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Cosmopolitan India December 2018

Cosmopolitan isn’t just a magazine, it’s a religion. Now in its 15th year in India, Cosmopolitan is the world’s largest selling magazine, with 200 million readers annually in a 100 countries. It is published in over 26 languages, but at its core, it speaks only one – that of fun fearless females globally. Another language it speaks? That of stupendous success!Top Indian actresses, models and singers have been on the cover of Cosmopolitan before the rest of the world recognised their spark-because we know a fun fearless female when we see one! When we put someone on the Cosmopolitan cover, we acknowledge her right to be counted among the best in the business.

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editor’s letter

It’s the end of the year. Also known as the time I tend to get a smidgen sentimental and ask existential questions like, ‘What is life?’, ‘What is happiness?’, et cetera. It’s like Charlie Brown and Snoopy, with some wine thrown in. So, the other day, at dinner with friends, I was in the middle of a lively discussion about the meaning of happiness. Each guest had their own interpretation of what it takes to be joyful, but there was a common thread that was hard to miss. Most of us believe that happiness is something we have to work for. Something we have to earn. As with most things in life, we can trace this back to our early years (‘It’s always your fault, mom and dad!’). Most children are rewarded—in kind and through…

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5 things i’m loving this month

Modern and fun, this embroidered circular top handle bag by Duet Luxury, ₹13,000, has the makings of the perfect party date. Plus, this colour pairs well with everything. This jumper by Gucci, ₹1,46,800, is basically my spirit animal for 2019. Yep, I’m ready to take the new year head-on. Plus, how cute would it look with a teeny-tiny mini?! I collect monochrome bodycon dresses, and I’ve found the perfect accessory that can jazz ’em up in this embroidered belt by Bhumika Sharma, ₹11,990. These sequinned shorts by Manish Arora, ₹1,09,000, can be the life of any party—and who wouldn’t want to be that? With all the OTT outfits that one ends up wearing during the party season, dainty earrings are the perfect add on. I’ve found my lobster in these light-bulb earrings by Aditi…

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you tell us

BEAUTY IS SKIN-DEEP “I’ve always admired Kalki for being someone who doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind. But after reading her interview, I’m a fan of hers for life. I totally agree with Kalki’s approach to beauty and her stance on the unrealistic standards followed world over. Also, it’s great to know the work she’s been doing behind the scenes to support India’s #MeToo movement. More power to her!” —Ananya Kapoor HEALTHY SKIN FTW! “My skin has been under a lot of stress lately, and I had almost given up on it till I came across Beauty and the Pain. After reading about the non-surgical procedures, I’m tempted to try one and see how it goes. But until then, I’m going to take inspo from In Colour and work the shades of the…

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“My friends and I threw a going-away party for one of our BFFs who was moving abroad. At the bar, a guy just randomly came up to me and asked if he could talk to me outside. I agreed, ’coz I thought he just wanted to buy me a drink (and he was cute!). To my horror, he straight up asked me if I’d like to have a threesome with him and his friend, who was creepily staring at us from a distance. I refused, and walked away real fast. So creepy!” —-AKSHITA L., 21 “I went to use the bathroom at a house party. As always, I laid down toilet paper on the seat. When I was finished, I walked out of the bathroom with two long pieces hanging out of…

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20 things we love

1 A great manicure is the last piece in the puzzle that completes a superchic look. Here’s what the season’s trending nail shade card looks like: opt for a bright pop of orange, or mix it up with contrasting hues for #ManiGoals. 2 This freshly dropped coin purse charm is not just chic, but also utilatarian—big enough to fit plastic, keys, and a mini lip balm, and even bigger on the style meter. 3 We have a thing for versatile pieces. And this tailored number, featuring intricate embroidery, can be worn as a coat and also double up as a power dress when cinched with a sleek belt. 4 Need a new arm candy? This bag is functional and chic in equal measure, making it the perfect companion for your desk-to-dinner plans. 5 With the world going gaga over…

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is keeping an ‘ex box’ ever okay?

Tucked away somewhere in Kim Kardashian West’s mansion right now is a box that contains an old chicken-nugget container, just one of the many items she’s saved from memorable dates and experiences—with guys other than Kanye. “Everyone has an ex box,” she recently insisted on an episode of the family’s reality show. You know what she means… that container filled with ticket stubs, mushy birthday cards, and other mementos of a previous lover—the kind of emotionally charged stash that can sometimes be harder to give up than the relationship itself. The question is, do you even need to? Well, it depends. An ex box might simply be filled with innocent keepsakes that remind you of your personal growth, says Michelle Janning, PhD, a professor of sociology at Whitman College, US, and author…