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CosBeauty Magazine November - January 2019

CosBeauty Magazine (CBM) is the authoritative, number-one magazine dedicated to lifestyle, health and beauty. Features include the latest global and local beauty trends, new product and technology updates, and articles on the future of wellness, health and appearance medicine with expert interviews by leaders in the health and beauty space. CBM is the go-to guide for anyone looking to enhance their life – whether it’s cosmetic surgery, cult-status beauty buys or the latest way to detox your mind, body and soul. It’s the fresh way to look at beauty and appearance medicine.

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from the editor

I love this time of year. Everyone is in party mode, the days are longer and there’s no shortage of outdoor activities to entertain us. Of course, summer time brings its own unique challenges: too much sun exposure, dry and scaly skin and the dreaded hair frizz; not to mention the annual ritual of braving the beach in a swimsuit. In the pages of this issue we offer you some solutions to manage the worst of these: Block it Out on page 38 explains how to choose an effective sunscreen; Love the Skin You’re In on page 28 showcases the best face and body products to keep your skin hydrated and smooth; and Hair We Go on page 70 has the best-of-the-best hair products for shiny and manageable locks. We love the…

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beauty insider

DREW BARRYMORE’S FLOWER BEAUTY International cult beauty brand, Flower Beauty, will be exclusively available in over 300 Chemist Warehouse stores nationally as of January 2019. The 100% cruelty-free and affordable luxe cosmetic brand is the brainchild of award-winning actress and entrepreneur Drew Barrymore and is inspired by her years of experience in the makeup artist’s chair. Flower Beauty is one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands in the US. Aimed at empowering women to embrace their own form of beauty, each product in the range is imbued with Drew’s signature soulful style and optimism. TIGI TALKS GOTHIC Hot off the back of fashion weeks globally, international session stylist and TIGI Brand Ambassador Michele McQuillan talks through the latest hair trends to hit the catwalks this season: ‘It was all about gothic referencing; from drowning witches…

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Cocolux candles could quite possibly be the most beautiful candles in the world. The fact they are eco-friendly and made from only the best quality ingredients is just an added bonus. The name is derived from ‘coco’, which refers to coconut and ‘lux’, which is Latin for light. Inspired by nature, the brand’s luxury scented candles are made of earth-friendly coconut wax, at a time when the majority of candles still contain petroleum derived paraffin and unsustainably produced soy wax. In addition, Cocolux candles come in pure copper, brass and onyx vessels which can be fully recycled or upcycled once the wax has melted. Repurposed as containers for flower arrangements, pens or beauty brush holders, they become chic home décor collectibles to mix and match. From November 2018, Cocolux will further incentivise…

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love the skin you’re in

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and is important for protecting us from microbes and the elements, helping to regulate our body temperature, and permitting the sensations of touch, heat, and cold. It consists of two main layers, the dermis and epidermis, and it varies in thickness and the number of hair follicles, sebaceous glands and sweat glands in different areas of the body. If our skin isn’t functioning properly, neither are we. These specialised products are some of the best on the market for ensuring the skin of our face and our bodies is in tip-top condition.…

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pore obsessed? play it down

If you’re obsessed with the size of your pores, then you’re not alone. According to a survey of nearly 2,000 participants in the US, 45 per cent of women would change the size of their pores if they could, and almost a third are more worried about pore size than wrinkles. There’s even a name for this preoccupation with pore size - ‘porexia’! There are actually two types of pores in our skin – sweat pores and oil pores. Sweat glands are very small, while oil pores are actually hair follicles. Each hair follicle contains a sebaceous gland that produces oil (sebum), and these are the pores that are more obvious and can become blocked – the culprits of our obsession with our complexions. On average, we have about five million pores…

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block it out

With Australia’s warm and sunny climate, many of us are intrinsically drawn to lying in the sun – but be warned. According to the Department of Health and Ageing, approximately two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70. One of the best ways to protect yourself against the sun’s harmful rays is by using a sunscreen. But it’s important to know the differences in how they work, in order to choose the best option for your skin. ORGANIC VS INORGANIC SUNSCREENS Inorganic sunscreens, also known as ‘mineral’ or ‘physical’ sunscreens, work by reflecting or scattering UV rays and radiation. Some sunscreens combine both organic and inorganic components. Two types of inorganic sunscreens available are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Both provide broad-spectrum UVA and UVB…