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Boating April 2021

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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gm going “all electric” by 2035

General Motors recently announced it would cease manufacturing car and light-truck internalcombustion engines by 2035. If you are a boat owner, this news might have caused concern. After all, while 2035 is 14 years away, it may be only one or two new boats away, or one or two engine repowers, for boaters currently running inboards and sterndrives. Here’s what Monte Doran, a spokesperson for GM, had to say: “GM’s announcement focused on electrification as it relates to light-duty passenger vehicles and the aspiration to eliminate tailpipe emissions by 2035. For GM Marine, we are focused on continuing to support the marine industry and the customers that are served with world-class internal-combustion engines. In addition, we can offer collaborative planning for electrification when they are ready.” Heartening news from GM. Still, marine industry leaders…

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nicole spenc

ON BOARD WITH… CAPTAIN’S TEST FOR COMPARISON’S SAKE BY THE NUMBERS NEWS ONLINE THIS MONTH FIRST IMPRESSION GEAR HEAD 5 THINGS Known for showing the rest of us how it’s done on Instagram and YouTube, Nicole Spenc also owns and single-handedly operates Nicole’s Fishing Bed and Breakfast (nicolespenc.com), offering a range of lodging including houseboats, plus charter and guide bookings, in Venice, Louisiana. She’s a spokesperson for Bubba Blade and Salt Life. We caught up to Nicole, appropriately, in the Florida Keys, fresh from boating her third swordfish in two days. We can see you on Instagram and YouTube, but how would you describe yourself? I’m a social media influencer who inspires more women to get outdoors. I also own a bed and breakfast. What are some of the challenges that you face on…

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power upgrades

1. What are some good steps to prepare your hull for repowering? A. Take your boat to a local dealer who can assess your hull and transom condition. B. Sit down and catch your breath after reviewing the new engine prices. C. Review the power and weight of your current engine and compare to new engines. D. A and C E. None of the above 2. Your current engine is a tired 1975 Mercury 150. Your boat is also a 1975 model, rated for 150. When checking over your boat for repower, what are some considerations? A. The weight of a new engine vs. your old engine. B. Torque and real prop-shaft horsepower of new engines vs. your old 150. (Hint: It’s more!) C. Value of your boat with the new engine vs. the old engine, and whether it…

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boat fenders

BALL FENDER THE BUFFER: Ball fenders, such as the Taylor Made Tuff End, are great for use on bigger boats, especially in slips that endure a lot of wakes from passing boat traffic or in busy marinas. They will keep your hull sides well away from pilings and dock walls, and they’re stout, round shape prevents them from getting caught up on the dock or other obstructions. They also double as buoy floats. THE SQUEEZE: Their size makes storage difficult (though they can be deflated), and if you just need fenders for the fuel dock or the occasional restaurant, they can be overkill. PRICE: $59.99 for a 12-inch diameter; westmarine.com CYLINDER FENDER THE BUFFER: The most popular type of fender, such as the Taylor Made Storm Guard, these are better for small-boat applications because they…

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self-driving boats? they’re already here

Artificial Intelligence seems like a scary future technology, but it’s already here on the water, in an application that may usher in self-driving boats. A company called Buffalo Automation recently tested its self-driving Greycraft boat as a water taxi on the Tennessee River in Knovxille, Tennessee. Before you imagine in your head some sort of George Jetson craft on the water, the Greycraft as currently constructed looks like a floating patio with a battery bank. It’s basically a solar-powered pontoon that uses AI technology to navigate between stops without the aid of a captain. A company spokesperson noted that Buffalo’s technologies focused on functionality (making sure it actually worked) rather than form, which will come later. For now, the company is focused on using its technology for driverless transport, which users can…

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boston whaler 250 dauntless

The new 250 Dauntless almost seems too pretty to fish—too comfortable, too dandy to get bloody. But the combination of day-cruising comfort features and fishing attributes falls right into Whaler’s SUV strategy for on-the-water family fun. A bow lounge extends prominently from the console. Whaler eased this big-boat feature into the foredeck while maintaining ample walkways to the bow casting deck and leaving plenty of space to cast a line from either the sole or the casting deck. A cooler (or use it as a fish box) resides under the casting deck. Aft, jump seats tuck into the casting deck, and Whaler situated them as far abeam as possible, giving passengers a better view than centered jump seats. On a brief check ride, this model with a Merc V-8 250 made 51.9 mph.…