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Classic Cars April 2019

Classic Cars is the original classic car magazine. It defined the world of classic motoring 40 years ago and still does it today. Every issue is put together by our team of classic car experts and enthusiasts. Using the best expert writing and photography, the magazine helps you experience what it's like to drive, keep and restore the classic cars of days gone by. We bring the stories and people behind the cars to life - showing you how to buy, keep and enjoy your cars. Every issue of Classic Cars is packed with: - Road tests - Drive stories - Expert buying advice - News and events coverage Classic Cars is the original classic car magazine.

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When Porsche’s legendary motor sport and test engineer Peter Falk summed up the 928 he called it an excellent, comfortable and fast car for travelling. As he told Ross Alkureishi about extreme testing, the 928 prototypes were subjected to 600,000 development miles and had to deal with everything from 50 degrees C in Algeria to -40 in Finland. I doubt you would buy one of our V8 grand touring choices with the same rigours in mind, but you’d surely want it to soak up the demands of big-country, big-speed mileage without passing any of them on to you. So, Ross threw our six-car convoy at the Peak District’s best roads to see how well their grand touring claims would stick. From MGB GT V8 to Gordon Keeble GK1, he enjoyed…

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your dream drive made real ‘it’s so solid that you could jump on it’

Four rows wide and countless columns deep, hard-edged silhouettes stretch off into the darkness. Each one shares the same two-box shape – slatted grille meets bluff bonnet meets tall, square glasshouse. Simple yet utterly iconic, they could only be classic Range Rovers. Deep within their number I find Classic Cars reader Simon Stevenson. ‘This is stunning,’ he smiles. ‘I know it’s a cliché but it really is like an Aladdin’s Cave.’ ‘It’s got a lazy sound to it, almost like it’s missing. You can almost hear every detonation, it’s like a Harley-Davidson’ The collection in question is owned by Rob Marsden, a Range Rover restorer who runs the aptly named Classic Range Rover firm. A one-time record shop owner, ex-Ibiza DJ and possibly the only person with a full skate bowl in…

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simon’s dream drive list

Lancia Stratos ‘This is a single-minded vision – a purpose-built rally car with a thoroughbred engine.’ Fiat Dino Coupé ‘The mafia boss in The Italian Job had one; it’s the real star of the film.’ Ford Cortina-Lotus ‘So much cooler than the MkI; an under-appreciated beauty.’ BMW M635CSI ‘To discover the difference between it and the regular 635 I used to own.’ Maserati Shamal ‘I love the brutalist styling, bespoke power units and exclusivity of it.’ Ford Capri 3000 ‘Matt. Black. Bonnet. I had a Corgi Roger Clark one as a kid – is the real one as much fun?’ Fiat 130 Coupe ‘A proper Seventies luxury car; so opulent and slightly seedy. Heaven knows who it was designed for!’ Mercedes 500E ‘To the uninitiated it’s just another Merc saloon, but there’s that huge power unit for those in the know!’ Lancia Beta Montecarlo ‘An everyman exotic;…

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1973 range rover suffix c

Engine 3528cc V8, OHV, twin Zenith-Stromberg 175CD carbs Power and torque 130bhp @ 5000rpm; 185lb ft @ 2500rpm Transmission Four-speed manual with transfer box and lockable centre diff, four-wheel drive Steering Burman recirculating ball Suspension Front: live axle, radius arms, coil springs, telescopic dampers, Panhard rod; Rear: live axle trailing links A-frame, coil springs, telescopic dampers, self-levelling unit Brakes Servo-assisted discs all round Weight 1770kg Performance Top speed: 96mph; 0-60mph: 15.5sec; Fuel consumption 14mpg Cost new £2400 Classic Cars Price Guide £14,000-£37,500…

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simon’s motoring cv

A man for modern classics with a sporty bent MINI 1275GT ‘My first interesting car and I loved the way it looked, in black with a gold side-stripe. It broke down all the time, but I did love it, though...’ PEUGEOT 309GTI ‘The 205’s ugly sister! A lovely torquey engine and incredible handling. It felt like a properly-built car, too. I kept it for a couple of years.’ FIAT CINQUECENTO SPORTING ‘Hilarious fun! A tiny buzzbox, brilliant for nipping around town – and it felt a lot faster than it was. I owned it for four years.’ BMW 635CSI ‘I finally bought myself one in 2013. It was everything I’d hoped, but when they started to go up in value I didn’t want to drive it so much…’ ALFA ROMEO GTV V6 ‘I was seduced by the Busso engine and…

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late xk proves the savvy buy

‘Ian Callum’s X150 is one of Jaguar’s great cars’ The first of Jaguar’s 2005 to 2014 XK are now at ten grand and make prices of the previous-gen XK8 look steep. Back in 2005 Jaguar asked me to shake down a pre-production prototype for a couple of months and I enjoyed the experience so much I ended up buying one. A seismic improvement over the old X100 model, the Ian Callum-designed aluminium X150 is one of Jaguar’s great cars. Vixen Prestige in Bracknell has a black 2006 coupé with 58,000 miles and nine Jaguar main dealer stamps for £10,999, while the Ideal Car Centre in Bolton has another 2006 coupé in silver with 64k, one owner and history for £10,750. And don’t forget the XK has a proper all-alloy monocoque with…