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Fall 2019

Get the latest analysis and specifications on more than 200 handguns from a variety of manufacturers. Also covers stories on holster positions, popular calibers, ammunition, news, laws and more.

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conceal & carry us

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if it ain’t broke…

I’m all for the latest improvements in guns and gear for concealed carry. And, while on the surface it might sound as if it’s a contradiction, I also believe in the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Much is discussed about “the latest advances in ammo,” especially when it comes to bullet design with the latest hollowpoints and revolutionary lightweight solids. Sure, these new designs are better than the old roundnose lead bullets my dad carried in his service revolver when he was a police officer. But consider that among handgun cartridges, two of today’s most popular—the 9mm Luger and .45 ACP—are both more than 100 years old. If you prefer a revolver, consider that the .38 Special is well into three digits in age too. The .357…

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the armory

CCI’s new Clean-22 ammo is available in red high velocity loads (shown) or blue subsonic rounds, both with a polymer coating. NEW AMMO OFFERINGS INCLUDE 10MM AND .22 LOADS Ammo manufacturers are trying to keep up with shooters’ demands by introducing new loads for popular cartridges, including a couple for the resurgent 10mm cartridge and some for ever-present .22 rimfires. Federal Premium has a new 10mm load using the company’s HST bullet intended for self-defense. The HST’s design is geared toward reaching top terminal performance through consistent expansion and optimal penetration, by maintaining jacket and bullet core integrity for 100% weight retention and a hollow point that won’t plug as it passes through barriers. Federal’s HST 10mm features a 200-grain bullet launched at 1,130 feet per second from the muzzle. A box of…

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holster it!

Holster makers are making it easier than ever to tote your favorite guns and gear comfortably and securely. Here are some of the more recent designs we’ve found. GUN SOX Sometimes you need a level of concealment that a holster around the waistline just can’t provide. That’s when an ankle holster might be the answer. Gun Sox from Cheata Tactical stand up where other ankle holsters fall down. Gun Sox consist of spandex compression bands that pull on and cover the entire lower leg. We tried them and found that the stretchy fabric hugs your calf and stays in place even through vigorous activity. They’re very comfortable. There are no hook and loop fasteners and no straps to repeatedly adjust or reposition as you’re wearing this rig. They simply don’t slide down…

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robust and ready

Carrying a lightweight knife is all very good. But if you are faced with lots of heavy-duty cutting chores on a routine basis, a little weight in the blade can go a long way in making those chores go a little easier. Justin Gingrich of Gingrich Tactical Innovations has designed his GTI Delta Lock Folder with a wide, thick blade to handle hard work. But the blade isn’t overly long, so carrying this knife on a daily basis is still easy, even though you might be aware that it’s in your pocket. DELTA LOCK The heart of the GTI Delta Lock Folder is an innovative, super-strong blade locking system. Inset into one of the titanium grip panels is a stainless-steel bar. When you open the blade, that steel bar locks into four surfaces…

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all-purpose performer

Good things don’t always come to those who wait, but this time it worked out very well. When Kimber introduced its snubnose K6s .357 Magnum revolvers back in 2016, it was quite a surprise. Did the company, known more for bolt-action hunting rifles and 1911 pistols, know something we didn’t about the concealed carry handgun market? I mean, didn’t a large percentage of shooting community consider the revolver a mere vestige of the past? Well, no, revolvers are still an excellent choice for concealed carry for new and experienced shooters alike, and Kimber realized there was room among the competition for another quality wheelgun. I had a chance to shoot one of those new revolvers back then. With its stainless-steel construction, smooth trigger pull, six-round capacity and semi-auto-style sights, I loved it…