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Boating Boating Buyers Guide 2021

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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welcome to the water

As our deadline approached, I spoke to a successful boat dealer, a gentleman I’ve known for many years, who opined that the boom in boat sales would continue for at least another year. I happen to agree with that opinion. Many of the people buying the boats that have caused marine sales to skyrocket in the past nine months happen to be new boaters. These are folks whose vacations have been canceled, whose social time with friends and family has been curtailed, and who are feeling cooped up. Certainly, there are avid, longtime boaters buying boats. But it is these new folks who are driving the sales records. It is because the pool of nonboaters is much larger than the pool of experienced boaters that roots the belief in a sustained…

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darrell “bubba” wallace jr. nascar driver

Did you grow up boating in North Carolina? No. The only time I ever went on a boat was when I visited my uncle in Mobile, Alabama. I remember riding his Jet Skis. How did you wind up with a pontoon boat? South Bay is a partner of my racing team. I’d never had any desire to live by the water or own a boat, and then I went out on the lake [where I now live], and we found a rope swing in a cove where lots of boats raft-up for the day. It was really cool. When did you start racing? I started racing go-karts when I was 9. I just kept going and racing in every circuit as I got older and better, and now I’m with Richard Petty in the Cup…

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trailer spring commissioning

1. To ensure your trailer tires are road-ready, you should: A. Refill the tires with helium. B. Check tires for excessive tread wear. C. Buy whitewalls. D. Check tire sidewalls for weather checking and rot. E. B and D F. None of the above 2. You should check your trailer’s bunks or rollers as follows: A. Get brighter-colored outdoor carpet to cover the bunks. B. Put Rhino Liner on the bunk wood. C. Ensure the bunk wood is not rotten. D. Ensure the rollers rotate freely and are not excessively loose. E. C and D F. None of the above 3. Before trailering your boat to the ramp, it’s important to check the coupling/hitch attachment. These checks should include: A. Be sure you’ve inserted the hitch pin and clip into the correct hole in the hitch-receiver tube. B. Check the coupler latch to ensure it closes…

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Most people who grew up around boats got their first taste of life on the water aboard a runabout. They are to boating what butter is to bread. Today’s runabouts range from boats you can fit in your garage to boats that can fit a football team on board, but they all carry the same basic mission: to provide some zest and sportiness to the captain at the helm while including enough creature comforts to keep the family happy on the water. As you flip through the pages of our Boat Buyers Guide, you’re sure to find one that meets the needs of your crew.…

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yamaha superjet

The iconic Yamaha SuperJet still impresses. You may remember the original SuperJet. It was all torque and performance—and for the average rider, all falls. Thirty years later, Yamaha has introduced the all-new SuperJet, mercifully presenting it with more stability than ever before. And with these changes, the SuperJet is officially available to the recreational market without a race license. Further flattening the learning curve, the new SuperJet incorporates L-Mode, which governs the engine’s performance to 85 percent. Together with the much more stable hull, the learning mode gives beginners a surprisingly stable platform to grow their skills. The most noticeable improvement was in corner stability, with even novice riders able to crank tight turns within an hour, at both slow and medium speeds. This is something you would previously have had…

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sea-doo rxp-x 300

Reimagining a bestselling, high-performance model is a tricky task for any personal watercraft manufacturer. Nevertheless, that’s just what Sea-Doo has done with the RXP-X 300 for 2021, tweaking everything from the running surface to the craft’s renowned ergonomics. The result is a craft that’s at once quite familiar and yet a completely new experience from top to bottom. Arguably already one of the most aggressive handling models on the market, the new T3-R hull has clearly benefited from Sea-Doo’s pro-racing experience. It maintains the highly intuitive, lean-in style of its predecessor, relying on a sharp keel and soft outer chines that allow the boat to easily roll into the most aggressive of turns. A new feature, in our opinion, improves the overall experience for race and nonrace types alike. Dubbed shark…