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Classic Cars November 2018

Classic Cars is the original classic car magazine. It defined the world of classic motoring 40 years ago and still does it today. Every issue is put together by our team of classic car experts and enthusiasts. Using the best expert writing and photography, the magazine helps you experience what it's like to drive, keep and restore the classic cars of days gone by. We bring the stories and people behind the cars to life - showing you how to buy, keep and enjoy your cars. Every issue of Classic Cars is packed with: - Road tests - Drive stories - Expert buying advice - News and events coverage Classic Cars is the original classic car magazine.

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Let’s play word association. When I say saloon, what pops into your head? ‘Family’, ‘practical’, or maybe ‘sensible’? How about ‘power’, ‘menace’ or even ‘outrage’? You could apply almost any of those words to the five supersaloons in our big test this month. Yes, even ‘sensible’ if you chose to drive them gently. But apart from when you really do have the family on board, why would you? From the Jaguar Mk2 with its race-winning 3.8-litre twin-cam to the quad-cam, V8-propelled Audi S8, these performance heavyweights come laden with an intent that’s criminally appealing. In 2018 nearly every new large saloon can be bought with a deliciously absurd surfeit of power and wheel size, but our five decades of classic bruisers represent times when the concept was more of a…

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‘that scream is so addictive, you spank it once more just to hear it’

He’s over there,’ says Daniel Till, pointing across the Slade’s Garage showroom. My eyes follow, rolling slowly over a smattering of modern fare including a Mercedes-Benz SLS in a matt grey wrap and a white McLaren 570S, before a head and torso pop up from the interior of the Sepia Brown 1972 Porsche 911 2.4S tucked in just behind. ‘There are some toys in here,’ says Classic Cars reader and today’s lucky dream drive candidate, Jason Gibson. I’ve known Jason in two incarnations, firstly when we both owned Fiat 124 Spiders (him a ’73 CS, me a CSA of the same vintage) and secondly in his later life when he crossed to the dark side and became chairman (now retired) of The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts’ Club. None of his fellow Spideristi…

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jason’s dream drive list

Ferrari 288GTO ‘My money-no-object, dream car. To be driven!’ Fiat 124 CS Spider ‘My old car, nothing else I’ve driven makes me smile quite as much.’ Corvette C1 ‘Plenty to choose from Late-Fifties America, but this is Rock ’n’ Roll.’ Porsche 928S/S2 My head was well and truly turned by the 928’s perfect backside.’ Ferrari F355 ‘Until a few years ago when prices went into a different universe this was on my (one day) shopping list’ Morris Minor Traveller ‘I have fond memories of being bundled into the back of my friend’s dad’s Traveller on day trips out’ Lancia 037 ‘Absolute beast – still enjoy watching Walter Rohrl giving it plenty back in the Eighties.’ Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing ‘A thing of beauty, with performance to match.’ Mini Cooper ‘The original has never gone out of style and you can chuck it around.’ Porsche 911 ‘My pick? The simple clean…

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1998 ferrari f355 spider f1

Engine 3496cc, V8 dohc-per-bank, with Bosch Motronic fuel injection Power and torque 380bhp @ 8250rpm; 267lb ft @ 6000rpm Transmission Electro-hydraulic F1 six-speed, rear-wheel drive Brakes Ventilated discs, with servo and ABS Suspension Independent, double wishbone, coil springs, hydraulic dampers, anti-roll bar Steering Power-assisted rack and pinion Weight 1450kg (3197lb) Performance Top speed: 183mph, 0-60mph: 4.8sec Fuel consumption 18mpg Cost new £83,000 Classic Cars Price Guide £52,000-…

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jason gibson’s car cv

FORD CORTINA MkIII ‘Not sporty, but practical and reliable. Easy to work on with acres of room in that engine bay – I wish today’s cars were as simple to tinker with.’ FIAT STRADA 105TC ‘Not quite the Abarth 130TC but still great and my first Fiat with the Lampredi designed twin-cam engine. Still not sure why I sold it.’ FIAT 124 CS SPIDER ‘My dad specialised in restoring these beauties, and ‘Kylie’ was one of his finest. When the owner was selling it I had to have it; I begged, borrowed and stole to get the funds and we spent 13 glorious years together, until an engine bay fire took the love of my life.’ PORSCHE 928 S2 ‘My first Porsche and, as with all of my cars, it was used as my daily driver for…

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nissan skyline gt-r r32 heats up

‘Finding an unmodified R32 GT-R at sensible money might be a tough call’ Who would have thought a PlayStation icon would become a hot classic? The Skyline GT-R R32 of 1989 to 1994 – affectionately known as Godzilla – could crack sixty in five seconds and run to 156mph, thanks to a 276bhp, 2.6-litre twin-turbo six-cylinder. Nissan threw every bit of engineering it could at the third-gen Skyline and designed it as a Porsche 959 chaser. The R32 won every Group A race it entered, and is still among Japan’s most respected performance classics. With one of the best four-wheel drive systems ever designed and rear-wheel steering, the R32’s on-the-limit handling is now legendary. Interest round the globe is growing as a new breed of younger enthusiasts remember the R32 as the…