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Cosmopolitan India October 2020

Cosmopolitan isn’t just a magazine, it’s a religion. Now in its 15th year in India, Cosmopolitan is the world’s largest selling magazine, with 200 million readers annually in a 100 countries. It is published in over 26 languages, but at its core, it speaks only one – that of fun fearless females globally. Another language it speaks? That of stupendous success!Top Indian actresses, models and singers have been on the cover of Cosmopolitan before the rest of the world recognised their spark-because we know a fun fearless female when we see one! When we put someone on the Cosmopolitan cover, we acknowledge her right to be counted among the best in the business.

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editor’s letter

THE TIME HAS COME, TO RAISE YOUR VOICE The voice box, or larynx, is located at the top of your windpipe. It contains vocal cords, which come together to create the sound of your voice. Your voice, which is a tool so powerful, it can change your world and those in it. As a little girl, my father encouraged me to have opinions—and gave me the confidence to air them. As a seven- or eight-year-old, I’d share my views on politics and philosophy and why I absolutely did not need to eat vegetables. Often, they were utterly rubbish views, but my father listened to them with great interest and, sometimes, barely-concealed amusement. My mother, a perennial feminist, has consistently stepped in and spoken up against everyday injustices taking place around her—an…

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5 minutes with radhika apte

Taking the less-treaded lanes of Bollywood, Radhika Apte has doggedly carved her own path, rubbished stereotypes, and thrown her weight behind sisterhood. It would be safe to say that Ms Apte has never been one to follow diktats. In this exclusive chat, the actor, who also launched an ‘inclusive’ collection with fashion label, IS.U before the world went into the lockdown, talks to Cosmo about life on and off the screen, the issues bothering her RN, why she thinks the #MeToo movement has not served its entire purpose yet, and more… Cosmo: Tell us about your association with IS.U. Radhika Apte: “It’s a new brand, with a mindset that matched mine. The idea was to create a collection for real women and real bodies—stylish and wearable clothes for strong and powerful women,…

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what your arm placement in group photos says about how you really feel

If You’re Aggressively Holding Your Phone… We get it, people can be scary—like that flat-earther you were just trapped in a convo with. Gripping your cell for dear life = subconsciously bat-signalling your crew to bounce for afties and tacos at tu casa, stat. If You’re Aggressively Holding a Friend… This is basically the 21st-century equivalent of playing faves. It’s not that you’re trying to make the others in your group feel non-existent…but you also don’t hate that they’re jealous of this bond RN. ‘This must be how Oprah and Gayle feel’—you. If Your Arms Are High in the Sky… Let’s get real: a sexy someone you’ll probably never see again just caught your eye. Even though you think you’re playing it cool, your low-key desperate/very flirty stance screams, ‘Hi, I’m the one who stands…

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hi, style is season-less now

Don’t know about you, but for us, it all feels like a blur. And by ‘all’, we mean, of course, the spacetime continuum. But, also the way fashion has evolved to keep up with the times, instead of staying ahead. Bear with us here. The whole fashion industry has worked forever, as you likely know, around ‘seasons’ of collections—and it has ‘shown’ those collections at Fashion Weeks, to buyers and fashion editors, about six months ahead of time so we can make all our plans. But even before COVID-19 halted clothing production, and virtualised runway shows kept us in matching sweats 24x7, things were starting to change. Shoppers wanted to wear a trend as soon as they saw it, not wait six months for it to be ‘in’. Style stars started blending…

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just a list of patterns you don’t have to be confused by anymore

1. PLAID Does it have overlapping perpendicular lines in various colours and widths? Check! We mean, not check. It’s *plaid*, OMG. 2. TARTAN Fun fact: the colours denote specific Scottish clans of yore. So pretty much plaid with cultural significance. 3. PRINCE OF WALES Aka Glen plaid. This ~moody~ black-and-grey design is typically associated with wool or thicker fabrics. 4. GINGHAM If you see a bunch of overlapping squares in white + one bold hue, it’s most likely this. 5. BUFFALO PLAID Like gingham, but make it lumberjack and mostly red and black. 6. HOUNDSTOOTH You’ll recognise this from its jagged lines—just like a li’l pup’s teeth IRL. FOR MORE GREAT STORIES, VISIT COSMO.IN…

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these famous people all manifested their relationships

Hey, guess what: apparently, dating your celebrity crush is entirely possible if you’re thirsty enough. Great news for those of us with a passionate and not-at-all alarming love for Timothée Chalamet and/or Hrithik Roshan (what, he’s cute!). Because we refuse to believe that it’s only celebs who can will a love connection with another celeb into existence. Like, it’s all about setting intentions and putting that sh*t out into the Universe, right?! Time to start taking notes, friends. Hailey Baldwin @HaileyBaldwin OMG! I need Bieber wrapping paper ASAP. 7:25 PM – Dec 24, 2011 Hailey Baldwin @HaileyBaldwin Oh hey @JustinBieber waddup doeee…? 9:38 PM – Feb 13, 2012 Hailey Baldwin @HaileyBaldwin @JustinBieber can we just talk about your dark hair for a second… #ItLooks ReallyGood 5:15 AM – Jan 27, 2012 Halsey @Halsey Petition for Evan Peters to date me. 5:19 AM – NOV 21, 2013 In…