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BOAT ATTITUDE 43 - Special Cannes Yachting Festival

Since 2006, Boat Attitude magazine offers its exclusive readers access to the most luxurious yachts as well as the sumptuous associated lifestyle. From mega yachts to multihulls, sailing yachts and water toys...Boat Attitude brings its readers in the heart of the international world of pleasure boating. Eager to share the passion, Boat Attitude is available worldwide in hard copies and digital versions, and provides luxury yachting newsfeed on social networks.

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"We share the same passion" Dear Readers, We are finally meeting again for a Boat Show, an eagerly awaited event by all the yachting professionals. In the last two years, many innovations have been created. Thanks to highly inspired designers, always evolving technologies, and a pandemic that gave more time for thinking. The Cannes Yachting festival 2021 is the unmissable event of the season. In this issue, we have selected some of the most stunning units exhibited for the first time - a world premiere! Futur yacht owners, or change seekers, you only have one thing left to do: to plan your sea trials and realize your dreams! Enjoy Boat Attitude! Follow us on www.boatattitudebook.com…

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1 new pershing 6x: bold by nature

Self-assured and defiant, with innovative features and an incredible top speed of 48 knots: Pershing 6X expresses the boldest and most daring side of the brand’s character, the side that always appeals to lovers of excitement on the water. Compact but in no way incomplete, it packs all the best of the brand’s leading-edge technology into a compact form factor. 18.94 metres (about 62 ft) long and 4.80 metres (about 16 ft) wide, Pershing 6X is the result of collaboration between Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee led by Mr. Piero Ferrari, the design firm headed by Fulvio De Simoni, and the Group’s Engineering Department. Pershing 6X turns heads with its highly aerodynamic profile and large glazed surfaces in the hull that flood the lower deck with natural light. The main…

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2 riva 76’ perseo super

Heir to and evolution of the multiple award-winning 76’ Perseo, the new Riva sport-fly exceeds every expectation in terms of design, aesthetics, functionality, on-board liveability and performance, and as always is the result of collaboration between the Product Strategy Committee led by Mr. Piero Ferrari, Officina Italiana Design, and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department. Over 40 square metres of glazed surfaces on the hull and in the superstructure characterise the yacht’s sleek profile and enhance the sporty look of the exterior styling. The mahogany and polished stainless steel detailing, which has both technical and design functions, pays stylistic tribute to the authentic Riva tradition. The refined combination of sand-coloured oak and light or dark lacquer is a distinctive feature of the entire main deck, as well as of the yacht’s…

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3 68’ diable

The story of every new Riva yacht is a journey to explore in many different directions, with infinite paths branching out from a peerless heritage and reuniting in a work of marine art that reflect the brand’s legendary style and always have a disruptive influence on industry standards. The prestigious forerunner of the new Riva 68’ Diable project is another remarkably beautiful open yacht: the Riva Diable, which was in turn based on the Riva Super America hull. This is how Riva, and only Riva, does things: every model builds on layers of ingenuity, style and technical expertise, an evolution without ever denying tradition. Riva 68’ Diable is set like a diamond in the range of open yachts under 70 feet, a segment in which Riva is the recognised leader…

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4 ferretti yachts 1000

“Majestic and versatile, spacious and spatial, Ferretti Yachts 1000 is the largest boat ever built by the brand” Taunched in March and the product of a design process inspired by the search for perfection, the new flagship is a truly impressive project, made of talent and technology, the ability to innovate, and craftsmanship. Ferretti Yachts 1000 is the result of collaboration between the Product Strategy Committee led by Mr. Piero Ferrari, the Ferretti Group Engineering Department, architect Filippo Salvetti for the exteriors, and Ideaeitalia for the new interior concept. Versatile and suited to all markets, Ferretti Yachts 1000 reshapes space and changes the whole approach to life on board with unprecedented design solutions and an interior mood developed to adapt to the owner’s various needs. The first Ferretti Yachts 1000 features…

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5 pearl yachts the pearl 62 the pearl 95

This will be the Pearl 62’s debut at Cannes and this year, the shipyard has a new location on Quai Max Laubeuf to accommodate potential clients. That means the Pearl 80 and Pearl 95 will share the stage as well, offering guests a complete picture of how exterior designer Bill Dixon and interior designer Kelly Hoppen CBE are a perfect match for the brand, flawlessly adapting their world-famous styling to each size-class. The result is a testament to atelier shipbuilding, where each model is recognized as a member of the Pearl family while retaining an identifying personal sparkle. THE FLAGSHIP The Pearl 95, Pearl’s flagship, boasts a full beam owner’s cabin on the main deck, as well as an expansive beach club with fold down buttresses. Design with Distinction by Kelly Hoppen…