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Boating May 2021

Boating is the world's foremost magazine for boating enthusiasts. Written by experts for those who love the sport, the editorial covers the waterfront -- from runabouts to sportfish convertibles to luxury showpieces, and everything in between.

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setting an example

If you follow us on YouTube or visit our website and other social channels, as well as enjoy reading our print magazine, then you know we produce a ton of videos each year. These number about 150 annually. I could cite the number of views, minutes viewed and other metrics, but suffice to say, we continue to reach more and more boaters via our digital platforms, and especially with video. We hope to leverage that success and visibility for the greater good. Moving forward, you’ll see Boating editors wearing life jackets when aboard boats underway. Why? Simply stated, because wearing life jackets saves lives. Wearing a life jacket is the No. 1 thing we boaters can do to prevent fatalities on the water. The data proves it. Review it for yourself:…

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scott collins sea tow captain

BOATINGMAG.COM MAY 2021 How long have you been a Sea Tow captain? Sea Tow is a huge part of my life. For the last 20 years, I have proudly served as a captain of Sea Tow Wrightsville Beach. It’s a way of life for us. We often say we bleed Sea Tow yellow, and we’re proud of it! What kind of boats do you operate? The best answer is multiple-purpose-built boats that get the job done. The 33-foot World Cat with twin 300 hp Yamahas is one of my favorites. We typically run this boat when a member is farther offshore and in need of assistance. That boat will move and handle rough seas like a champ. How did you rescue the spearfisherman that day? It was June 28, 2020. I was returning from a job…

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engine and drive safety

1. You have some work to do on your engine’s power trim-and-tilt system. It needs some scraping and repainting, and fluid topped off. What might you do to ensure a safer working environment? A. Tilt the engine all the way up, and secure it with the safety tilt-lock mechanism so it can’t accidentally tilt down while you’re underneath.B. Put a drop cloth below so paint scrapings and trim fluid don’t clutter up the area.C. Buy aftermarket paint and trim fluid to save money.D. None of the above 2. Your propeller is beat up from hitting some rocks and stumps. It’s definitely time to fix it. You’re pretty good with tools, but have never fixed a propeller before. What’s the best way to proceed? A. Leave it on the prop shaft to work on…

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SAT MESSENGER SPOTX WITH BLUETOOTH THE UPLINK: With a SpotX two-way satelitte messenger, a keyboard lets you transmit an international SOS via the GEOS satellite network, along with your position using built-in GPS. Private monitoring bases coordinate a response. You can also send and receive messages with a Bluetooth connection to your cellphone. Operational battery life is 240 hours for this compact device. THE DISCONNECT: Unlike an EPIRB or PLB, SpotX requires a subscription plan, starting at $11.95 per month. PRICE: $249.96 (plus service plan); findmespot.com EPIRB ACR GLOBALFIX V4 THE UPLINK: This EPIRB has GPS, auto water activation, a 10-year battery, 48-hour broadcast time, self-test functions, LED strobe and upright flotation. It operates on COSPARSARSAT and MEOSAR satellite networks for global coverage with no subscription fee. The battery is user-replaceable. ACR’s optional 406Link.com portal sends confirmation…

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Ever since Asian carp escaped from aquaculture farms and got into the Mississippi River system, they’ve been steadily migrating north, despite all eff orts to stop them. Scientists worry that if they reach the Great Lakes, they will wreak havoc on that vital ecosystem. States that already have the prolific breeders in their waterways have struggled to keep their carp populations in check. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has a new strategy to cull the four invasive species of Asian carp: by promoting them as table fare. Fillet of carp, anyone? If the idea of eating Asian carp doesn’t appeal to you, you’re not alone. But the fish are actually rich in Omega-3 and, according to those who’ve tried it, quite flaky and tasty. With that, the Illinois DNR and…

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scout 350 lxz

Scout Boats’ new 350 LXZ is a high-end day cruiser ideal for refined entertainment. Its overnight accommodations allow you to extend your adventure. The 350 LXZ is designated as S-Class. According to Scout, “This signifies the upper echelon of our lineup—the highest level of luxury—similar to what you experience with high-end luxury automobiles.” It’s built using epoxy infusion techniques and runs on a fast and efficient dual Scout Stepped Hull. Choose twin or triple Mercury outboards. The boat boasts a large cockpit with a dive door and convertible stern seat. There’s full weather protection under an expansive top. Note that Scout produces some of the finest tops we’ve seen. Also enjoy the bar with slide-out stools. A portside walkway provides access to the bow lounge. The expansive cabin provides a large berth,…