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CosBeauty Magazine February - April 2018

CosBeauty Magazine (CBM) is the authoritative, number-one magazine dedicated to lifestyle, health and beauty. Features include the latest global and local beauty trends, new product and technology updates, and articles on the future of wellness, health and appearance medicine with expert interviews by leaders in the health and beauty space. CBM is the go-to guide for anyone looking to enhance their life – whether it’s cosmetic surgery, cult-status beauty buys or the latest way to detox your mind, body and soul. It’s the fresh way to look at beauty and appearance medicine.

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from the editor

Welcome to the Autumn edition of CosBeauty magazine. As the hot weather is starting to abate, we can finally drift off at night without the relentless humidity interrupting our precious beauty sleep. According to the author of The Liver Cleansing Diet, Dr Sandra Cabot, making sleep a priority is one of the top ten things we can do to look and feel better (p42). She explains: ‘Sleep is critical for immune function, improving the metabolism, maintaining a healthy weight, enjoying a positive mood, optimising physical and mental performance and preventing premature ageing.’ I knew there must be some valid reasons behind my love of snuggling up! The world of ‘wellness’ accounts for a $3.7 trillion global industry and in our report on page 16, we showcase the forecast trends for 2018,…

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beauty insider

SIA MAKES HER MARK ON MAC’S VIVA GLAM She may be known for her anonymous appearance, but Australian singing sensation Sia is about to go public with a very special collaboration. The popstar has teamed up with MAC for its 2018 Viva Glam campaign to raise money for those affected by HIV/AIDS. To date, more than $600 million has been collected through the brand’s partnerships with stars like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga. Sia’s vivid red Viva Glam lipstick will be available from February 12. LINDSAY LOHAN SET FOR ULTIMATE REBRAND Another day, another celebrity makeup line! With Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian West dominating the 2017 beauty scene, it’s no surprise that other celebs are keen to get in on the action. Following some time away from the spotlight, Lindsay…

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wellness trends for 2018

From crystal therapy to healing spices, the wellness trends once considered too alternative for the general public now look set to become the must-try treatments of 2018. That’s according to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), an esteemed Miami-based body whose mission is to empower wellness worldwide by educating the public and private sectors about preventative health and wellbeing. ‘Much of that expansion is happening in what were once regarded as alternative therapies,’ says the GWI’s director of research and PR, Beth McGroarty. ‘The more kooky or whacky the treatment, the bigger it is.’ A torrent of holistic health specialties will take the limelight, according to Jess Barron, general manager of leading US diet, nutrition and fitness website Livestrong. ‘Infrared sauna, acupuncture, Reiki massage, meditation and cryotherapy are becoming hugely mainstream and thought…

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LOW-FODMAP EATING Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) sufferers are finding success with low-FODMAP diets, and now other trendy eaters are jumping on the bandwagon. The acronym [Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols] stands for a type of carb found in a wide variety of foods that can cause indigestion. Followers usually skip dairy products, sugar, alcohols and legumes (to name a few) in lieu of lactose- and fructose-free eating. While this diet might soothe your stomach, stay wary of any products with a ‘low-FODMAP’ claim as they can still contain lots of saturated fat and added sugar. ‘NEW’ SUPERFOODS While these trending eats are old news in other parts of the world, cassava, jackfruit and monk fruit are all gaining popularity as swaps for wheat flour, meat, and sugar. Try baking with cassava or…

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day vs night

DAY WE RECOMMEND RELEASE YOUR INNER GIRL BOSS Daytime beauty is all about convenience, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look fresh AF heading to the office. Show the world you mean business with dewy skin, a soft glow, defined eyes and subtly shaded lips. Remember, earthy tones and coral highlights are your friends. NIGHT WE RECOMMEND OH HELLO, DANCING QUEEN To quote Rita Ora, ‘When the sun comes down, that’s when the animal comes out!’ When hitting the town you can afford to amplify your look. Think sculpted cheeks, brushed brows, lined eyes and slicked lips. To avoid looking overdone, you should aim to accentuate your best features, not create new ones.…

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foundations with benefits