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Cosmopolitan isn’t just a magazine, it’s a religion. Now in its 15th year in India, Cosmopolitan is the world’s largest selling magazine, with 200 million readers annually in a 100 countries. It is published in over 26 languages, but at its core, it speaks only one – that of fun fearless females globally. Another language it speaks? That of stupendous success!Top Indian actresses, models and singers have been on the cover of Cosmopolitan before the rest of the world recognised their spark-because we know a fun fearless female when we see one! When we put someone on the Cosmopolitan cover, we acknowledge her right to be counted among the best in the business.

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editor’s letter

Tolerance. It’s such a lovely word, especially in today’s times when it’s needed most—think gay rights, gender issues, acceptance of different cultures, mental health, and online trolls. But while we’d all like to think of ourselves as tolerant types (I hope), that is not always the case. Because, as several studies are revealing, we, as a society, have become more judgemental than ever. The opposite of tolerant. We diss celebrities for not looking good enough, we make fun of other people’s homes, hair, lives, we question and criticise people’s parenting skills (remember that four-year-old who fell into a zoo’s gorilla enclosure in Cincinnati? People actually wanted the mother shot for not being careful as per their standards)! Of course, social media has a big role to play in our opinionated attitudes. We are…

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you tell us

April Issue SUMMER LOVIN‘ “Athiya Shetty looked fabulous on the April cover. She’s got a great body, and looking at her, I’m more motivated than ever to get back in shape. #BodyGoals aside, her interview was refreshingly honest. The way she spoke about people trying to change who you are as a person, and how she feels about the right to education really stuck a chord with me.” —Anjali Kapoor MY LIFE, MY MOTTO “I loved the way you guys blended a powerful message with a beauty trend in ‘If My Eyes Could Talk’. Not only did you feature some very cool women, it was also nice to read about what they all feel strongly about. The Problem With Having Too Many Choices was another feature that I really enjoyed. Contrary to what many of…

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“I was dating this guy in college, and after a couple of months, out of nowhere, he asked me to marry him. I politely declined saying we were too young and that I’ve only known him for a few months. To my surprise, some weeks later, I found out that he was engaged to be married to this other girl from our college… It was sad and hilarious at the same time.” —NITIKA B., 22 “When the bill came at dinner, he put his card down, so I thanked him and figured he was paying. He later put up a story on Insta talking about how ‘his date wasn’t a feminist and didn’t pay for anything’, without realising him and I have mutual friends. Blocked!” —DEEPIKA M., 22 “I once pranked a friend by…

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hey, how do i wear… sweatpants with stilettos

MICRO-BAG IT Whoever said you shouldn’t leave the house in trackpants didn’t see Gigi Hadid looking this chic. With so much emphasis being laid on letting the trackpants shine, you don’t need a massive bag distracting you from all that cool. Opt for a microbag; it’s functional yet chic. FIT IN Don’t let the trackpants’ relaxed style fool you; you still need to pay attention to their fit. They shouldn’t be skintight—but a super-saggy butt is a no-no. You want a streamlined loose fit with elasticated/drawstring ankles. KEEP IT SEXY Not a word of a lie: you can look sexy in sweatpants. Your hair and make-up will definitely play a role—so rock slicked-back hair, loads of mascara (throw in Matrix sunglasses for extra style points), and nude lips. SET THE TONE If you want to make a…

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your basic lgbtqi+glossary

In a survey asking people about their gender identity and sexual orientation, 48% said they weren’t familiar with many of the alternative terms. ASEXUAL A sexual orientation characterised by not feeling sexual attraction or desire in the ways we understand mainstream attraction. ANDROGYNE A person identifying outside of the gender binary—neither a man nor a woman, and/or sometimes both. BINARY The classification of sex and gender into two distinct, opposite forms: male and female. Excludes anyone who does not identify with this old-fashioned way of understanding sexuality. BISEXUAL A person who is emotionally, physically and/or sexually attracted to both men and women. CISGENDER A person whose gender identity is the same as what they were assigned at birth DEMISEXUAL A person who only feels sexually attracted to someone with whom they have an emotional connection. FEMME A person who expresses and/or identifies with femininity,…

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the before and after trap

Although it seems like they’re suddenly everywhere, transformation photos aren’t exactly new—brands were using them to sell diets and workouts decades before ‘#fitfluencer’ became a legit career. Lately, however, modern versions have become ubiquitous on social media, as fitness stars blast them out to their millions of followers. And experts have begun to investigate how this fitspiration impacts viewers—with some troubling results. While before-and-after pics might inspire sweat sessions, they can also spur mental-health issues, according to a recent Journal Of Health Psychology study. “When you’re exposed to images of women who transformed their bodies, you might evaluate those bodies against yours,” says clinical psychologist Cortney Warren, PhD, author of Lies We Tell Ourselves. And if you determine that your body is more ‘before’ than ‘after’, that can chip away at your…