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June 2016

Complete Wellbeing is an award-winning magazine that helps you live to your highest potential across all dimensions. It recognises and respects your myriad facets along with your deep desire to be the best you can in all the roles you play—husband/wife, mother/father, friend, professional, colleague, boss/subordinate, neighbour, citizen… Loaded with insights on a diverse array of issues that matter to you; all presented in a friendly, strain-free and compelling manner. Featuring some of the most inspiring people of our time—Richard Bach, Thich Nhat Hanh, Wayne Dyer, John Gray, Andrew Mellen, Margie Warrell, Deborah Tannen, Charles Tart, Anita Moorjani, Terry Paulson, Robert Kiyosaki— Complete Wellbeing helps you to achieve greater clarity of thought and action so that you discover your most magnificent self. The time to live your best life is NOW!

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Manoj Khatri‘Most of us tend to judge ourselves too harshly; we are prone to be overly self-critical of our so called failures and inadequacies’How do you react when you make a mistake? When you fare worse than your peers? When you feel less than your friends? It’s a good bet that you berate and belittle yourself for not matching up to your expectations of yourself. Most of us tend to judge ourselves too harshly; we are prone to be overly self-critical of our so called failures and inadequacies. We also like to compare ourselves with others and strive to be better than them. But that’s an impossible pursuit. No matter how hard we try, there will always be someone better than us. This is a set-up for disappointment and disillusionment.…

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Shira Taylor Gura is the author of Getting unS.T.U.C.K.: Five Simple Steps to Emotional Well-Being. She facilitates workshops and retreats that promote emotional wellbeing. Her belief that a more mindful, compassionate life is available to anyone, anywhere is reflected in her blog on thestuckmethod.comSurya Tahora is Head Professor, Science of Spirituality at SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai. Sue Fox, a pioneer in the Etiquette Consulting Industry, has provided etiquette products, group training, and private consultations for more than 19 years with her company, Etiquette Survival. She is the author of Etiquette For Dummies, Business Etiquette For Dummies, and Wedding Etiquette For Dummies. Know more at etiquettesurvival.comJames Maas PhD, former Chair of Psychology at Cornell University, and is CEO of Sleep for Success! ■…

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» Classical Hatha Yoga programmeThis programme is an opportunity to learn four ancient practices which have the potential to transform your body and mind in a span of 21 days. These four practices include Upayoga, Angamardhana, Suryakriya and Yogasanas. The sessions are open to anyone above the age of 14.When: 20 June – 10 July [6am]Where: Prabhadevi, MumbaiFees: 11,500Contact: +91-9620317773» Family ties workshopThis workshop is focussed on understanding the complexities of family ties. It uses the tools of Theta Healing to address issues related to ancestry. The aim is to make the participants love and accept themselves, irrespective of their heredity and genes. The seminar fee includes the cost of the practitioner’s manual.When: 18 – 19 June [10am – 5pm]Where: Cesta Holistic Healing Studio, MumbaiFees: 20,000Contact: info@cestahealingstudio.com, +91-98192 32223» Energy…

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The scary 30s and the calming giftI had been dreading my 30 birthday for the longest time. What with society bombarding me with all the horrible facts and statistics! For completing three decades on this planet, my father gifted me the subscription to your magazine. And I am so glad he did. The article on self discovery in April was uplifting. Your issues have helped me tackle a lot of problems on the personal and work front. I sincerely want to thank you for your articles. You cover everything under the sun.— Meera Rai, Bengaluru For the introverts and awkward adultsYour cover story, “Is your shyness robbing your happiness?” spoke directly to my fears and allowed me to finally come to terms with my shyness. I have been an introvert…

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New releasesShiva in the City of NectarBy Preetha Rajah Kannan•Published by: Jaico Publishing House•ISBN: 9788184957877•Pages: 256 •Price: 350There has been plenty said and written about Indian mythology, but this book stands out for its refreshing take on Lord Shiva. From stories of asuras, ancient devas and sages to Shiva’s Dance of Bliss, the book has it all. Filled with 54 tales, the readers will be hooked on to Preetha’s writing from the very first page. The Suitable InheritorBy Pushpendra Mehta•Re-Published by: Notion Press•ISBN: 9789386009982•Pages: 211 •Price: 300Pushpendra Mehta, the man behind books like Win the Battles of Life & Relationships and Tomorrow’s Young Achievers, brings an inspiring story for readers in his latest. The book narrates the tale of Michael Elliot who, by following his destiny, nudges you to do…

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Tough, leather adorned folks with soft hearts of goldBIKERS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE [B.A.C.A.] is a group of bikers whose motto is: “No child deserves to live in fear.” A recent video showed how B.A.C.A. helped FA in her time of need. FA had been abused by her step dad at the tender age of 10. After two years, FA reported it to her mother and they immediately lodged a complaint against him. FA was 15 when she had to testify against her abuser. By then, the 15-year-old girl was too emotionally scarred and felt a constant need for protection.Many sleepless nights and terrible days later, B.A.C.A. entered FA’s life. This group of burly looking people promised her nothing but safety and did everything they could to fulfil it. The members…