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Cosmopolitan India August 2020

Cosmopolitan isn’t just a magazine, it’s a religion. Now in its 15th year in India, Cosmopolitan is the world’s largest selling magazine, with 200 million readers annually in a 100 countries. It is published in over 26 languages, but at its core, it speaks only one – that of fun fearless females globally. Another language it speaks? That of stupendous success!Top Indian actresses, models and singers have been on the cover of Cosmopolitan before the rest of the world recognised their spark-because we know a fun fearless female when we see one! When we put someone on the Cosmopolitan cover, we acknowledge her right to be counted among the best in the business.

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editor’s letter

WHILE THERE IS LITTLE GOOD THAT CAN COME OUT OF A DARK PANDEMIC, there is the faint silver lining of self-discovery. Over the last few months, amidst anxious prophesying, millions of people have discovered that they can cook, that a good book brings them great joy, and that they should probably never attempt to cut their own hair again. I have discovered that I might just be a ‘secret introvert’. Those who know me would likely be surprised at this admission. In my pre-COVID-19 existence, it would certainly seem that I enjoy going out, meeting new people, and doing all the things you’d expect a gold-star extrovert to do. So when COVID-19 hit us, forcing social distance, I wasn’t sure how I would react. And I certainly wasn’t expecting the feelings that followed…a…

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jacqueline fernandez’s life in lockdown

While it might have become hard to keep tabs on our favourite celebrities during the lockdown, Jacqueline Fernandez has been keeping her followers updated on her (new) daily sched through Instagram—her feed features inspiring workout videos, pictures of her trying her hand at painting, horse riding, catching up on reading, and more. And by the looks of it, the ambassador for Raho Safe has been making the most of quarantine. In an exclusive interview with Cosmo, Jacqueline tells us about the skills she has picked up in the lockdown and how hygiene and social distancing will continue to play a huge role in our lives… Cosmo: How have you been staying fit during the lockdown? Jacqueline Fernandez: “I am a fitness freak, so I continued to work out regularly even during the…

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women in power

ANUSHKA SHARMA At home and on holidays, you’ll mostly find Anushka in laid-back, low-key outfits (think a pair of jeans and ubiquitous T-shirts; or, perhaps, a casual athleisure piece from her own fashion label, Nush). But put the actor on a red carpet, and Anushka transforms into a master of standout style. With a penchant for structured and tailored garments, Anushka has made more than a few formal appearances in a powersuit. Not one for excess, it is clear that she has the pivotal rule of styling pat down: *fit* is everything. KIRAN MAZUMDAR-SHAW The Indian billionaire is undeniably one of the most recognisable faces of India Inc. This power dresser prefers well-tailored jackets and pantsuits, often with a touch of Indian embroidery and fabrics. An advocate of sustainability, she can be spotted…

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what exactly is vegan leather?

WHAT IS IT? Vegan leather is essentially the faux (or synthetic) cousin of leather, mimicking sheepskin or cowhide. According to PETA, more than a billion cows, sheep, alligators, ostriches, kangaroos, and even cats and dogs are slaughtered for their skin every year. The horns and tails of many of these animals are cut off without painkillers, and some are even skinned and cut apart while still conscious. Vegan leather, however, is usually made from plastic-based polyurethane chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU). Over the years, ‘imposter leather’ has gone through an innovative journey—with people creating versions of it out of natural products like tree bark, cork, and pineapple leaves, among others. The technology, too, has got better and brands have managed to make it look almost like the real thing. BUT IS IT SUST…

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astrology has an explanation for every millennial stereotype you’ve ever heard!

Millennials Made Astrology Cool Again. And yeah, there are astrological reasons for our obsession. A big one: Uranus. The planet of revolution and innovation was moving through Sagittarius from 1981 to 1988. So anyone (read: millennials) born during these years was pushed early on by the stars to rethink traditional models of, well, everything. Oh, and ppl (read: more millennials) born from 1988 to 1995 challenge tradition instinctively, thanks to our friend Uranus lurking in Capricorn then. Like ol‘ Uranus, Neptune and Pluto spend many years in a single sign, defining entire generations (they’re actually called ‘generational planets’), including ours. This trio is responsible for the traits that have given millennials a bit of a rep. You know: we’re selfie-taking, cereal-killing monsters guzzling kombucha and refusing to apply for ‘a real job’. Keep…

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celebrities aren’t into your tiny tat trend

Li’l zodiac symbols, miniscule pet pics, delicate cursive— been there, Pinned that, got the targeted ads to prove it. But while we normies spend months on end debating whether a subtle so-hot-RN finger tattoo could make us unemployable and/or our mothers disown us, famous people are still out there inking up their literal entire bods! These masterpieces are the biggest ‘They’re most-definitely not like us’ flex since ‘I clearly don’t have to carry any of my own sh*t’ micro purses. Here’s a fun little ranking for ya, from almost normal size to absolutely huuge. By: HANNAH CHAMBERS; Photographs: PINTEREST…