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the smart stuff

Regular readers know how we feel about the month of September. You’ve heard us say it before—it’s a bittersweet time that puts both sadness in the heart (summer’s ending!) and pep in the step (crisper air! school’s back! fall fashions!). That notion of fresh starts we’ve put on our cover reflects the way we’re looking forward to discarding some bad habits over the next few weeks, trying some new things and getting back in the game—especially post-pandemic. Here’s what we’re thinking about right now: 1. EMBRACING MORE CANADIANS. Shopping locally has always been a priority, but never has there been so much opportunity to really appreciate the creativity and quality of homegrown talent. Case in point: Our “Take It Slow” fashion feature on page 28 focuses on nine Canadian companies that…

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10 tricks, tips and ideas we love this month

1 BREAKING THE MOULD Quebec City-based Omy Laboratoires and its team of six female scientists are changing the game when it comes to personalized skin care. Using an online questionnaire and the help of artificial intelligence (should you choose to upload a photo), they offer up tailormade solutions to your specific skin-care concerns. Formulated with natural ingredients and without the use of parabens, silicone or sulphates, Omy’s products are based on the fusion of pharmaceutical science and individual beauty. The best part is that everyone pays the same price for their products, regardless of your target issues. If you’re like us and have been spending too much time in front of a screen, try their Blue Light Mist to protect against the harmful effects of blue light on your Skin. We…

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savoury stuffed tomatoes

TEST KITCHEN TIP Avoid wasting the juice and remaining tomato flesh by turning it into sauce. In blender, purée tomato juice and flesh. Pour into saucepan and add 1 tbsp each olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and 1 tsp maple syrup; season with salt and pepper. Simmer over medium-low heat, about 15 minutes. Strain through fine sieve, if desired. Serve with stuffed tomatoes. RICE & SAUSAGE-STUFFED TOMATOES MAKES 4 TO 6 SERVINGS HANDS-ON TIME 40 MINUTES TOTAL TIME 1 HOUR 50 MINUTES 6 ripe but firm heirloom tomatoes (about 1.5 kg total), dividedsalt2 tbsp olive oil, divided⅓ cup finely chopped red onion2 cloves garlic, finely chopped340 g mild Italian sausages, casings removed and meat crumbled1 cup cooked long-grain rice½ cup finely chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley¼ cup pitted and coarsely chopped black olives2 tbsp grated lemon zest1½…

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now trending

1 Specially formulated to plump delicate areas of the neck and chest, this cream fights the effects of gravity with peptides, chains of amino acids essential for the synthesis of a ton of structural molecules in the skin. 2 Firming oat sugars, repairing raspberry water and deeply nourishing shea butter combine to create Clarins’s velvety smooth body lotion. The best part is that it instantly penetrates the skin and leaves no oily residue, so you can put your clothes on ASAP. 3 This 100-percent natural treatment contains acids derived from fruits and sugar to smooth the surface of the feet. It also contains shea butter and olive oil to moisturize dry, cracked skin. 4 Attitude’s got one of the few natural fluoride-containing toothpastes out there, and it’s whitening to boot. 5 This scrub exfoliates with brown sugar and coffee…

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reduce, reuse, recycle

This reusable alternative to the single-use cotton swab, made from eco-responsible materials, can be washed with soap and water and stored neatly in its biodegradable case. This packaging-free shampoo and conditioner duo, designed in Montreal, pampers your locks thanks to a well thought-out blend of 100-percent natural, biodegradable and sulphate-free ingredients. Au revoir disposable cotton pads! Makeup removal and face cleansing is easy and sustainable with these washable organic cotton cloths which, thanks to their texture, stimulate microcirculation. Lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, highlighter—these multipurpose pencils swap the usual plastic tube for papers that you tear as you go. Who knew showering could be this therapeutic? One-hundred-year-old skin- and body-care brand Weleda just launched a new line of body washes made with all-natural essential oils and inspired by the scents of nature. Need to wake up? The…

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coming up roses

SLOW BURN We turned the classic smoky eye on its head with some pretty metallic shadow. Choose a neutral matte eyeshadow that’s similar to your skin tone and use it as a base on the entire eyelid. Then illuminate the eye by dabbing a touch of metallic or pearly colour onto the centre of the lid, suggests Montreal-based makeup artist Virginie Vandelac. To achieve a clean line and create contrast, apply a thin layer of black or dark brown eyeliner on both upper and lower lashes. A touch of mascara, well-structured brows and clear lip gloss complete the look. GET LIPPY We love love love saturated lip colours! Regardless of the shade, don’t be afraid to go extra bold with your lips this season. Have fun with the intensity when starting your application.…