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ClayCraft #49

ClayCraft magazine is a must-have for ceramic enthusiasts, packed with fun and inspirational pottery projects for all levels. A monthly subscription of ClayCraft magazine offers an exciting mix of information and inspiration on the world of ceramics, with practical step-by-step projects, essential clay choice and design tips, as well as interviews with individual pottery makers. Whether you are a beginner to the world of pottery, a student or a professional, ClayCraft magazine is an essential read for makers at any level. Inside every issue, you’ll find advice for pottery novices who are brand new to the world of ceramics, tips for intermediate makers looking to improve their skills and challenging projects for the professional clay makers out there. If you’re looking for a ceramics magazine that combines inspiration and information on the popular world of clay making, then ClayCraft magazine is the perfect read for you.

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subscribe to clay craft

SAVE 20% & receive a ClayCraft apron worth £39.99 PAY JUST £27.60 EVERY 6 MONTHS SAVING 20% ON THE SHOP PRICE Join us for step-by-step makes, tips and inspiration. Inside every issue of ClayCraft you’ll find practical handson guides to our projects – throwing and hand-building; Linda Bloomfield’s regular feature on glazes, and Doug Fitch’s diary column. Other features include established potters, suppliers and studios, and you can find local courses in our comprehensive listing. Save money by subscribing today! GREAT REASONS TO GIVE A SUBSCRIPTION Pay just £27.60 every 6 months Save 20% off the cover price Each issue delivered directly to your door Receive a ClayCraft apron GET THE DIGITAL EDITION PAY JUST £34.99 FOR 12 ISSUES Download your magazines to your device and carry them with you to read anywhere, anytime. SAVE UP TO 49% SHOP.KELSEY.CO.UK/CRA Available across all…

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spotlight on: mkm pottery tools

MKM Pottery Tools was established in 2003 by Rick McKinney. Rick’s initial set of tools was developed in his studio for his personal use and weren’t available for sale elsewhere. It was the development of the Decorating Disk, the innovative Throwing Tools, and the broad range of wood ribs that really launched the business. Rick thought the Decorating Disk, a universal pottery template, was a good idea, but didn’t have the ability to screenprint or work with acrylic sheets. So he had some made up for him, thinking he would sell what he didn’t need. Years later, Rick is still selling his Decorating Disk and many other tools, as well. From the beginning, MKM has specialised in bringing innovative tools to the market that were not readily available to the potter. Why…

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doug’s diary

The month began with more snow: nothing too crazy, just a dusting, like sugar, across our garden. Away in the distance, the Galloway hills, clearly visible through the bare boughs of the woodland outside of the workshop window, were bright and white with deep snow, rendering them more evident than usual, against the dark, blue-grey of the winter skies. The nights have been clear and the frost hard, with a billion stars twinkling in the sky above, as we head out with baby monitor, kiddies asleep, to attend our late-evening shift in the workshop. As the month progressed, heavy rain washed away the snow. At times it seemed like it would never end. A few days ago, at last, I felt warmth on my face, and my heart was filled with glee.…

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SCOTLAND STEF BAXTER POTTERY Courses: Handbuilding & throwing day class drop-in. Night and weekend classes. 1-1 tuition & Raku classes. Suitable for all levels. Open access coming. Dates: see website Location; Govan, Glasgow stefbaxterpottery.com CLAY WORKS STUDIO Courses: All levels from beginners to intermediate. Taster courses, general pottery and throwing courses. Open access facility for more advanced makers coming soon Dates: See website Location: Dumfries & Galloway clayworksstudios.co.uk DUNDEE CERAMICS WORKSHOP Courses: Classes for all levels from beginner to intermediate, for individuals and groups. 1-1 tuition available. Open studio access and kiln hire for members Dates: Throughout the year (see website) Location: Dundee dundeeceramicsworkshop.com FORGAN ARTS CENTRE Courses: All levels and ages catered for in hand building, throwing, Raku, sgraffito and mishima Dates: Various (see website) Location: Newport on Tay, Fife forganartscentre.co.uk HOLY LOCH POTTERY Courses: Hand building & throwing tuition for all levels. Some sculpture sessions available. Raku & alternative firing…

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textured slab-built press dishes

PART 1 Oh, the humiliation of last month’s cat dishes. The kids would probably say something melodramatic, like ‘kill me now’ or ‘fml’ (which I won’t explain in such good company). Generally, I embrace the process of learning through failure, as you know, but for most blogs, I at least have something I’m pleased with by the time we go to press. The failures are steps along the way rather than the finished product. Last month, however, I just had to bite the bullet and send off the best bad pictures I could manage. It was the first time that my ClayCraft arrived on the doormat, and I opened it with eyes squinted half-closed so I didn’t have to see how bad the blog looked all in one go. So, let’s put…

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As I write, the announcement that the Covid restrictions will start lifting in April is such a relief. During the lockdowns and tier regulations, the importance of online marketing and promotion for businesses – and small, creative businesses in particular – came to the fore. Unable to have physical contact with customers, the next best thing is to interact online. It may well have been something you were already doing as part of an ongoing marketing strategy, but to stay engaged with customers you hope will return once you reopen, you need to be speaking to them regularly. If we can help you get back up and running by promoting your events, sale, shows etc, on our news pages, in listings and on our social media, please do let us know.…