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Classic Cars September 2019

Classic Cars is the original classic car magazine. It defined the world of classic motoring 40 years ago and still does it today. Every issue is put together by our team of classic car experts and enthusiasts. Using the best expert writing and photography, the magazine helps you experience what it's like to drive, keep and restore the classic cars of days gone by. We bring the stories and people behind the cars to life - showing you how to buy, keep and enjoy your cars. Every issue of Classic Cars is packed with: - Road tests - Drive stories - Expert buying advice - News and events coverage Classic Cars is the original classic car magazine.

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Can’t help smiling when I see the VW Golf GTI being credited with inventing the concept of the practical performance car, often by journalists and enthusiasts too young to appreciate what came before; sometimes by those old enough to know better. Unless the term ‘practical’ is defined by an ability to swallow large boxes of flatpack furniture or maybe a washing machine, this concept is of course much older, in the form of the sporting family saloon. Room for four or five plus spiced-up engine, sharpened handling and a little performance-aesthetic garnish equals a car for all needs and moods. And if you’re not happy to punish your beloved car’s interior trim rather than pay a few extra pounds to have your new home goods delivered, there’s always the option of…

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‘it has all the power you need when you ask the question’

The modern red Alfa Giulia saloon shines like a beacon in a damp and dreary West Midlands as it swings into the driveway behind me. I’d already clocked it in my mirror and wondered, and this confirms that today’s lucky reader, Julian Livitt, has arrived for our rendezvous the same half-hour early as I have. Great, that should allow time for tea and a chat before we get down to some driving action. Maybe even for the rain to clear up, as forecast. We’re at the home of Tony Collins, who has kindly volunteered the services of his MG RV8 for us to put Julian behind the wheel of. He ushers us round to his impressively decorated man-cave garage while the kettle goes on, and introduces us to the MG. ‘I…

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julian’s dream drive list

Lotus Carlton ‘Bonkers family saloon that set the standard for today’s four-door super-saloons.’ De Tomaso Pantera ‘I was hooked on these when I used to walk past one every day on the way to school.’ Ferrari Testarossa ‘Nothing else quite sums up Eighties excess like it, and the true star of Miami Vice .’ Gordon Keeble GK1 ‘Very rare, and I was lucky to get a passenger ride in one at the Haynes Motor Museum.’ Alfa Montreal ‘A rare and still underrated Alfa supercar with a race-proven V8.’ Lamborghini Silhouette ‘A classic Seventies junior supercar which I’ve always wanted to drive. A shame they built so few.’ Honda NSX ‘The first Japanese supercar – beat Ferrari at its own game at less cost.’ Lotus Esprit ‘Why wouldn’t you want a car that Bond could drive underwater?’ MG RV8 ‘A perfect convertible British two-seater V8 sports car. What…

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1994 mg rv8

Engine 3946cc alloy V8, ohv, Lucas multi-point fuel injection Power and torque 190bhp @ 4750rpm; 235lb ft @ 3200rpm Transmission Five-speed manual Steering Rack and pinion Suspension Front: double wishbones, coil springs, telescopic dampers and anti-roll bar; Rear: live axle, leaf springs, radius arms, telescopic dampers and anti-roll bar Brakes Discs front, drums rear, servo-assisted Weight 1090kg (2400lb) Performance Top speed: 135mph; 0-60mph: 5.9sec Fuel consumption 20mpg Cost new £25,440 CC Price Guide £6250-£18,500…

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julian livett’s motoring cv

MORRIS MINOR 1000 ‘My first car, inspired by starting to drive in my parents’ 1962 Minor, but with the 1098cc engine.’ MAZDA MX-5 ‘Bought to replace my first sports car, a TR7 of which I can sadly find no photos. I loved it just as much, and the Mazda didn’t break down!’ SUBARU IMPREZA ‘I actually owned two of these – my midlife crisis cars for a few years. I prefer the look of this early version to the later model I owned.’ PORSCHE 911 3.2 CARRERA ‘The car I borrowed most often from the CCC. Such a good all-rounder; my wife liked it too.’ JAGUAR E-TYPE V12 ‘Another one I had out several times. My favourite cars when young. An effortless cruiser.’…

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rainy days make for bargains

The values of most classics are wilting as we stand bewildered, staring into a geopolitical abyss. The price drops on some metal may have been startlingly severe but many now also look like compelling opportunities. Take the R129 Mercedes SL. Not so long ago the clever money was on early mint examples of the 500SL becoming the new evergreen R107s, and on that basis some low-mileage cars even changed hands for over £20k. But that heady optimism has since drifted away into the ether. ‘Lots of R129 Merc SLs have gone home from recent auctions as “no sales”’ In June Anglia Car Auctions sold a spanking ’93 500SL in Almandine Red with four owners, 61,000 miles, 16 stamps in the service book, original bill of sale and all MoTs for only £6700. Not so…