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Classic Cars January 2019

Classic Cars is the original classic car magazine. It defined the world of classic motoring 40 years ago and still does it today. Every issue is put together by our team of classic car experts and enthusiasts. Using the best expert writing and photography, the magazine helps you experience what it's like to drive, keep and restore the classic cars of days gone by. We bring the stories and people behind the cars to life - showing you how to buy, keep and enjoy your cars. Every issue of Classic Cars is packed with: - Road tests - Drive stories - Expert buying advice - News and events coverage Classic Cars is the original classic car magazine.

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You had to develop a pretty thick skin to be a Capri owner in the Eighties and Nineties, or have a good sense of humour. Fortunately, I’ve always been able to laugh, even when the Capri joke was on me, which it often was during that low point in the car’s image. Then, the fashionable performance bargains of the day were pert hatchbacks sporting GTI or GT/E badges. The Capri had slipped from urbane challenger of exotic names to urban bad boy, a rolling canvas for the worst excesses of the car modifier’s craft. What a difference a couple of decades makes – the closer the Capri has crept to its 50th birthday, the better it has recaptured that original cool and the respect for what it achieved. Hell, you can…

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‘it already feels like my car i’m so at home in it’

Essex-based salesman and drummer Ken Johnson is just explaining how he has managed to acquire four Porsche 928s when the familiar and distinctive sound of a flat-six fills his driveway. That will be today’s lucky reader, Crispin Marshfield, who has fittingly arrived in a Porsche to drive a Porsche. And there’s a strong connection between the two models that is partly what he is here to explore and relive, as Crispin explains. ‘I couldn’t imagine needing more performance. You give it some and the V8 keeps going and going.Yet it feels so planted and fills you with confidence’ ‘A few years ago, when the time came to replace my 996, the choice came down to a 928GTS and a 997 version of the 911, which at the time could both be had…

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crispin’s dream drive list

Lamborghini Miura ‘Almost erotic. If I had one I’d park it in my living room.’ Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7RS ‘As a serial 911 owner I would love to see what all the fuss is about.’ Porsche 959 ‘Interesting to see how such a spaceship from 25 years ago would stack up today.’ Porsche 928GTS ‘Only car here I have considered buying. I’d like to see what I missed.’ Ferrari Daytona ‘A gentleman’s supercar and for me still the front-engined king.’ Ferrari 288GTO ‘Less obvious and prettier than an F40 and probably nicer to live with.’ 1967 Ford Mustang GT500 ‘Loud, crude and lairy. Is it as brutal as it looks?’ Iso Grifo ‘A perfect combination of Italian style and American muscle. Probably my perfect classic.’ McLaren F1 ‘It doesn’t hurt to ask. The product of an incredibly focused vision.’ Bugatti Veyron ‘The complete opposite of the F1 in many…

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1993 porsche 928gts

Engine 5397cc alloy V8, dohc, Bosch LH Motronic fuel injection Power and torque 350bhp @ 5700rpm; 362lb ft @ 4250rpm Transmission Five-speed manual transaxle Suspension Front: double wishbones, coil springs, telescopic dampers, anti-roll bar. Rear: independent by semi-trailing arms, upper transverse links, Weissach axle, telescopic dampers, anti-roll bar Brakes Ventilated discs front and rear, servo-assisted, ABS Weight 1600kg (3523lb) Performance Top speed: 168mph; 0-60mph: 5.4sec Fuel consumption 20mpg Cost new £64,998 Classic Cars Price Guide £22,500-£48,500…

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crispin’s motoring cv

OPEL MANTA A Drove like a Cavalier but looked like a Camaro. Taught me a lot about rear-wheel drive! ALFASUD SPRINT Felt so sophisticated after the Opel. A gem to drive but dissolved like a sugar cube. DATSUN 260Z Pretty, grunty, loud and fun. Amazingly, I managed to run this on a student grant. 1990 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Got it when I got my first job. More fun than a mortgage, I had this and a mattress to sleep on. 1970 DODGE CHALLENGER 440 R/T An itch I had to scratch. Burned fuel and rubber in equal measure. My only non-daily driver ever. PORSCHE 944 S2 Marriage forced a more sensible car. A great all-rounder but it just got me hankering after a 911. PORSCHE 911 CARRERA 3.2 A lovely thing. Bursting with character and as solid as a rock. I probably should have…

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bentley turbo r is a real steal

Have you noticed how elegant the Bentley Turbo R looks now? See one whooshing past and it leaves you in a slipstream of desire. They’ve mellowed nicely into card-carrying classic territory and are perfect to grace the lawns of any old car event. ‘Never has so much class, luxury and heave been available for so little outlay’ Last month H&H sold Prince Charles’s ’94 Turbo RL for just £15,300. With extensive history and many bespoke factory extras, this was HRH’s personal transport from the era of Princess Diana and carried a kudos well above its hammer price. In the same sale Michael Winner’s Amethyst Blue Brooklands R Mulliner (one of only 100 made) with 78,000 miles didn’t sell despite an estimate of £16,000. Last year CCA sold one of Elton John’s many…