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Business Traveller November-January 2021

The leading magazine for the corporate traveller. We aim to save you money and make your travelling life easier. Each edition has the latest news from airlines, airports, hotels and car hire companies, reviews of the latest gadgets, technology and accessories and destinations pieces - where to stay, what to eat, what to see, and how to behave, all delivered by our own writers and journalists around the world. In addition, loyalty programs are examined, deals and promotions collected and feature stories cover a wide range of issues such as health, security, technology, golf, automotive, financial and buying property. With editorial staff based in our offices around the globe we are uniquely placed to ensure that our different editions reflect the needs of our readers locally.

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points to prove

There are many tribes in travel, so let’s distinguish between just two of them. First, there are business travellers. Let’s assume that’s you. Second, there are others who look like you, but aren’t. They are frequent travellers, too – maybe even more frequent than you – but they travel not because they have to but because they want to. Many of them aren’t actually business travellers, but instead they make it their business to travel. So who are they? And why has the Covid-19 crisis been so tough on them? For eight long months, points addicts have been grounded, abandoned and unloved Well, to identify them at their most glamorous, think of the George Clooney film Up in The Air. It’s not quite accurate, because the Clooney character had to travel because…

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our guide to... working from hotels

As 2020 turns into 2021, working from home continues to dominate our professional lives but cabin fever is starting to set in for some. Research by Accor has found that 41 per cent of people in the UK feel their work-life balance has worsened, while 22 per cent feel less productive owing to distractions. So how about a change of scenery? Hotels have lots of empty rooms and are marketing them as clean and safe workspaces that can be rented by the day, week or month. Embracing the “work from anywhere” trend, they are hoping that vacant rooms will be filled, while workers will get the peace they need alongside access to hotel facilities. Here are some “work from hotel” schemes operating in the UK and further afield. HOTEL GROUPS Accor Programme: Hotel Office What’s…

10 min
go with the flow

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) can be a worry for frequent travellers. It occurs when altered blood flow leads to the formation of a blood clot in a deep vein of the leg. Symptoms include a swollen or painful calf or thigh. In uncommon cases, part of the clot moves to the lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism (blocked blood vessel) that, if severe, may cause the affected lung to collapse. DVT isn’t caused only by travelling. Each year, it occurs in between one and three people per 1,000, according to the Department of Health, and, of those, only one in 100 cases is fatal. Nevertheless, frequent travellers may be more at risk than others. Professor Mark Whiteley, a consultant venous surgeon and phlebologist, explains why: “The things that cause clots are the…

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covid-19 cover

A small but growing number of airlines have begun offering free cover for Covid-19-related expenses in a bid to boost confidence in travel. Emirates was the first, in July announcing that it would provide free global cover for Covid-19 health and quarantine expenses for passengers flying to any of its destinations. The airline said that travellers diagnosed with the disease during their travel within 31 days of taking their first flight would be covered for up to €150,000, including quarantine costs of up to €100 per day for 14 days. (The cover ends once the passenger has returned to the point of origin.) Adam Li, Emirates’ vice-president for China, said the carrier had received positive feedback about the cover from travellers and the industry at large and that the airline had…

9 min
safe travels

‘From ramping up cleaning to handing out hygiene kits, airlines are exploring ways to lure passengers back’ There are many reasons people aren’t flying at the moment. Lockdowns and quarantines make it either difficult or close to impossible to get to many destinations, and airlines –and the travel industry as a›whole – haven’t had much luck so far in persuading governments to relax these restrictions. It’s not all bad news: China, for example, saw domestic flights push past pre-Covid levels ahead of its National Day public holiday in October, according to aviation analytics company Cirium, but much of this was leisure travel. Meanwhile, airlines have been using this period to introduce new protocols to reassure passengers that when travel does return, they can travel safely. From ramping up cleaning procedures to handing…

3 min
a novel time

What a challenge it was adapting to lockdown, not least in terms of education. My children are grown up so they didn’t need any help, but I found myself on a steep learning curve because the new world order of shared duties means education starts at home. My first lesson was mastering the vacuum cleaner, of which the less said, the better. The second was how to make the bed with elastic cornered sheets that have shrunk (how was I to know that there were different temperature settings on the washing machine?). At least I didn’t need to participate in any exercise videos; vacuuming and bed changing were arduous enough. DRAWN FROM EXPERIENCE So it was an experience in terms of both home economics and home ergonomics. And then there was the…