and the watercloset’s CeramicPlus technology that makes it durable and quick to clean–are recognized by the international community with the prestigious iF Design Award. Apart from its sleek design, the Finion collection includes ease-of-life technological features such as a wireless smartphone charging station in the cabinets, and an integrated, high-quality Bluetooth sound system in the mirrors. This…

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luxe in every cut

As the old adage goes, beauty is in the details. Details may complete the interior, but sometimes they have a life of their own. Dornbracht, a prominent name in high-quality designer fittings for the bathroom, takes their CL.1 fitting series to a higher level through the use of the expressive and highly-valued material of glass. With its new handles for CL.1, Dornbracht applies the unique properties and crystalline beauty of glass to the bathroom. In both smooth and textured looks, the Swarovski crystal handles are as flawless as they are distinctive for a truly extravagant bathroom ambiance. This look sets new standards in finish design in terms of both shape and material. The crystals are available in asymmetrical figures that generate expressive multi-colored reflections of light, both in colored and translucent…

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form follows values

Early last year, I wrote a review about a project in Singapore called House with Bridges, which burned bridges with the architecture firm that designed it. They didn’t like what was said about the design even though the article concluded that the architects were master storytellers who had created an intensely personal home. It wasn’t just unique or “custom-designed.” As I experienced the house and learned about the family living in it, it struck me how the design narrative told the client’s story and her hopes for her family. I imagined the members of the household were better people by living in such an extraordinary environment. The memory of the article stayed with me, not just because I had disappointed the architects whose work I admire, but also because it made…

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permanent pleasures

In a private neighborhood in Pasig, the CD Residence is Nazareno + Guerrero Design Consultancy’s latest private home offering, for the De Guzman family of five. Its restrained appearance belies the gregariousness of the De Guzmans, especially when they fondly delve into the stories behind their new home. Starting on-site in July 2017 and completed in January 2019, the house reflects the clients’ openness to unique materials as much as architect Anthony Nazareno’s flair for architectural tectonics. On the 425-square-meter bounded lot, the designers inserted a glass pane at the base of the fence wall high enough that one is curious to peek through to the front door but low enough to maintain privacy. If there’s anything to rest your eyes on, it’s the clean-cut black lava stone that appears to…

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form follows privacy

One feels wholly unwelcome walking down this street in Barangay Don Manuel in Quezon City. Tall, fortress-like concrete walls topped by barbed wire and electrified barriers line both sides of the road, protecting unseen houses from prying eyes and intruders. Driveways and drop-offs are invisible, hidden behind heavy-duty steel gates. Trees and plants are almost nonexistent. There is the occasional clump of weeds growing out of a crack between the sidewalk and the street, and the electric posts that interrupt one’s path on the pavement. Judging from the cars that come out of the gates, the neighborhood is well to do. And based on the roofs and the second or third-story façades peering over their concrete face shields, the predominant architecture in the area is contemporary Mediterranean and Chinese. The structures…