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Business Today 28 January 2018

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the leadership connection

Leadership research – to identify what is common among successful leaders – has been taking place for over a century now. And much of the leadership research has focussed on successful (and unsuccessful) corporate leaders and CEOs, possibly because it is easier to find empirical data on them and their performance over sufficiently long periods, and to study large samples in different countries. The initial leadership research focussed on trying to identify common traits that all leaders exhibited. Since then, leadership research and theories have become far more complex. Researchers have tried to study whether all leaders flourish in all situations or do different situations call for very different leadership qualities and throw up very different types of leaders. Other researchers have focussed on the role of followers, on the ecosystem…

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STAY CONNECTED WITH US ON www.facebook.com/BusinessToday@BT_India NEWS: Will the PE Dream Run Continue in 2018? With close to $16 billion being raised by PE/VC funds in past three years, investments in key sectors may continue to remain buoyant this year. businesstoday.in/pe-vc.investment How the Ministries Spent Their Funds in 2017 About 70 per cent of the ministries so far have spent over 50 per cent of their Budget estimates in fiscal 2017/18. It is the highest share spend over five years. businesstoday.in/budget.estimates-expenditure Marketers Need to Talk to Gen X, Not Millennials The Gen X category (41 to 50 year olds) is the fastest-growing population segment in India. businesstoday.in/genX-business Full Electric Mobility in India Only by 2047: SIAM Though the industry's timelines are much more conservative vis-a-vis government's ambitions, they do seem to be more practical. businesstoday.in/autoindustry-EV Direct Tax Contribution Falls Below 50% Indirect taxes are regressive in…

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15-17 BOOSTER DOSE WHAT: India Pharma 2018 WHEN: February 15-17, Bangalore WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The FICCI event provides a platform to the global investment community to connect with stakeholders in the pharma sector. India Pharma 2018 covers the whole process of pharmaceutical manufacturing, from various kind of manufacturing/processing machinery to lab equipment, analytical instruments, APIs and other total solutions. 23 SPOTLIGHT ON GST WHAT: CII Session on GST WHEN: February 23, Panaji Goa WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The Union Budget for 2018-19 is expected to be announced in Feb 2018 and will contain proposed changes in customs and GST. The various indirect tax changes proposed in the Budget and also the GST legislation would be examined in detail at this one day programme. 1 REINVENTING EMPLOYEE RELATIONS WHAT: CII Industrial Relations Summit 2018 WHEN: March 1, New Delhi WHAT TO…

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global business

GOOGLE’S STASH Search giant Google moved $19.2 billion to a Bermuda shell company in 2016, thus saving billions of dollars in taxes, according to regulatory filings in the Netherlands, a Bloomberg report reveals. The setup involves shifting revenue from one Irish subsidiary to a Dutch company with no employees, and then on to a Bermuda mailbox owned by another Ireland-registered company. MANUFACTURING BOOM IN US A survey by the Institute for Supply Management shows that the factory index, a tool measuring factory activity, climbed from 58.2 to 59.7 in December 2017 and the measure of new orders rose to 69.4, the highest ever recorded by a growing manufacturing sector since January 2004. The heightened activity brings the 2017 average to 57.6, the best in 13 years. SOFTBANK-UBER DEAL Ride-hailing firm Uber ended its trouble-torn year…

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fresh trouble

Even as the sword of ‘liquidation’ is hanging over the heads of banks for dozen large corporates under bankruptcy proceedings, the banks have been directed to file for bankruptcy in over two dozen new stressed accounts. These include consumer durables major Videocon, infrastructure unit IVRCL, Monnet Power and steel major Uttam Galva. Under the provisioning requirements of the RBI, banks have to provide for 50 per cent NPAs for assets referred for bankruptcy from profits. If these assets are liquidated, the provisioning requirement shoots up to 100 per cent. Public sector banks are already reeling under deteriorating asset quality, higher provisioning and reduced profitability and have done over 50 per cent provisioning in the dozen large accounts which owed them over ₹2 lakh crore. Close to 30 per cent provisioning has already…

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flight of fancy

TRANSPORT MINISTER Nitin Gadkari recently chose to stick his neck out when he said that India has the potential to start 10,000 seaplanes. This, he felt, was possible because India has 3-4 lakh ponds, 2,000 river ports, 200 small ports and 12 major ports that could be used to operate flying boats. The number, however, seems a bit over the top. For one, even in the mature civil aviation sector, the total aircraft fleet of scheduled commercial airlines stands at 492, with 923 more on order. There is an argument that regular aircraft cannot be compared to seaplanes; but if Trans Maldivian Airways, which operates the world’s largest seaplane fleet, works with just 49 aircraft, it’s difficult to fathom that India will suddenly spawn operators which are bigger than the…