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Boating March 2021

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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the tie that binds

Whenever we post a boat review to social media, we get the inevitable negative comments. This proves that there’s a lot of misguided people in the world who think that the kind of boating they do is the only kind. Any boat presented that isn’t suited to what they like to do on the water must be crap. Captains Obvious, all. We show a bass boat, and immediately some naysayer chimes in about how crummy the boat will run in 3-foot seas. Well yes, Captain Obvious, you’re probably right, but the open-water cruiser that will prove comfortable in 3-footers will make a poor boat from which to catch fish from among the lily pads. We show a dayboat with plush seating, plenty of power and a custom paint job, and one of…

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lorria whitfield

Lorria Whitfield started her career at the acclaimed Romora Bay Resort & Marina on Harbour Island over a decade ago as an administrative assistant, and today she is one of the few female marina managers in all of the Bahamas. ON BOARD WITH… CAPTAIN’S TEST FOR COMPARISON’S SAKE ONLINE THIS MONTH FIRST IMPRESSION GEAR HEAD What’s a typical day like for you? A typical day is from early in the morning until sunset, and I encounter many different guests with many different personalities, but the goal is always to ensure everyone is comfortable and happy. What’s the hardest part of your job? The hardest part is telling somebody no. For example, if somebody is trying to make a reservation and the marina is full, and I know I can’t squeeze them in. Or being on…

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towing to your next adventure

1. What are some good steps for trip preparation before that first boating-season adventure? A. Take a short trip around town or just up and down the highway with your trailer attached as a shakedown run before your big trip. B. Begin by packing plenty of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches—no tuna! C. Check your trailer’s suspension and running gear for potential problems, such as a rusted and weakened axle, rotted tires, and broken hull rollers or bunks. D. A and C E. All of the above 2. Your towed load is 1,700 pounds for the boat, trailer and related gear. Your trailer does not have brakes. Should you consider installing them before that first big trip? A. Check with your state’s towing laws for the minimum trailer weight required for needing trailer brakes. B. Check the towing…

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weather apps

FOR WIND AND WAVES WINDFINDER WHY: This app provides wind-speed readings from nearby stations, and shares the latest wind and waveheight information from nearby buoys. Its global wind map provides a macro view of the wind patterns all around the world. Locally, it’s a great way to see what the wind is doing and what the seas are like. It can provide vital information as to whether it’s a good day to head outside the inlet. WHY NOT: The nearest buoy could be miles from your location and not necessarily accurate for your hyper-local conditions. PRICE: Free ($7.99 for Pro version); windfinder.com FOR FORECAST STORMS AND RADAR DARK SKY WHY: I check this app to get a realistic extended forecast for my area, as well as a real-time weather update. Its radar map and predicted path of…

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first impression

AXOPAR 22 X JOBE The Axopar 22 X Jobe is said to rate top marks for handling, performance, seaworthiness, safety and comfort. A series of boats built by Finnish boatbuilder Axopar, in collaboration with world-renowned sports company Jobe of the Netherlands, the X Jobe boats are based upon Axopar’s 22 Spyder ($31,400). As pioneered aboard Axopar’s larger boats, the X Jobe Revolve and Revolve XXII combine myriad functionalities, options, equipment and alternative layouts, all intended to suit specific needs and wants for a wide range of boat buyers. Rated for outboards up to 115 hp, the 22 X Jobe is claimed to hit 51 mph. Boaters can also choose between various hull-graphics packages, and different gelcoat or hull-paint schemes. For example, the Jobe Experience Package includes hull-matched life jackets, and a color-matched towable…

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gear head

GRUND…NS DEVIATION ANKLE BOOTS The Deviation Ankle Boots from Grundéns provide boaters with a comfortable, performance-driven footwear option that will hold up on and off the water. The 6-inch-high boots include nonmarking lugged rubber outsoles for warmth and water proofing, with razor-cut siping on the soles to clear mud and other debris while maintaining much-needed traction on a wet deck. The thick insole off ers shock resistance, and the antimicrobial cooling liner will ensure the typical footwear stench gets left behind. Available in men’s sizes 8 to 14 in Anchor Black and Refraction Camo. $129.99; grundens.com BLISSLETS ACUPUNCTURE BRACELETS Acupressure wristbands have long been popular and effective options for relieving the symptoms of seasickness without drugs. Now there’s a stylish new twist in acupuncture wristbands thanks to Blisslets. Available in a range of…