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from the editor

It seems like only last week I was madly organising myself for my summer holiday – waxing, bleaching, primping – and now I’m already slathering on the treatments to repair my dry skin and frizzy hair. Where did the time go and was it worth it? Yes, of course, but we all need to pay the piper at some stage. Turn to page 24 for our Summer Skin SOS article, which showcases our fave products to help get our skin back into tip-top condition. And don’t even mention my hair! The hints in Post-summer Hair Repair on page 48 will help tame the unruliness and frizz that days at the pool or beach have fostered. Using the correct tools of the trade is imperative in every industry, so having the right…

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beauty insider

@cosbeauty KKW BEAUTY’S GLAM BIBLE After launching KKW Beauty in 2017, Kim Kardashian West has become a formidable force within the beauty industry. Her first product, a contouring and highlight kit, sold out in just under three hours, and each new rollout still generates the same buzz. For the Glam Bible, Kardashia West wanted to include everything except skin products such as concealer. She wanted it all to be very universal and chose highlighters and blush colors that could work with all skin tones, along with two different lip colours, lip liner, lashes, mascara, eyeliner, and a six-pan eyeshadow palette. THE BIGGEST TRENDS IN THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY In his blog for Forbes.com Richard Kestenbaum caught up with Jennifer Hessell, an industry consultant and L’Oreal alumna, who told him there are four major trends that the…

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summer skin sos

Too much fun in the sun may have fast tracked your path to fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, and dry, blotchy skin. Get your skin back on track and help reverse signs of sun damage with active skincare to replenish, rehydrate and promote healthy skin turnover. Caring for your skin and preventing premature ageing is not a wash-and-go approach; it should be tailored to your skin type and the skin concerns you wish to address. A serious skin routine incorporates a variety of layering strategies and techniques to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, fade pigmentation and age spots, firm skin, minimise uneven skin tone, and improve breakouts. A few extra minutes every day spent with your skin rejuvenation products will turn a basic skincare routine into a serious skincare regime that will comprehensively…

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out damned spot

Developed by mesoestetic® and distributed in Australia by Advanced Cosmeceuticals, cosmelan® is a one-off treatment that not only helps visibly reduce dark spots, it also restores radiance and luminosity to the skin while equalising skin tone. The treatment works by helping to decrease the skin’s melanin production. cosmelan® is a new-generation depigmentation treatment that finally offers clinically proven results in all types of pigmentation, including melasma. Melasma is a common skin problem that can cause brown, blotchy patches of discoloured skin to appear, usually across the face, and is exacerbated by exposure to the sun. Although it affects such a high proportion of Australians, especially women, it is extremely difficult to treat. However, cosmelan® is a gamechanger and has an impressive clearance rate, helping to reduce age spots by up to 95%…

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skin that glows

Effected by the lifestyle we lead, the foods we eat, the products we use and the vitamins we consume, our skin, and the way it ages, is an amazingly complex phenomenon. External factors work alongside genetics, ethnicity and other intrinsic processes to map our path to skin ageing. And while there is little we can do to halt the hands of time from leaving their mark on our skin, there is plenty we can do to limit the damage being done by the choices we make on a day-to-day basis. Spanning from the active cells of the dermis to the dead cells of the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the epidermis), the skin serves to protect the body and acts as an exchange system for water and waste. Skin cells…

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6 ways to get younger looking skin

Modern skincare products are formulated with potent active ingredients to work magic on your complexion. While selecting the products to include in your beauty arsenal, there are many important ingredients to look for. The following are the critical and most vital ingredients to any anti-ageing product. 1. SUNSCREENS Sunscreens are an integral part of any anti-ageing regime. They are, first and foremost, products to help prevent extrinsic ageing of the skin. Ensure any sunscreen has physical and chemical blockers plus antioxidants. While not perfect, these sun care products are the best we have at the moment. 2. ANTIOXIDANTS Antioxidants are nature’s magic bullets, protecting our bodies against the chemical reaction responsible for the free radicals that are one of the key mechanisms in ageing. Free radicals are by-products of normal cell activity but they also…