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facing forward

Have we ever been more primed to say “so long” to one year and welcome in a new one? Although things are still far from perfect, we’re feeling a renewed sense of hope for the future with the turning of the calendar page, and looking forward to—at some point in 2021!—setting the reset button on life. This issue reflects that anticipatory mood with a balance of stories that consider both the reality of our present circumstances and a few ways to make the days a little better until the COVID-19 tide truly turns. It’s the time to reevaluate your financial picture (ugh!), so our Money Talks column (page 40) offers some pointers on what aspects to review. If you’re feeling a little faint after that exercise, it’s okay to indulge in some…

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11 tricks, tips and ideas we love this month

1 CREATIVITY SPARKED Crate and Kids and the Jane Goodall Institute have entered into an exclusive partnership and the result is nothing but adorable. The collection of children’s furniture and accessories celebrates wildlife with playful, whimsical and educational designs. What kid wouldn’t want to hang out in their own little jungle? 2 CUP HALF FULL Cupping is an ancient Chinese technique for increasing blood circulation, easing tension and firming up the skin, and it’s made its way into North American spas in recent years. Canadian organic skincare company Province Apothecary has now introduced a new facial cupping set, which you can easily use at home to smooth wrinkles and revitalize your visage. 3 STAR PLANT All-natural, plant-rich formulations that provide ultimate moisture and protection for your skin are what has made Weleda a top-selling brand…

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double cheddar & cider fondue

DOUBLE CHEDDAR & CIDER FONDUE MAKES 4 SERVINGS HANDS-ON TIME 30 MINUTES TOTAL TIME 45 MINUTES Fondue 500 g shredded aged Cheddar cheese175 g shredded smoked Cheddar cheese2 tbsp all-purpose flour1¼ cups apple cider or natural apple juice1 tbsp lemon juice2 tbsp apple butter2 tsp apple brandy (optional)½ tsp freshly grated nutmeg½ clove garlic2 apples, sliced2 pears, sliced2 cups green grapes2 cups button mushrooms2 cups small cauliflower and/or broccoli florets, blanched250 g chorizo sausage, sliced crusty Italian bread, toasted and cut into cubes Fondue In large bowl, combine Cheddar cheeses; sprinkle flour over top. Using hands, mix together to distribute flour evenly. In saucepan, bring cider and lemon juice to boil. Reduce heat; stir in cheese mixture, ½ cup at time, stirring after each addition until cheese is melted (if fondue is too thick, stir in more…

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now trending

DAILY DOSE The Elizabeth Arden capsule family is growing! The newest offering contains a precious ultra-concentrated serum with hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Use one in the morning and one at night for plumper, more deeply hydrated skin. As always, the capsule casings are 100-percent biodegradable. SAVING FACE Composed of four layers of tempered glass, this sticky film for iPhones is designed to protect your skin from the harmful effects of high energy visible light (HEV), which can accelerate signs of aging like dull skin, hyperpigmentation and loss of collagen. Best of all, it contains anti-microbial silver ions to help keep your phone and skin clear of bacteria. bejewelled kiss THIS HIGH-PRECISION LIPSTICK DELIVERS MAKEUP-ARTIST RESULTS EVERY TIME. NOT ONLY DOES IT SHINE FROM A DISTANCE, BUT IT ALSO HYDRATES AND SOFTENS YOUR POUT WITH INGREDIENTS…

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winter woes

Causes The main causes of dry skin during the cold season are well-known—weather conditions, such as intense cold and high winds, plus the heating that dries indoor air and hot water from baths or showers. “Repeated heat exposure for prolonged periods of time can dehydrate the skin by compromising the skin barrier,” says Dr. Sonya Abdulla, a dermatologist based in Toronto. Taking a long hot bath feels so good when it’s cold outside, but it’s best to limit that indulgence since it can really dry out the skin. Take extra care if you suffer from certain skin disorders like eczema, rosacea or psoriasis, as they can be exacerbated by winter conditions. Prevention Even before your skin begins to feel dry, start protecting the skin barrier by opting for a gentle cleanser for both the…

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8 essentials tested & approved

In the shower, this silky-textured oil creates a fine and delicate foam that cleanses without drying out the skin. Its formula, enriched with almond and grapeseed oils, is a great substitute for shaving cream or bubble bath. The fragile skin of the lips requires special care. To heal chapped skin, this balm relies on hempseed oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids. Put an end to the itch nightmare by generously applying this emollient that’s made to balance the skin’s microbiome. Rich in nourishing shea butter and anti-inflammatory niacinamide, this unscented balm is ideal for skin that suffers from eczema Shea, bacuri and cupuaçu butters and caviar lime and mulberry leaf extracts comprise this luxurious cream that smells of sandalwood and tangerine. It only takes a small amount to deeply hydrate the…