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Business & Finance
Business Today

Business Today 28-Jul-19

A leading business magazine read by the business leaders for staying ahead and managing challenges that comes right away in the ever changing world of business.

Living Media India Limited
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the incremental budget

FINANCE MINISTER Nirmala Sitharaman’s Budget could have unveiled bold policy visions of the Narendra Modi-led NDA government’s second term. It missed the opportunity. Instead, it stuck to incremental changes and trod the same path as the Budgets of the past five years. Going up to the Budget, the problems with the economy were fairly clear. Economic growth had largely been held up by government spending and private consumption. But even private consumption was showing signs of flagging. The other two engines of growth – exports and private investment – had been anaemic throughout five years of the preceding government. Agricultural and rural distress was widespread because farm incomes were stagnating in real terms and farmers were hit both when they produced less because of vagaries of the climate as well as…

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business today

Editor-in-Chief: Aroon Purie Group Editorial Director: Raj Chengappa Editor: Prosenjit Datta Group Creative Editor: Nilanjan Das Group Photo Editor: Bandeep Singh Executive Editor: Anand Adhikari Deputy Editor: Naveen Kumar (Money Today) SPECIAL PROJECTS AND EVENTS Senior Editor: Anup Jayaram CORRESPONDENTS Senior Editors: P.B. Jayakumar, Nevin John, Goutam Das, Ajita Shashidhar, Joe C. Mathew, E. Kumar Sharma, Anilesh Mahajan Senior Associate Editors: Dipak Mondal, Manu Kaushik, Sumant Banerji Associate Editor: Nidhi Singal Assistant Editors: Sonal Khetarpal, Rukmini Rao, Renu Yadav (Money Today) RESEARCH Principal Research Analysts: Niti Kiran, Shivani Sharma COPY DESK Senior Editor: Mahesh Jagota Senior Associate Editor: Kaveri Nandan Associate Editor: Sanghamitra Mandal Chief Copy Editor: Gadadhar Padhy Copy Editor: Aprajita Sharma PHOTOGRAPHY Photo Editor: Reuben Singh Deputy Chief Photographers: Shekhar Ghosh, Rachit Goswami Senior Photo Researcher: Sudhansh Sharma ART Assistant Creative Editor: Safia Zahid Deputy Art Director: Amit Sharma Associate Art Director: Ajay Thakuri Assistant Art Director: Raj Verma Designer: Rajesh Singh Adhikari PRODUCTION Chief of Production: Harish Aggarwal Senior Production Coordinators:…

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businesstoday.in >

STAY CONNECTED WITH US ON www.facebook.com/BusinessToday@BT_India Blackstone, the Last Resort for Cash-strapped Indian Real Estate Developers The New York-headquartered PE giant believes in waiting for the right time and right valuations before striking a deal businesstoday.in/blackstone-realestate Government Arming Itself to Tax Facebooks, Googles of the World Taxing digital companies is a big challenge for countries across the globe, because taking advantage of loopholes in tax rules, they attribute a significant part of their revenues to subsidiaries based in low-tax countries businesstoday.in/digitalcompanies-tax Can India Gain From US-China Trade War? India is playing a proactive role in analysing the impact of the retaliatory tariffs to see where the potential lies for Indian exporters businesstoday.in/us.china-tradewar NEWS Social Stock Exchange May See a Chicken-and-egg Scenario The social SE under SEBI for listing social enterprises and voluntary organisations working for social welfare can raise capital as equity,…

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tighter security

THE SECURITIES and Exchange Board of India’s fresh guidelines to safeguard debt investors’ interest in the wake of recent defaults are worth applauding. The regulator has taken steps to distinguish liquid funds by making it mandatory for such funds to hold at least 20 per cent in liquid assets such as cash, government securities and T-bills. Though the move may eat into the overall portfolio yields, it will lower liquidity risks. The reduction in sectoral cap to 20 per cent from 25 per cent earlier and a cut in the additional exposure in HFCs from 15 per cent to 10 per cent will help avoid concentration risk. The graded load on exiting the fund within seven days will nudge institutional investors to migrate to overnight funds, protecting liquid portfolio returns from…

1 min.
margins could be hit

AS TCS KICKS OFF the earning season of the first quarter of FY20, softness in spends by global banking and financial services firms is likely to haunt Indian IT service companies this year. Cross currency headwinds, wage hikes, high attrition, visa costs and a strong rupee are expected to play spoilsport in margins. Analysts expect steady revenue growth for bigger firms, whereas growth for mid-tier companies is likely to be muted this quarter. Double-digit organic revenue growth year-on-year is expected for TCS and Infosys, largely on the back of ramp-up of large deals and chunkier digital deal sizes. Volatility is expected to continue for the other players. Analysts also don’t expect any change to the revenue guidance provided by Infosys and HCL Tech for FY20 at 7.5-9.5 per cent and…

1 min.
auto industry hopes for tax cuts

WHAT STARTED off in July 2018 as a blip turned into a crisis by the end of last year and is now a catastrophe. Automobile sales in India registered a third straight month of double-digit decline in June and an eighth straight month that the industry has been in the red. In passenger vehicles, sales have now declined in 11 of the last 12 months. It is a run that is unprecedented for an industry that not too long ago was touted as the fastest growing in the world. Sale of motorcycles, scooters, heavy trucks, buses and even tractors are all down in the dump. With a 33 per cent deficiency in rainfall, June was one of the driest ever recorded in India and the impact was felt on sale of…