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Creative Machine Embroidery Summer 2020

Creative machine Embroider is filled with ideas, techniques and projects to spice up fashion accessories, gifts or home decor.

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a note from the editor

Dear Readers, We work fairly far ahead on our issues, so I’m writing this at the end of 2019… and it’s cold outside! But working on this issue is a way for me to look forward to summer, which is my favorite time of year. As I cuddle a little closer to my space heater, I can dream about when you’ll be working on the projects you’ll find in these pages and embrace the warmth of the coming summer. I love summer, except for one thing: mosquitos! They love me, but I do not feel the same way about them. This is why I’m so fond of the Patio Posh project — I love the idea of hanging a pretty, embroidered mosquito net around a chair on my porch so I can…

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tips & tricks

METALLIC MAGIC When using metallic thread, place a piece of wax paper under the hooped stabilizer to allow the metallic needle to easily glide through the fabric and prevent thread breakage. Melody H., Facebook RELIABLE RUBBER BANDS Wrap a large produce or industrial-size rubber band around the outer edge of the inner hoop. It holds slippery fabric taut in the hoop to prevent slipping during embroidery. Lena A., Facebook ACCURATE APPLIQUÉ Before trimming loosely woven fabric appliqués, apply a thin line of seam sealant along the outer stitching line to prevent loose threads from poking through the finished design. Meg W., email WRAP MASTER Store a wrapping paper cutter or envelope opener with stabilizer rolls to quickly and easily cut pieces of stabilizer to any size. Patti L., email SOFTEN UP When removing water-soluble stabilizer from freestanding lace designs, add a drop or…

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must haves

1. Stitch an ornate envelope clutch in the hoop with the Bohemian Blooms Leather Clutch design. Available in three sizes to fit your style, this little bag is designed to be stitched in leather, vinyl, cork or any material that doesn’t fray. Detailed instructions teach you how to stitch it and includes tips on successfully stitching the project. Wouldn’t this be a lovely addition to a date-night outfit? ($5.99-$7.99; urbanthreads.com) 2. Get into the cactus trend with the CME exclusive Succulent Chic Collection. This collection of succulent-inspired designs can be “dressed” up or down —they’re cute and casual or elegant and classy depending on how they’re used. Stitch them on home décor items (they'd be great on pillows or towels) or use one as the perfect southwestern accent on a bag…

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embroidery sprays

SPRAY ADHESIVE USE Spray adhesives are advantageous when stitching small items such as collars, cuffs, socks and any item not easily hooped. The pieces can be easily adhered to the stabilizer, which is hooped first. In addition, spray adhesives are great for fabrics that might develop hoop burn (the mark of the hoop left after hoop removal); securing toppers or stabilizer to the fabric before hooping; stabilizing stretch fabrics; holding two or more layers of stabilizers together or adhering appliqué fabrics. SPRAY STABILIZER USE Spray stabilizers can be used to stiffen light fabrics. Spray starch, spray sizing and spray finishes can also be used as alternatives. Always test-apply spray stabilizers to fabric before beginning a project. Spray stabilizers hold fabric, both knit and woven, firm during the hooping process to add weight and support to…

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working with sprays

• Work on a protected surface or spray in a box to catch overspray. • Shake the container before using. • Spray lightly on the stabilizer rather than on the item to be embroidered. • Hold the can about 6" to 12" from the surface. • Some products are toxic. Use sprays in a well-ventilated area. Do not use if you suffer from upper respiratory illnesses. • Use a cardboard template to protect the hoop. Cut a rectangle of paper, lightweight cardboard or plastic twice the size of the hoop. Cut a window about ½" smaller all around than your hoop size in the center of the rectangle. Place the template firmly over the hoop to expose the area to be sprayed (1). Place the protected hoop in the box.…

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bouquet tags

MATERIALS Materials listed are enough to make one bouquet tag. + 6” square of white cotton fabric (for front) + 6” square of colored cotton fabric (for back) + Two 6” squares of white felt + ¼ yard of clear vinyl + 5x7 hoop + Water-soluble stabilizer + No-show mesh stabilizer (see “Sources.”) + Embroidery thread + Embroidery tape + Appliqué scissors + Temporary spray adhesive + Chopstick or popsicle stick PREPARE • Download the Bouquet Tag embroidery designs from sewdaily.com until Aug. 31, 2020. Load the desired design onto the embroidery machine. • From the vinyl, cut two 6” squares and a 2”x6” rectangle. EMBROIDER • To stitch the vinyl back piece, hoop one layer of water-soluble stabilizer. Stitch step one to create the placement line. • Remove the hoop from the machine and secure one 6” vinyl square over the placement line with pieces of embroidery tape. •…