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Conde Nast Traveller India June - July 2020

CNT India's Summer Family Travel Issue will focus on Summer Vacations, and provide not just inspiration but specific information on 'How to Make the Most of This Summer'. As more and more people are looking at travel as a way to reunite and spend time with their loved ones, this issue will help covert all that pent-up demand into real, concrete plans and bookings. Look out for 50 Best Villas across India curated for the very first time by CNT, 50 Amazing Family Experiences in India, CNT’s Annual Hotlist of the Best New Hotels in India and Around the World and Features and essays on key Destinations in India abroad, including road trips and culinary expeditions. PLUS Readers’ Travel Awards 2021 are here! All the details on how to vote--and the grand prizes you can win by voting!

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cntraveller.in 10 GREAT DRIVES TO ENJOY THE INDIAN MONSOON No matter what part of the country you are in, there’s a lush escape not too far away. Check out some of our favourite road trips SPECIAL SERIES: 21 DAYS OF YOGA Tips and life-changing insights from some of the world’s top yoga practitioners 5 QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE BOOKING YOUR NEXT HOLIDAY WHAT TO PACK: THE COVID EDITION FOLLOW US FOR MORE cntravellerindia cntravellerindia CNTIndia IndiaCNTraveller PHOTOGRAPHS: RAHULNATH; TARAS TARAPORVALA; GETTY IMAGES…

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contributor speak

VAISHNAVI GUPTE Writer; Finding Lost Love; p62 A: “For me, hope is the realisation that humanity is more than just socioeconomic divisions, caste, creed, gender and religion. As the world unites against COVID-19, it’s kindness and humanity that win.” @vaishnavi1610 JOSHUA KARTHIK Photographer; My Favourite Souvenir; p66 A: “I think knowing that the sun will rise in the morning no matter what is hope enough. That no matter how dark the night, there will be light.” @joshuakarthikr ANA LUI Photographer; My Favourite Souvenir; p66 A: “For me, going back to basics, growing vegetables, cooking from scratch, sharing and helping others, which is what we all did during the three-month lockdown here in Mallorca, really speaks of hope—hope for a better, more sustainable and healthy future.” @analuiphotography JESSICA SAMPLE Photographer; My Favourite Souvenir p66 A: “This is clichéd, but I am a new mom, and…

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editors’ letter

It’s a strange time to be a travel editor. I grew up in Mumbai but my family, including my father, lived abroad, so I have only ever known a life of travel. For all of us at Condé Nast Traveller, our careers, our worlds are predicated on the belief that everywhere, anywhere, is just a drive, ride or flight away. These past few months of being strictly at home—even walking down the street not a possibility, let alone taking a flight—have felt surreal for all of us, as I know they have for you. And yet, during this time, a few things have struck me: we all say we miss travel, but what is it exactly that we miss? I have had moments, sometimes hours, when I miss being on a beach,…

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pause and reset

We are under siege in our small fortifications by an unexpected, unknown adversary. The longing for freedom is stirring deep in our bones, and we hanker after the familiar rhythm and cadence of life. Our souls crave adventure and our thoughts turn to nature. The birdsong in the park canopy, ripe jamuns drizzled on grass, a shimmying peacock on the green, the restorative power of nature. What about our wanderlust, our desire to explore, to interact with other folks who live differently from us, to watch a giant iceberg slowly somersault in Antarctica’s Weddell Sea, get enveloped by a wild sandstorm atop an ochre sand dune in Namibia? It’s no fun being stalled. I had a tryst with the grey ghost of the Himalayas. I had hoped for a glimpse of the…

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under one sky


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an in heritance of home

My grandmother is buried in the General Episcopal Cemetery on Lower Circular Road in Kolkata, a 33-acre plot filled with trees and birdsong. Her headstone reads: “Kamala Dutta née Clara Camilla Fisch, born in 1918 in Lahore, died 1996, Kolkata.” A mango tree stands at the head of the path that leads to her final resting place. It is a marker that my mother has made me memorise for when looking after this grave will become my inherited responsibility. This is a culmination of all the places that my grandmother has lived in and a vital piece of the pastiche that makes Kolkata my mother’s home. This is my connecting link to a city that was also my home. Is home the architectural blueprint of the four walls that enclose our present? Or…