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Conde Nast Traveller India October - November 2020

CNT India's Summer Family Travel Issue will focus on Summer Vacations, and provide not just inspiration but specific information on 'How to Make the Most of This Summer'. As more and more people are looking at travel as a way to reunite and spend time with their loved ones, this issue will help covert all that pent-up demand into real, concrete plans and bookings. Look out for 50 Best Villas across India curated for the very first time by CNT, 50 Amazing Family Experiences in India, CNT’s Annual Hotlist of the Best New Hotels in India and Around the World and Features and essays on key Destinations in India abroad, including road trips and culinary expeditions. PLUS Readers’ Travel Awards 2021 are here! All the details on how to vote--and the grand prizes you can win by voting!

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a french affair

For more information on France, log on to in.france.fr PHOTOGRAPHS: B.DELAPIERRE; NICK BONDAREV/STOCKSY; GETTY IMAGES…

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business traveller

Each year, our Business Traveller special takes a good, hard look at how we balance our work and travel. We’ve spoken to founders of startups in the travel space, to working parents, to women entrepreneurs and those who are as obsessed with frequent-flier miles as they are with their day jobs. Which airlines are best for long-haul flights when you have to head straight to a meeting? What should you pack? From sturdy but stylish luggage to crease-free clothing and sexy gadgets, we’ve shared our best secrets with you. PHOTOGRAPHS: GETTY IMAGES; ANSHIKA VARMA; ATHUL PRASAD; COLSTON JULIAN; ANUSHKA MENON; PARAG GOPALE…

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staycay with marriott

This year has been a challenging one for all of us. We have all been isolated at home, missed our yearly vacations and skipped weekend getaways. But now with the country slowly opening up, everyone is craving some semblance of normalcy and travel is back on our minds. And, given the current environment, staycations are a great way to unwind and relax your mind, body and soul. With a host of curated experiences that adhere to the highest standards in safety, Marriott International’s myriad offerings of bespoke staycation packages have you covered. Marriott’s Commitment To Clean program ensures daily sanitation and disinfecting protocols for the safety of its patrons, while added benefits such as free WiFi, free stay for children below 12 years of age, and more promise to make your…

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love & travel

Our 2019 Love & Travel special also featured sassy illustrations by Brooklyn-based Samantha Rothenberg (@violetclair). If you aren’t following her, you should be LOVE IS LOVE Our annual Love & Travel special looks at how distance, travel and technology have defined modern relationships. We have featured a range of top talent, including Karuna Ezara Parikh, Kiran Manral, Sunhil Sippy, Tishani Doshi and Devdutt Pattnaik pondering a variety of subjects (such as how road trips can save a marriage and why a solo trip to the Maldives can change your life). But perhaps our favourite edition was the 2018 LGBTQ+ Special, featuring compelling, honest and sometimes heartbreaking stories of the queer community. PPHOTOGRAPHS: SOUMYA SANKAR BOSE; SHUTTERSTOCK…

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imbibing beirut

WE HAVE TRAVELLED TOGETHER SINCE WE were 15 and have never liked a place with the same intensity—save for Beirut. It was 2012, over two decades after Lebanon’s devastating civil war. My five best friends from boarding school and I were at a downtown café, crunching on deliciously fresh fattoush while people around us spoke in a medley of Arabic, French and English. Our eyes darted between the ancient ruins of the Roman bath on one side and the Art Deco Rolex clock tower on the other. We hadn’t yet spent an entire day here, but each of us was already transfixed by Beirut’s fluid identity. A local stopped by our table to say that as per Lebanese folklore, the city has been rebuilt seven times in its 5,000-year history.…

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CITY PALACE MUSEUM Udaipur’s sprawling City Palace Museum houses a collection of sculptures, antiques and royal artefacts. You’ll find more than 1,800 paintings that celebrate what life in Mewar used to be like, textiles including the range of garments worn by members of the royal family and maps, armoury and a stunning collection of silver. JAG MANDIR This exquisite palace is a marble masterpiece that appears to be floating in Udaipur’s Lake Pichola. Jag Mandir was built over time by three Maharanas of Mewar. Also called the Lake Garden Palace, this is one of Udaipur’s biggest attractions. The three-storied palace includes a number of impressive monuments within the complex including the beautiful Gul Mahal, Zenana Mahal, Kunwar Pada ka Mahal and the Bara Patharon ka Mahal or the ‘Palace of the Twelve Stones’…