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Classic Cars December 2018

Classic Cars is the original classic car magazine. It defined the world of classic motoring 40 years ago and still does it today. Every issue is put together by our team of classic car experts and enthusiasts. Using the best expert writing and photography, the magazine helps you experience what it's like to drive, keep and restore the classic cars of days gone by. We bring the stories and people behind the cars to life - showing you how to buy, keep and enjoy your cars. Every issue of Classic Cars is packed with: - Road tests - Drive stories - Expert buying advice - News and events coverage Classic Cars is the original classic car magazine.

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Learned motoring scribes will dutifully inform you that it’s 40-70mph punch, or some variation of, that really matters in a performance car. Technically they’re right. It’s what really helps you launch out of a slow corner or spear past a dawdling driver who thinks 45mph is the safest speed on a twisting B-road. Or through the next village where they inevitably catch you up. But like bhp per ton, 0-60mph is good old-fashioned performance shorthand that everyone gets. It even – almost – translates into the European 0-100km/h so we’ll still have some common ground with Continental car enthusiasts after Brexit. So, when I say that we went looking for the best choices for hitting the magic six-zero in just five seconds, within our £6000-200,000 budget, you know that they’re going…

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‘what a technically beautiful machine’

Hear ye, hear ye! V8 Vantage X-Pack owner forgoes 410bhp to step into an Italian tiddler’ should go the cry around Autointegrale’s Berkshire-based workshop. Surely this month’s dream drive is the recipe for the ultimate anti-climax? But this is no ordinary Italian four-pot. It’s a homage – built on a later 1600 HF – to the 1972 International Championship for Manufacturers-winning works car driven by Harry Källström, Simo Lampinen and Amilcare Ballestrieri. Now owned by Autointegrale proprietor Keith Turner – who rebuilt the car’s engine – it’s a feast of monstrously large headlights, lightweight bodywork, a stripped-out interior and decals-a-plenty. ‘The neat cabin design draws my eye to the flowing lines of the main body that terminate in a neat, pinched off tail’ ‘If I’m honest I’ve always been more interested in the…

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joe’s dream drive list

Morgan Plus 8 ‘My wife calls it a ‘picnic car’. Quintessentially British in build, style and spirit’ Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda ‘That air of solid sophistication that few cars can match’ Citroen DS19 ‘Pushed the boundaries in style and mechanical sophistication’ Dodge Charger ‘Awesome, menacing looks and plenty of power. Corners, so what?’ Bentley S3 ‘It simply exudes class, without the flashiness of the Rolls-Royce.’ Jaguar XJ 5.3C V12 ‘The coupé is simply stunning. Does it drive as well as it looks?’ Ferrari 512BB ‘Was going to buy one before I came to my senses and bought my Aston V8. What did I miss out on?’ Mini Cooper S ‘Had fun with Minis when younger, would love to try a speedy one.’ Karmann Ghia Cabriolet ‘Probably not the best driver’s car, but with fabulous style’ Lancia Fulvia 1600 HF ‘A truly beautiful car and one that I assume would prove…

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1972 lancia fulvia 1600 hf ‘works spec’

Engine 1584cc dohc V4 with twin Dell’Orto 45 DHLA carburettors Power and torque 140bhp @ 6200rpm (est); 112lb ft @ 4500rpm Transmission Five-speed manual, front-wheel drive Brakes Discs all round, servo-assisted Suspension Front: independent, double wishbones, transverse leaf spring, telescopic dampers, anti-roll bar. Rear: dead axle, semi-elliptical leaf springs, Panhard rod, telescopic dampers, anti-roll bar Steering Worm and roller Weight 787kg (1735lb) Performance Top speed: 106mph; 0-60mph: 9.6secs Fuel consumption 21mpg Cost new £2526 (standard spec) Classic Cars Price Guide £11.5k-£34k (standard 1600HF)…

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joe’s car cv

FORD PINTO ‘Canada 1978, we had no money and this was all we could afford. Only four years old, but passengers in the back could amuse themselves watching the road go by – through the floor! Terrible.’ MINI 1000 ‘Back on The Isle of Wight for three years and we went everywhere in our little blue Mini. We loved it.’ FORD MUSTANG ‘I’d always lusted after a Mustang and having returned to Canada, I had to have one. It looked fabulous, even in baby-poo beige, but it was a dreadful car – unreliable, underpowered and with awful handling.’ CHEVROLET CAMARO ‘This generation of Camaro is one of the prettiest cars ever made. We bought it new and although it was far from perfect, we loved it. It took us through the Rockies a couple of times and…

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mercedes sl63 amg blows cool

‘I ran two SL6.3s and fondly remember them being lightning quick’ Have a good look at the Mercedes SL63 AMG because prices are on the slide. There are nearly 130 for sale in the UK right now and 40 of those have had their advertised prices recently reduced. Currently, 2008/09s with 40,000-ish miles are running at around £30k with 2010/11s with 30,000 or so miles at around £37k. It can’t be long until the first of 2008 facelift cars slip down to £26k, which is what fine examples of the older supercharged SL55s were at not so long ago. That’s blinding value for a modern AMG SL than can dispatch 60 in 4.5 seconds and, if derestricted, run on to 186mph. The 518bhp M156 6.2-litre V8 is one of Mercedes-Benz’s best…