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ClayCraft #42

ClayCraft magazine is a must-have for ceramic enthusiasts, packed with fun and inspirational pottery projects for all levels. A monthly subscription of ClayCraft magazine offers an exciting mix of information and inspiration on the world of ceramics, with practical step-by-step projects, essential clay choice and design tips, as well as interviews with individual pottery makers. Whether you are a beginner to the world of pottery, a student or a professional, ClayCraft magazine is an essential read for makers at any level. Inside every issue, you’ll find advice for pottery novices who are brand new to the world of ceramics, tips for intermediate makers looking to improve their skills and challenging projects for the professional clay makers out there. If you’re looking for a ceramics magazine that combines inspiration and information on the popular world of clay making, then ClayCraft magazine is the perfect read for you.

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This summer, I’ve started keeping bees. As any of you who are already ‘beeks’ will know, this is an addictive and contemplative practice, not very dissimilar to pottery. Patience is a something we’re all familiar with – having to wait for work to dry, maybe undertaking painstakingly fiddly surface decoration techniques – and, with only one hive so far, I’ve had to extend this patience to my garden. Before inspecting a hive, you should have a clear plan, going in. What are you expecting to see and what are you going to do if you find something different? Have you got everything you need, ready and waiting? Attention to detail is key too. Can you see brood in all stages of development (indicating that a queen is present and healthy); are…

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Confluences is the first joint exhibition showcasing the work of artists Martin and Siobhan Miles-Moore from award-winning studio Miles-Moore Ceramics. The exhibition draws content and inspiration from Martin's collaborative book Confluences released in 2019. In recent years each has collaborated with a wide cross-section of artists and creatives, from an array of backgrounds, and this time the pair has joined forces with two unique and talented digital creatives, Naomi Saka of Interaktions Design and Rich Stevens of Design Real. Siobhan and Martin Miles-Moore said: "There are many hidden connections and stories when we create ceramics with a sense of place. Our creative confluence with Naomi and Rich has allowed the addition of an extra dimension to our work." Martin is in the process of creating a range of new work for this exhibition.…

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emma jagare: new collection at sarah wiseman gallery 9 september - 3 october 2020

Emma Jagare's recent porcelain pieces are decorated with delicate petals and flowerheads clustered around pared-back, clean-lined vessels. The look is organic yet uncluttered, celebrating the strange beauty of plants. There is also a focus on corals in various guises, taking the form of vases and platters. An inherent Scandinavian design aesthetic is also part of Emma's ceramics, having grown up in Sweden. For the exhibition, Emma is currently exploring the tradition of the decorative vase for grand floral display: "I've always worked in porcelain, making sculptural organic objects with tactile surfaces. In this new work, I combine throwing with hand-built elements, making purely functional pieces – something I don't do very often. You can never compete with nature, but I wanted to make a vase that is as beautiful with or without…

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are you fed up of life in the crowded, noisy, hectic city?

Are you thinking about swapping it all for a less frantic, quieter, healthier way of life? The production team behind Wanted Down Under want to hear from you for a new series that offers you the chance to road test your dream move. Who are they looking for? • They're interested in hearing from people who are seriously considering making a move from the city to the countryside or coast in the near to medium future and are looking for help and guidance with making that decision. • Whether it's in search of a whole new career, to start a new business, or just to escape the ever-crowded rat race and take up life as a farmer, fisherman, foodie or potter, they want to hear from you. Please visit: bbc.co.uk/showsandtours/take-part/wanted-the-simple-life for more information on…

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thrown salt pig

You will need: Clay – earthenware or stoneware Throwing tools – water bowl, sponge, rib, cutting wire Wooden boards for the thrown items Glaze to suit clay type Before you begin: The weight of clay you choose will depend on the size of pig you want to make. Here, approximately 680g (1 ½lb) was used for the body and 85-115g (3-4oz) for the opening ring. This produced a finished item 15cm (6 inches) high. Scale up the weights accordingly to make a larger pig. each section will be lifted off as it’s completed. Prepare your clay by kneading it well to remove any trapped air. You can work directly on the wheel head if you’re confident about lifting the body off when finished, otherwise fix a batt to the wheel head – for…

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stoneware garden sculpture

• Made from 50% my own clay (from our land in France) and 50% St Amand en Puisaye stoneware• Thown and coiled construction• Decorated with iron and manganese oxide• Fired to stoneware 1250°C• Fired dimensions 130cm The wavy edged sections aid stability and the weight of the pieces is sufficient to avoid blowing over. The gold version has lugs on the inside and there are small holes drilled in it to enable it to be tied together with thin wire if necessary. Facebook: MarkJudsonCeramics E: judsonsinfrance@hotmail.co.uk…