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May 2020

CAR magazine, overwhelmingly acknowledged as the world's best car magazine, has driven into India under the name of explosive and vibrant, as well as serious and sensuous, CAR India has been launched to satiate the discerning automobile enthusiast who knows his radiators from his air filters. CAR India is an authoritative automobile magazine, written for people with a burning passion for anything on four wheels.

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irreparable loss

THE COUNTRY AND MORE OR less the whole world is under a lockdown for over a month now and this has led to a major global economic crisis. Our economy was already in the throes of a slowdown for the last one year and the sales of new cars had been steadily declining. In the present situation of lockdown, sales have plummeted even further. The dealers are stuck with an inventory of BS4 cars which they intended to offload before the 1st of April deadline. In view of the current situation, the government should allow the manufacturers to sell all the BS4 cars. The new millennium seems to be jinxed, with COVID-19 bringing the world to a near standstill and giving rise to a huge loss of life as well as…

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what makes us different

UNLIKE OTHER AUTOMOBILE magazines, Car India is devoted cent per cent to CARs, SUVs and MUVs. There are no bikes or commercial vehicles to be found in Car India. Therefore, we have a very focused readership and also give our advertisers better bang for their buck! Our editorial team is passionate about cars. They live, drink, eat and breathe cars. This lends the crucial extra touch to their editorial efforts. Our editorial team is bound by a strict code of conduct. In an industry where foreign junkets and gifts are rampant in order to win over editorial staff, we strive hard to maintain our editorial integrity and balance. Our emphasis is on bringing out a quality, information-packed issue that does not rely on mere filling up of pages. We are not in competition…

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bmw i hydrogen fuel cell making steady progress

ALTERNATIVE FUELS ARE FAST SHOWING THEIR NEED TO BE mainstream and a push with BMW i hydrogen power is only going to get the rolling ball gain even more momentum. Developing alternative powertrain technologies is now an even higher priority for BMW. We now have a virtual insight into the powertrain system for the new BMW i Hydrogen NEXT. With it, they reaffirm their commitment to following a carefully considered and systematic route to emission-free mobility. This approach also includes the consideration of varying market and customer requirements as part of the company’s “Power of Choice” strategy. Their approach is customer-centric and has the flexibility needed to facilitate the breakthrough for sustainable mobility on a global level. Jürgen Guldner, Vice President of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology and Vehicle Projects at the…

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collaboration with toyota

The BMW Group’s alliance with Toyota Motor Corporation has seen a successful partnership that goes back seven years to 2013. To ensure they are prepared to meet the technological demands of a hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle by the second half of this decade both manufacturers have joined forces to work on fuel cell powertrain systems and scalable, modular components for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles under a product development cooperation agreement. Fuel cells from the co-operation with Toyota will be deployed in the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT, alongside a fuel cell stack and overall system developed by the BMW Group. As well as partnering on the development and industrialization of fuel cell technology for the mass market, the two companies are also founding members of the Hydrogen Council. Since 2017, several leading…

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we hear

Renault Exit China JV Renault have decided to withdraw from their joint venture (JV) with Dongfeng in China. The French car-makers will sell their 50 per cent stake and will no longer produce Renault-branded non-electrified passenger cars in that country although the existing JV will continue to sell electric vehicles (EV) and light commercial vehicles. Renault suffered a huge impact of the Coronavirus shutdowns and their JV in China withDongfengwaswitnessingstrugglingsaleswith losses adding up. BMW Update 330e; More Electrics Coming The all-new BMW 330e plug-in hybrid petrol builds on the new 3 Series by packing in a larger battery pack, a more powerful powertrain and promising as high as 62.5 km/l. With more than 500,000 electrified cars sold, BMW aim to have more than one million vehicles with electrified drive systems on the road…

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polestar precept

THE NEW POLESTAR PRECEPT IS A CLEAR EXPRESSION OF INTENT AND PREVIEWS THE execution of innovative, new and more sustainable interior materials, the continued development of the digital user interface, and, basically, the essence of Polestar design. The “Precept” name describes a unique design philosophy firmly embedded in Polestar’s brand values: pure, progressive, and performance. Its 3.1-metre wheelbase accommodates a large battery pack and gives it a low and sleek silhouette with emphasis on rear occupant room, embodying “minimalistic athleticism”. A great focus on aerodynamics sees an integrated front wing above the SmartZone ― a shift from breathing to seeing. An area which once channelled air to radiators and the engine now houses technology for sensors and assistance functions. The roof-mounted LIDAR pod allows for superior visibility for future automated driving. Sustainable…