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Conde Nast Traveller India August - September 2020

CNT India's Summer Family Travel Issue will focus on Summer Vacations, and provide not just inspiration but specific information on 'How to Make the Most of This Summer'. As more and more people are looking at travel as a way to reunite and spend time with their loved ones, this issue will help covert all that pent-up demand into real, concrete plans and bookings. Look out for 50 Best Villas across India curated for the very first time by CNT, 50 Amazing Family Experiences in India, CNT’s Annual Hotlist of the Best New Hotels in India and Around the World and Features and essays on key Destinations in India abroad, including road trips and culinary expeditions. PLUS Readers’ Travel Awards 2021 are here! All the details on how to vote--and the grand prizes you can win by voting!

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DIYA KOHLI Writer; Eat, Travel, Repeat; p106 A: “A selection of placeappropriate books, a pack of digestive pills, a tube of Boroline and occasionally, a companion who shares the same zeal to hunt out the perfect meal—these are a few of my favourite travel companions.” @diyak ARJUN MENON Photographer; The Dancing Gods; p62 A: “The first thing I pack for travel is my hat. Yes, it looks ugly; it looks old and is a fashion disaster, but I have travelled the world with it, and I can’t imagine parting ways with this hat! It fits snugly in my pocket; it provides me with ample shade, and that, to me, is priceless!” @artleavesamark ULF SVANE Photographer; Bangkok Ballad; p110 A: “I have been travelling with a lot of different people over the last couple of years. Various backgrounds,…

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editor’s letter

Over the years, I have relied on Surjit Singh to be my guide to Amritsar whenever I visit, whether it is to the Golden Temple, for jutti-shopping or to the Wagah Border. But I have also called him on occasion to courier prasad to me for a friend whose father was ill, or to arrange a paath (scripture reading) for another friend who lost a relative. He often sends me a WhatsApp message in the morning, a line from a raga from the Guru Granth Sahib along with an English translation. And whenever my family makes a trip to Amritsar without me, I book their flights only after checking whether Surjitji is free on those dates—I rest easy knowing they will be taken care of. No matter what, I have…

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travel starts at home

These are unprecedented times for all of us as COVID-19 has spiralled into a crisis of global proportions. The world has been stopped in its tracks by a virus, the origins of which continue to be a matter of much debate and speculation. But what is not in debate is that travel and human movement between all countries has come to a virtual halt. For tourism and hospitality, the impact has been severe. But emerge we must and emerge we shall. The sheer spirit of human resilience has allowed mankind to survive and eventually thrive, after various natural and man-made disasters through history. In India, the past six months have been hugely challenging for all of us, but I must also admit that I have been inspired to not only keep…

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the real happiness index of travel

Ugyen Tsheering, who goes by his initials UT, told me about being Brad Pitt’s guide in Bhutan soon after we met him in Paro. “I was Brad Pitt’s guide during the filming of Seven Years in Tibet,” he said with pride. I could hardly believe my ears. But UT admitted that he had never heard of Pitt or the much-publicised film until he actually met the star. “I stared blankly when Brad shook hands with me,” he recalled. “So he introduced himself by saying, ‘Hi, I’m Brad Pitt—Seven Years in Tibet.’” “Then?” I asked in amazement. “I said, ‘Nice to meet you, sir. I’m UT—22 years in Bhutan.’” He grinned. “It’s a joke.” I was in Bhutan on an assignment for Condé Nast Traveller. And in the company of my jovial young guide, in a…

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stars of travel

VIVEK SAHNI CEO & Co-Founder, Kama Ayurveda Your best wellness holiday? Vana, in the Himalayas. There’s nothing like it. It’s calm and beautiful, with amazing doctors, treatments, brilliant food and interesting people. A place or journey that attracted you to the Ayurveda beauty regime? The first time I went to Coimbatore and discovered the Arya Vaidya Pharmacy. I met the doctors and understood an alternative way to heal the body. A favourite shop you discovered on your travels? I love junk, thrift and antique shops. Even if I don’t buy anything, there’s tons of inspiration. (kamaayurveda.com) JAYANTI RAJAGOPALAN Founder, Detours, Hyderabad Eleven years a corporate slave and three more in development, Jayanti “Jonty” Rajagopalan had had enough. Enter Detours. “The aim was to curate experiences that give a deeper understanding of Hyderabad’s history, culture and food,” she…

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the dancing gods

To my Mutachan, Ten years ago, when I decided to take up photography professionally, I remember how proud my choice made you. For a man your age and from a small town, you have one of the most modern and progressive outlooks. When I visited Kerala that summer, you introduced me to everyone as an upcoming artist, boasting about my photography skills. I used to feel a bit embarrassed. You are my single-most influential introduction to the folk arts of Kerala. You would ring me up all excited on the phone, asking me to come down from Mumbai because it would soon be time for the annual local temple festivals. This was odd to me, since you have never been a religious man. But soon enough, I realised why you were so…