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from the editor

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ must be one of the most frequently quoted sayings whenever the question of defining beauty is raised. In reality, beauty has many definitions. Edgar Allan Poe1 and Karl Lagerfeld found there is no beauty without ‘strangeness’ and one of my favourite quotes is from Coco Chanel: ‘Nature gives you the face you have at twenty. Life shapes the face you have at thirty. But at fifty you get the face you deserve.’ To me, that’s not just about how much care you take of your looks, but also whether you are happy, healthy and feeling fulfilled. One of the most prominent trends in the industry at the moment is that of ‘ethical beauty’ and by this we mean vegan, cruelty free and consciously…

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beauty insider

TREND ALERT: YELLOW EYES Having long been banished to the pit of unwearable colours, it seems yellow is having an unlikely makeup moment. And while we certainly had our reservations at first, I, Tonya star Margot Robbie has settled our neon-coated nerves. Appearing at the London premiere of Goodbye Christopher Robin last September, the Queensland native wore a striking shade of canary from her lash line to her brows and, by all accounts, totally rocked it. Yellow shadow has since been spotted on former Disney actress Zendaya and High School Musical songstress Vanessa Hudgens. MAN TAN Fake tan has allowed us to look sun-kissed without the risk, but while there is an array of self-tanning options available for women, the same can’t be said for the opposite sex. Enter BEN Tan by Ms…

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welcome to the beauty bank

You’ve dropped produce to the foodbank, spare change in the bucket and preloved clothes to the relevant charitable organisation. But have you ever considered giving away your unwanted beauty products? For many of us, there’s a stark disconnect between beauty and poverty: beauty equates to luxury, poverty does not. So when we give to those with fewer resources than ourselves, we offer what we believe to be the essentials. But a new campaign in the UK is drawing another side of poverty into the public consciousness and asking us, once again, to reflect upon the true realities of homelessness. While working on a documentary for the BBC, Guardian columnist Sali Hughes came across a stack of plastic crates ‘filled with mismatched tubes of toothpaste, little travel bottles of shower gel and…

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share the dignity

The story of a girl my daughter’s age that reminded me why I started Share the Dignity It’s been three years since I first read the article published by Mamamia talking about the 44,000 homeless women that were having to go without a bed to sleep in and a shower to clean themselves. But what I considered the worst part was that they had no access to the basics of necessities like sanitary items when they got their period. Wow, where have those three years gone? I was a bit foolish to believe I could solve this problem. You see, back then I thought ‘right 44,000 homeless women, surely, they don’t all menstruate right? So that’s maybe 30,000 that need our help monthly’. Doable, I thought. But the sad reality is the problem is so…

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the rise of the celebrity beauty brand

It’s the era of the slashies – a generation defined not by a single job title, but by the collection of skills they use to generate an income. While this term is typically associated with up and coming blogger/content creator/influencer types, it is now increasingly applicable to the celebrities we’ve admired for years. Stars like Gigi Hadid, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez are going beyond their initial model or pop princess statuses and becoming business women in their own right. No longer just the face of big brands, these Hollywood A-listers are getting involved in every stage of the production process as they become the driving forces behind their personalised product lines. Although it’s difficult to pinpoint where exactly the celebrity beauty range really began, its reach seems to have been propelled…

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under the influence

Social media influencers ‘draw more attention than Prince Charles’ was the Sydney Morning Herald’s analysis of the opening ceremony of this year’s Commonwealth Games. And while the idea of a ‘pouting social media princess supposedly “outrank[ing]” a real life prince’ is amusing, is anyone really that surprised? According to the 2017 Sensis Social Media Report, 80 per cent of Australians now use social media, with over a third of people checking their accounts more than five times a day. While the dark side of social is well documented, when used effectively, apps like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube allow us connect, create and be inspired by people all over the world. So, who to follow? SOURCES: SMH: https://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/celebrity/ps-social-mediainfluencers-draw-more-attention-than-princecharles-20180405-p4z7xq.html Sensis: https://www.sensis.com.au/about/our-reports/sensis-social-media-report ELEANOR PENDLETON @ELEANORPENDLETON As the founder of Gritty Pretty and a former beauty editor at FAMOUS,…